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Monday, December 12, 2011

Enbridge inc are criminals, period!

This is what Enbridge does, they kill off wildlife, they kill off humanity, they bribe officials, they lie, they cheat, they corrupt, they pit man against his fellow man, nation against nation...

Perhaps you remember the 800,000 gallons of oil Enbridge spilled into the Kalamazoo river...

Perhaps you heard that Enbridge cleaned it up...You heard wrong, Enbridge created a fake environment, they laid down matting over top of oil saturated land, covered it with dirt and planted grass to hide their shame!

This is Stephen Harper`s world, scorched earth and poison while dining in the corporate penthouses.

This video is exactly why the northern Enbridge pipeline won`t happen, thousands of BCers will die to stop it, no Canadian army or Harper Stalag will slow down the protests!

Yes indeed, Harper has already started dossiers and intel on First Nations, dossiers on environmentalists.

Enbridge is a criminal organization guilty of crimes against humanity...

You think I`m kidding....

I suggest you watch what Enbridge does when no one is looking.

The shocking proof is here......

And if that wasn`t enough proof to charge Enbridge with criminal acts...

Click on this video here

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Full of Tears

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Anonymous said...

The evil bas....turds. I also read, Enbridge has had 840 pipe bursts, in the last 10 years.

Campbell signed in favor of, the dirty oil pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China, just before he was booted out. Harper, Campbell and Enbridge, should be tried for treason, for their lying atrocities against the F.N. People, and the entire province of BC.

Those video's should be sent to every country Harper and Campbell are bullying, into accepting this toxic oil. Enbridge should be exposed, for their crimes against the eco systems around the world too.