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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go

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"hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go"..."shame, shame, shame"


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Friday, February 17, 2017

Selling Cynical---A Christy Clark Portrait

  Written by Grant G

I can see a political party paying their leader a stipend if.....if their leader is not already elected to public office, if said leader is spending all his or her time campaigning a party platform to the people, occupied day in day out trying to move their political party forward....however, once elected to office(if successful) any and all stipends must end...

There can be simple exceptions to the stipend rule(s), or what should be a rule, if a political party has a private function and their chosen leader expends money to attend, the party is within its right to reimburse their leader.

However, this is not what Christy Clark's "stipend" was/is used for, Clark's stipend came in the form of raw cash, this cash came to Clark month in, month out, whether she spent a $100 dollars or none...not a rental subsidy, not a car allowance, Christy Clark's "stipend" was cash on the barrel head dole..

The name Allison Redford comes to mind, a seemingly smart individual who was elected premier of Alberta.

Allison Redford the leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party and Premier of Alberta.

Allison Redford did not get a stipend from the PC party, however, those with a lack of ethics and little moral character don't need a party stipend to benefit beyond their worth, or pay-grade.

Stories filtered out of Alberta's legislature year after year, ...Allison Redford was benefiting bigtime, so was her sister, husband and family...Taxpayer trips on private flights, free travel for family, free trips to South Africa with friends, townhomes paid by the taxpayer, contracts for hubby, luxurious stays around the world, the list of royal perks directed at Allison Redford were endless..


Premier Redford over the course of a few years in power turned from a leader named Allison to Queen Allison of Alberta...no expenses to large, no conflict to glaring, no family or personal gift to lavish...

Some say Power corrupts, and it does, the stench from Allison Redford was so bad that the people of Alberta did something nobody thought possible, they elected a NDP government, they threw Redford and the complicit PC Conservative party in power out, with a thud..

"You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool most of the people most of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time"

wrong, you can fool the people all the time but no one escapes hubris.......You can sell out generations of Albertans, cost a province 10's of $billions of dollars with bad deals, kowtow to corporate lobbyists and create corporate giveaway tax policy and walk around unscathed, but, spend a few $million public tax-dollars playing the role of Queen of Alberta and get sent packing...justice, no, hubris.

Christy Clark and her loyal subjects running to their Queen's defense..

Judy Tyabji, the author of the Christy Clark biography book, a book that went over like a lead balloon,.... Judy Tyabji recently was howling away on Facebook that Christy Clark had been bullied into relinquishing  her oh-so deserved cash stipend....Funny stuff coming from Judy Tyabji, hubris I mean...Do Fentanyl traffickers deserve to run for office, does a old tired Gordon Wilson deserve $200k per year to promote LNG, did Gordon Wilson's sheep farm in Powell River B.C. deserve a hefty BC Government grant....it appears to this observer that Judy Tyabj /Gordon Wilson family and farm is or was entirely dependent upon the kindness of strangers, that is, if you call B.C. taxpayers strangers..

The Wilson family is entirely dependent on the kindness of Queen Christy Clark and her decision to expense stranger's money to her political friends, her family friends, that is sorta like "families First" isn't it.

There are others that run to Queen Christy's, err, I mean Premier Clark's defense.....There is her brother Bruce Clark and her ex-husband Mark Marissen.....independent people running to Clark's defense, but are they independent, or innocent...

Bruce Clark 

Bruce Clark, a government lobbyist, employed at one time by the Washington Marine Group, there is nothing wrong with being as lobbyist but to this day no one can explain how Bruce Clark, while Christy Clark was a member of the BC Liberal cabinet(before her time as elected leader and premier) how cabinet eyes only documents ended up being in Bruce Clark's possession, cabinet documents related to the BC Rail owned Roberts Bank rail spurline.....To this day Bruce Clark has never been forced to reveal who in the BC Liberal cabinet handed him top secret documents...


Police summary alleges influence-peddling, fraud

A summary of the investigation reveals that senior government staff may have traded information

Senior employees of the B.C. government may have been trading confidential information related to the $1-billion sale of BC Rail in exchange for the promise of benefits or future employment, according to a document released Tuesday.

The document, a summary of the police investigation into a breach-of-trust probe related to police raids on offices in the provincial legislature in December, alleges influence-peddling and fraud.
The summary suggests two government officials could have exercised "influence in connection with government business, including BC Rail."

The document also reveals for the first time that a third government office was raided by police during the Dec. 28 raids -- the province's computer server system.
Previously known to have been raided were two legislature offices and the homes or offices of people with ties to the B.C. or federal Liberals.
Premier Gordon Campbell said Tuesday it's troubling that government officials are being investigated for corruption and breach of trust related to the railway deal, but he said the allegations do not taint the $1-billion privatization.

"The BC Rail investment partnership is great for British Columbia and we should be proceeding with it," Campbell said, saying all decisions related to the deal were made by his cabinet.
But the release of the information created a political firestorm in Victoria, as the opposition New Democrats demanded the resignation of B.C. Finance Minister Gary Collins.
"There is now allegation of corruption at the highest level of this government, right into the finance minister's office," NDP house leader Joy MacPhail said during a raucous session in the legislature.
"There was a cloud of suspicion around BC Rail . . . and Gary Collins now needs to resign to have any hope of integrity being restored to this province."
Collins, whose former ministerial assistant Dave Basi was previously identified as one of two government employees whose offices were raided, refused to resign.
While government officials are hoping for a speedy conclusion to the investigation, the document released Tuesday says the RCMP remains in the "early stages" of the complex probe.

In addition to paper documents, police are about to search through a massive amount of electronic data seized at the legislature. In all, there are more than 97 compact discs of information, which officers will spend the next month going through.
Most of the details in the five-page document released Tuesday have previously been reported in The Vancouver Sun, although the newspaper relied on confidential sources for its information. This document is the first on-the-record confirmation of the alleged connection of the legislature raids to BC Rail and specific influence-peddling accusations.

The information released Tuesday relates to the breach of trust part of the police investigation that prompted the raids on the legislature offices.

Initially, police began investigating a government official with respect to crimes involving corruption and the proceeds of crime. Details of that investigation, which also involves drugs and organized crime, will not be available until April 1 at the earliest.

Tuesday's document says the RCMP breach-of-trust probe is looking into whether two senior government officials were offered "promotion prospects or employment opportunities."
Police are also probing whether the two officials, in turn, committed a breach of trust by "pass[ing] unauthorized confidential information to persons interested in government business for the purpose of obtaining a benefit."
The search warrants relied in part on information from a Dec. 17, 2003 government bulletin entitled, The B.C. Rail Fairness Report, which was written by an external consultant for former transportation minister Judith Reid and concluded the sale of the railway was fair, Tuesday's document says.

The Sun, based on interviews and information from sources, has previously reported that the search warrants issued Dec. 28 targeted Basi's office as well as his home; the office of Bob Virk, the former ministerial assistant to Reid; the Victoria office of lobbying firm Pilothouse and the Vancouver office of employee Erik Bornman, who represented a failed bidder, OmniTRAX, in the BC Rail deal, and the Vancouver home office of Bruce Clark, a chief fundraiser for the federal Liberal party and brother of B.C. Deputy Premier Christy Clark.........

 On Dec. 28 police also visited the home of Mark Marissen, Martin's campaign chairman in B.C. and Christy Clark's husband, who voluntarily handed over documents to police that were later revealed to be resumes.
At the time, Martin was hiring his new administration and anyone from B.C. who wanted a job with the federal Liberals had to send a resume to Marissen.
Two senior Liberal insiders say Basi and Virk applied for jobs as chiefs of staff to cabinet ministers, but a screening committee in Ottawa rejected their applications because their qualifications were deemed to be inadequate. They also said Bornman was not in a position to offer anyone a job with the federal Liberals.
Campbell and Collins said they were unaware until Tuesday that a third B.C. government office was raided last December.
The Victoria building that houses one of the government's computer servers was also searched by police, who seized documents. The server keeps back-up copies of the government's electronic information, including all e-mail.
Campbell said he was told e-mails were among the things police were seeking in the offices of Basi and Virk but said he was unaware the government's computer server was also the subject of a search warrant......

Bruce Clark is never far from the Queen...including when Christy Clark flew to Haida Gwaii to hand over a stranger's cheque(BC Taxpayer) to a First Nation leader running for First Nation office, a First Nation leader who just happens to be in a Wind Farm business deal with Bruce Clark, a wind farm deal relying on government guaranteed return..


Coincidence, or Hubris....but what of Mark Marissen, Christy Clark's ex-husband, ....could he too be involved?..involved with BC Rail...or be involved with Tarsand pipelines and dirty oil to B.C....?



Seems to me that Bruce Clark and Mark Marissen are dependent upon decisions that Christy Clark is tasked to make on behalf of all British Columbians.....

Yes, I did get a little off topic, hypocrisy, ...Queen of British Columbia Christy Clark has finally said no to the $50K cash stipend, calling it a "distraction"....distraction, what could be more distracting than the soon to be arriving many large manila envelopes?

  Conflict of Interest Commissioner of British Columbia is in Conflict

Only in B.C......John Fraser, BC's conflict of interest Commissioner son works in Premier Clark's office, coincidence, no, typical political hubris..


The petition filed Tuesday in Vancouver also asked the court to find Fraser should not have ruled on the complaints because his son works as a deputy minister for the provincial government.
It said John Fraser "has personal ties to the premier. It is reasonable to suggest that the close family connection to senior members of the B.C. Liberal party, including Premier Clark, is a factor indicating a reasonable apprehension of bias."

Let us be perfectly clear, the $50 thousand dollar cash stipend Christy Clark receives is not used to pay for flights on private jets...Christy Clark since becoming premier, as of November 2015 had spent over $560,000.00 on private jets.... 

I find it very interesting, many of the private flights that the taxpayer is getting dinged for are on David Mclean's airline....Remember David Mclean..? Gordon Campbell's campaign donor and manager, he now is the CEO of what was once known as BC Rail....another coincidence, I guess

Christy Clark bills taxpayers big for oyster bar bill

B.C. Premier's office defends $475K credit card bill

B.C. Premier Christy Clark's office is defending a credit card bill that is more than double the size of her predecessor Gordon Campbell's.
Records from the Office of the Comptroller General show the Clark's office charged $475,000 in expenses to credit cards during the 2011/12 fiscal year.
Charges under Clark's tenure include several tabs for thousands of dollars at various top restaurants, such as $3,267.66 at Ferris Oyster Bar in Victoria and $2,279 at Bishops in Vancouver.
The charges also include a large number of travel expenses with airlines, hotels, plus office supplies, and more than $100,000 from communications companies Rogers and Telus.
The year before under former premier Gordon Campbell, the office's expenses totalled $205,000 and $195,000 the year before that.


A one year credit card bill, Christy Clark's first year as premier credit card bill that the taxpayer paid...nearly $ 1/2 million dollars....So, clearly Christy Clark's stipend of $50k per year isn't paying her oyster bar bill, you are..

Christy Clark's stipend didn't pay for a photographer to accompany her to Paris, you the taxpayer did..

Nor did Christy Clark's stipend pay for near $1 million dollars on photographers and videographers over the last three years..That's right...over $1 million taxpayer dollars spent on filming Christy Clark...Her $50k stipend would only cover her photographers for 100 days....Christy Clark is averaging $500 taxpayer dollars each and every day, 5 years and counting...

There must be something her stipend is paying for?...nope, nothing

Even when our BC Legislature is in session(or not in session)....Christy Clark gets $18,000 dollars per year for housing and or rental accommodations in Victoria...$18,000 per year for the rare BC Legislature appearance...on top of her Government credit card, on top of her private flights, on top of $millions in photography...

Christy Clark's stipend doesn't pay for a damn thing,

Christy Clark in election 2013 campaigned on two themes..."Families First" and "LNG $trillion dollar windfall"

As for the LNG windfall....LNG in British Columbia is kaput.


What about Families First....BC Hydro rates have skyrocketed...ICBC skyrocketing...The endless increases to Canada's only healthcare premium, the MSP...

Welfare rates frozen for a decade,...

Canada's lowest minimum wage right here in B.C. 

BC's provincial debt under Christy Clark's 4 year term as premier has gone from $48 billion dollars to over $71 billion...increasing by almost $5 billion dollars per year..

Transit fare increases...

Disability rates frozen in British Columbia for a decade,  and finally a modest increase in disability rates was announced, only to see Christy Clark clawback bus passes from those same disabled people...


Food or Bus Pass? Clawback Creates Hard Choices for British Columbians with Disabilities

Tears, resignation as people on disability assistance discuss how they’ll try to make ends meet


Hypocrisy...do as I say, not as I do....?

Christy Clark this last week has told media that she has put an end to her $50k yearly cash stipend, she called it a "distraction"....

The endless stream of taxpayer funded partisan government advertising will continue...Christy Clark's penchant for private jet flights will continue, her taxpayer funded in-tow photographers will continue and so will her taxpayer funded pigfests at swanky oyster bars..

Christy Clark's $50k per year distraction will continue, we just won't see it...

Christy Clark putting her family, and only her family first will continue..

Whether or not British Columbia will continue to buy cynical is in doubt..

As for the BC Liberal Party and Christy Clark..

Selling Cynical will continue in earnest..it's all the BC Liberals have in Christy Clark.

Selling Cynical, a Portrait of Christy Clark 

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, February 16, 2017

What British Columbia Really Thinks About Christy Clark


Something going on here people....
British Columbia realize they made a huge mistake electing Christy Clark.
Here was the chant the crowd doused Christy Clark in...
"Hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go....Shame..Shame..Shame...Hey hey, ho ho, Christy Clark has got to go.."

click the below link, the good stuff starts about the 21 minute mark
The Straight Goods
Cheers Ears Wide Open

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Christy Clark's 2017 Throne Speech-The Fakery, B.C. Edition

Written by Grant G

 Listening to the throne speech, if one didn't know better, if one believed even half of it, millions would be building statues and monuments province-wide honoring the greatest leader the world, let alone British Columbia has ever seen....The honorable Premier Christy Clark..

Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon,     I wonder how she feels tonight, did she sterilize her mouth with antiseptic mouthwash to remove the bitter taste of real-life irony, or knock back a pint of tequila to numb her mind. I understand that people have certain duties related to their job and they just can't say no to performing the most distasteful acts..

However, is it morally acceptable for someone with such a distinguished title, for someone held in the highest regard to fumigate the airwaves with a litany of what I call lies..

For starters, the same Lieutenant Governor delivered the pre-election 2013 throne speech...a throne speech where the government promised untold wealth from LNG, debt free BC, sales tax elimination, monies flowing into the treasury so fast that special untouchable prosperity funds had to be created and secured for future generations...

Yet the honorable Lieutenant Governor doesn't live in a box, or a shoe, she doesn't just appear by rubbing a magic lantern, she is one of us, a BCer...

Judith Guichon can see for herself that Christy Clark clawed bus passes from the disabled, MSP went up everyone of Christy Clark's 4 years as premier, BC Hydro went up every year, as did BC Ferry rates, ICBC rates, over the last 4 years the majority of BCers saw their economic viability diminish, millions of British Columbians saw the dream of home ownership vanish before their eyes, while real estate promoters filled the BC Liberal coffers to the brim...

I mentioned building monuments honouring Christy Clark for everything she's done....for under her administration a poorly run seniors care system deteriorated even further, I didn't think that was possible, understaffed, drug the elderly and mentally kill them off behind blue curtains, outsource seniors to another realm, the spirit world....

School capital requirements ignored for over a decade, children bursting at the seams in Surrey are offered temporary portables.....While election promises from 10 years earlier, seismic upgrades are doled out by political points, can it win the BC Liberals a riding, if not the seismic upgrades are pushed off, again and again and again.....playing politics and Russian roulette with the live's of children is one sick game..

The 2017 throne speech was riddled with trickery...suggesting the BC Government was waiting for long sought out guidance from the Supreme court as to how to proceed forward with student needs, shameful, ..the lieutenant governor knew full well that Christy Clark took children to the hill and was ordered by law to repair the damage done..

Judith Guichon knows of the disgrace of the fired health workers, and the taking of a man's life, the 2 year long lie of an RCMP investigation that never was......

and story after story of children dying in the care of Government, scathing report after scathing report ignored, hand wringing, while great leader Christy Clark has confidence in her chosen cabinet ministers......personally, I don't blame Stephanie Cadieux, she has zero authority, she is merely the face of the ministry, a ministry gutted, gutted by Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark

Can Judith Guichon see what I see, a thousand BCers lined up in a row dead from Fentanyl, a horrible drug being shipped in from China, the throne speech suggested the BC Liberals were moving mountains to stop the carnage, yet, because it was the opposition NDP that brought forward a year ago a legislative Bill to ban pill-presses, the ruling Christy Clark Liberals voted it down....for no other reason than politics, even with hundreds dying every month it's always political gotcha games with Christy, we just had a full week of Christy Clark lying about a computer hack that never happened, even worse, she blamed a man and a party who she knew had nothing to do with it, sad...political games always, whether they be children, seniors, or just regular people, everything is through a political lens..

For years in the legislature and on the campaign trail Christy Clark blamed the NDP for a mining slowdown in the 90s, somehow the NDP drove down the world commodity prices, but when the promised LNG riches never accrued, it's the fault of economic headwinds beyond our control..

It's always someone else's fault ....Christy Clark has never taken responsibility for anything her entire life, a life spent doing nothing but feeding off the public trough...

A $million dollars in 4 years on photographers....photoshopping, oyster bars, private flights and $80 k yearly stipends while bus passes are clawed back from the disabled earning less than a $1000 per month..

I'll have more to say on this 2017 election year throne speech a little later on,,,

Oh...you know that old saying, beware of Greeks bearing gifts....Christy Clark is so unpopular she is about to send everyone in BC a cheque before the election...Not a tax cut, a pre-election cheque for everyone..

Anyway, I have a monument to go build..

and it has nothing to do with Christy Clark.

It's for all those that need not have been killed...

I love you British Columbia....Time for change


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump and the Death of Christy Clark's British Columbia LNG Superpower Fantasy

Written by Grant G

Well well well, how quickly worms turn....

As reported almost exclusively here at The Straight Goods, Japan, the country Christy Clark claimed was going to buy all the LNG B.C. produce and make us filthy rich....The dream(fantasy) has died..

Not only is there a worldwide LNG glut going out to 2030...not only is Japan's LNG use in freefall, not only is Japan's electricity demand in perpetual freefall because of efficiency and a rapidly declining population...

Now add in Donald Trump.....Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan is set to meet with Donald Trump....Japan, which at present has contracted too much longterm LNG....Shinzo Abe is wanting to appease Donald Trump, especially when it comes to trade deficits, USA buys far more products from Japan than Japan buys from USA....Donald Trump has been raging at Japan over this present predicament....Shinzo Abe has stated that Japan is prepared to buy USA oil and gas...as in LNG..

Breaking...From Reuters newswire...


Exclusive - Japan considers buying more U.S. energy as Abe prepares to meet Trump

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considering increasing energy imports from the United States, two sources familiar with the plan told Reuters, as he prepares to meet President Donald Trump, who has complained about Japan's trade surplus.

Japan is putting together a package of plans for Japanese companies to invest in infrastructure and job-creation projects in the United States for Abe to take to the Feb. 10 meeting with Trump in Washington.

Another idea is to offer to increase liquid natural gas (LNG) imports from the United States, a source in the ruling coalition told Reuters.

Another option, if Abe determines that Trump is most concerned about the trade gap, is to increase imports of U.S. shale oil or gas on top of the investment package, according to a top executive at a major Japanese corporation who is close to Abe.

Japanese officials have been scrambling to respond to Trump's scattershot comments since he took office.

He has threatened to impose a tax on car imports from Mexico, criticised Japan's trade gap with the United States and most recently accused Japan, along with China and Germany, of devaluing their currencies to the detriment of U.S. companies.

"(Abe) wants to know what's the most important thing for Trump," said the executive, who declined to be identified.

"If it is the trade surplus that Trump cares the most about, for instance, then we could come up with a few possible solutions," including importing more U.S. shale oil or gas.

    Abe's approach toward Trump would be "not accommodating, not opposing", he said.

Utilities would be resistant to buying more U.S. shale gas because they have already committed to buying large amounts and Japan's demand for energy is falling, an executive at a Japanese gas importer told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Prices for LNG in Asia have fallen by almost a fifth this year amid a supply glut.

Japan is the world's biggest buyer of the gas cooled to liquid form for transport on ships and takes in nearly a third of global shipments.
Once seen as a panacea for Japan's energy crisis after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 led to the shutdown of most reactors in the country, U.S. shale gas is now just one of many options for Japan to meet its needs.
Japan took in its first shipment of shale gas in liquid form this month and more shipments are likely to come as more export terminals start shipments this year and next.

The Yomiuri newspaper said on Thursday Abe's growth and jobs initiative would include a plan for Japan and the United States to jointly develop a $450 billion "infrastructure market", into which the Japanese government and companies would invest $150 billion over 10 years.

Here me clearly Christy Clark, listen up Rich Coleman...Here are the facts..There is a worldwide glut of LNG going out to 2030...Japan's LNG use is in freefall, their electrical demand is in perpetual decline...Japan already has too much LNG and now..

And now Japan, to appease the USA is prepared to buy up American LNG being produced in the Gulf Coast....need more..Alaska is pushing to develop and build a mammoth LNG terminal...Alaska LNG, like British Columbian LNG proposals have failed to secure LNG buying customers at a price that would bring profits..
It is my opinion that this latest initiative between Japan and America has put the final nail in BC's LNG coffin...

And that is good news for the Skeena River, good news for BC wild salmon..
Petronas is out....Their corporate website hasn't mentioned British Columbia in 1/2 a year..
Petronas is not going to expend any money on Pacific Northwest LNG when they haven't secured LNG buying customers...and considering Japan was the customer Petronas and British Columbia was trying to woo..
 The time is now Christy Clark....you made outlandish over-the-top election promises to the people in BC's northeast, ..promises to BC's coastal communities, ..people invested money, the voters were promised untold wealth, now comes the time to pay the piper..
You Christy Clark and Rich Coleman need to come clean with British Columbia citizens and tell the truth, admit that your LNG fantasy has come to a grinding halt, and for the foreseeable  future, at least 15 years nothing is going to happen on the LNG front..
And no, India is not going to be a market for over-priced BC greenfield LNG...India will only buy cheap LNG, which the world is awash in..

The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open