Friday, September 23, 2016

Justin Trudeau, Christy Clark, We Are Idiot!


Breaking.....September 23/2016....Federal Government set to nix Petronas..

Flowery words, gentle tone, grandiose optimistic future visions opined in Paris by Justin Trudeau....

But on the ground  in Canada, policy, regulation, captured regulators and cowtowing to industrial giants continue as if Stephen Harper was still running the show....Full steam ahead..

I had such great expectations for Justin Trudeau, he talked during the 2015 Federal election of a "new relationship" with First Nations, Justin talked of  "regulatory reforms" and a "new NEB process, one the public could have confidence in"...

I can picture Justin Trudeau in election ads hiking the Grouse grind, kayaking and recently pictures appeared of Justin holidaying at one of British Columbia's most beautiful locations, Vancouver Island's Long Beach....

And what about business acumen, do we in Canada possess none?..or should I say, are Canada's political leaders idiots, mentally challenged or outright criminals acting on behalf of themselves, feathering beds, in search of future directorships on corporate must be true, how else can one explain the actions of a one Christy Clark and of Justin Trudeau...

The former, word salad chef and vocabulary butcher Christy Clark...Site C dam boondoggle, the power isn't needed, won't be needed, the cost is astronomical, we are looking at $15 billion dollars by the time the numbers are added up...and..

If one asks Christy Clark what the Site C Dam power is needed for ....the answer forthcoming is gibberish, and constantly changing...who can keep track of Christy Clark's myriad of answers...First Christy claimed site C power was "needed to power an new LNG industry"...yet LNG liquefaction terminals don't use electricity to power their plants, they use natural gas, secondly, LNG majors won't pay for the cost of Site C power, they will accept free electricity from British Columbia...yet the power isn't free, residential rates are set to skyrocket even higher to pay for this power generating boondoggle...

 any LNG terminal built, IF, would be located hundreds of miles away from Site C, ..major transmission lines would be a must to make that happen....who pays for that?

Christy Clark has refused to have the project vetted by the BCUC or by other reputable sources, why?

Because the project won't stand up to scrutiny or a business profitability case, or a need-based case...

Now, as Christy Clark's LNG fantasy fades to black the story changes, Clark says   "Site C Dam will get Alberta off of coal power generation"    yet Alberta won't pay for the over-priced Site C power and Christy Clark wants the federal Government to pay for a transmission line from Site C to the Alberta power grid....

A major transmission line would have to be built to make that Alberta energy deal happen

Then Christy Clark changes her tune again..."Site C energy will be used to electrify the northern BC gas fields"

Really, when a LNG/fracking industry would require drilling thousands of wells per year, is BC Hydro now on the hook for continually delivering grid energy to a constantly moving fracking industry, are we going to zig zag power poles and lines all through the north...? For a sunset industry, for a industry riddled with lies, for an industry that will only cost Canadians money and never deliver wealth or jobs in any meaningful way...

So let's get this straight, ....Site C Dam power is needed to power LNG terminals.....and or to power the gas fields in northern  B.C......and if LNG doesn't happen the Site C power will save Alberta from dirty coal power.....Wow. now that's a business plan(insert sarcasm here)

I did mention business acumen....Canadian political leaders possess none...Rachel Notley believes the answer to the world's oil glut is to build more oil pipelines and flood the saturated oil market with more oil...brilliant!...funny how in the past Alberta made tons of money from big oil without tidewater(with the exception of Kinder Morgan to B.C.'s Burrard Harbour) access.....Now apparently Alberta can't survive without it...and on and on it will go, it won't stop at Kinder Morgan, CAPP will push for Northern Gateway, Energy East and even more pipelines....and still Alberta will wallow in big oil debt...

What about your business savvy Rachel Notley...?'ll take Site C power(subsidized by BC Hydro ratepayers) if we give you Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline....How NDP-like of you Rachel...resort to blackmail when under industry pressure, a lame attempt to save your political done Rachel Notley, and you can't see the way forward, and as for the future you promised during the election you've abandoned.....Hey Rachel, let me give you a clue...bring in a provincial sales tax to shore up the provincial budget and then you won't need to destroy pristine parts of Canada by cowtowing, caving, giving in to big oh my, that sounds progressive and almost....NDP-like..

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman believe the same of it and they(Asia) will buy, they won't, they may buy LNG from B.C. for half the cost of production...the only way Petronas or any energy giant will build in B.C.. is if we give them gas for free, or pay them to take it..

The truth be known....Petronas is not, and will not be building a LNG terminal at Lelu island...The economics don't add up...(Hey Justin Trudeau, the Lax Kwa’laams Band voted for continued talks with Petronas and....on mass the Lax voted for moving the location to Ridley Island or to Dish Cove)


Bloated, glutted and static, Asia's LNG market keeps disappointing

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry has morphed from energy's golden child to black sheep in the last two years, with demand slumping just as supplies soars.
While low prices are a boon for consumers, the lack of demand and lowered revenue will threaten the efforts of companies to recoup investments in LNG export terminals in the United States and Australia. Further, future projects will have a hard time gaining approval.
Asia demand was expected to soak up this supply but the region has turned to alternative and cheaper fuels. LNG imports to Japan, the world's biggest consumer of the fuel, are down 5.3 percent for the first seven months of 2016, government data shows. Meanwhile, South Korea's imports in July dropped 15.2 percent from the same time a year ago.We here in Canada don't get the real news, we have captured media that's in the business to promote the corporate agenda, real news in Canada is obtained almost exclusively through the internet, bloggers and alternative media...
Even with the current LNG oversupply, there is more to come
Huge reserves off Africa's east coast, in the eastern Mediterranean

As Norman Farrell and others have pointed out...BC Hydro has been way off the mark with their power need projections going back a decade, ever since Gordon Campbell sabotaged BC Hydro's ethics and honesty, Gordon Campbell's IPP super power boondoggle comes home to roost..

Now in 2016 BC Hydro is dumping high-priced IPP power at a loss..and no, the northern BC frackers won't pay for IPP power, they won't pay for Site C power either..they will take taxpayer paid for power for free...Business acumen is indeed absent from the BC Liberal Government...They are the government of selling out to corporate party donors...

and what of LNG...Christy Clark pinned her LNG hopes on fleecing the Japanese people...robbing them blind after the Fukushima nuclear disaster...That game is over...


"Seven Japanese nuclear power reactors are likely to be in operation by the end of next March and 12 more one year later, according to an estimate by the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ). Judicial rulings and local consents will influence the rate of restart, it notes.
In its Economic and Energy Outlook of Japan Through 2017, the IEEJ has considered the economic and environmental impacts in financial years 2016 and 2017 (ending March 2017 and 2018, respectively) of various scenarios for the restart of reactors in Japan.
The organization estimates that if restarts take place according to the current schedule - the "reference scenario" - seven reactors could restart by the end of FY2016 (ending March 2017). By the end of FY2017, 19 units could be restarted, generating some 119.8 TWh of electricity annually, compared with total nuclear output of 288.2 TWh in FY2010, the year prior to the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
Under this scenario, compared with FY2010, total spending on fossil fuel imports in FY2017 decreases by JPY4.7 trillion ($45 billion)"

$45 billion per year less by 2017 will Japan be spending on LNG...
$45 billion is a lot of money leaving the LNG market...
Need more...Iran with sanctions lifted is opening it's doors to foreign energy companies, Iran possesses the largest reserves of conventional gas in the world...conventional gas, meaning no fracking, meaning cheaper to produce, meaning more competition to BC's dead LNG fantasy..

Israel is fast-tracking development of their mammoth offshore gas reserves...Russia is doing the same, Russian gas remains profitable at $4 per MM BTUs..

Israel seeks to lure big oil and gas groups for rights auction

Shell's Prelude multi billion dollar floating LNG terminal will start operations next year off Western Australia and Africa too...Africa is courting the energy majors to develop their vast natural gas reserves...

Egypt is getting into the LNG game too...

Egypt’s New Gas Discovery: Opportunities and Challenges
After a tough year, the Egyptian government recently received some good news. Italy’s ENI announced that it has discovered the “largest ever” offshore natural gas field in the Mediterranean off the Egyptian coast. Dubbed a “supergiant” field, ENI suggested that the Zohr project would be able to meet Egypt’s own natural gas demands for decades to come.
This is welcome news for the government of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi as it enters its second year and it is likely to resonate locally and regionally. Once the field comes online it will go a long way toward satisfying local demand, thus allowing Egypt to spend significantly less on energy. It would be prudent for the government to use these savings to improve people’s livelihoods and invest in infrastructure, health, and education.  


Japan, the world's largest LNG importer to slash its LNG imports by more than half by the end of 2017 saving the country $45 billion US dollars per year....

Christy Clark said this about Japan and LNG during the run-up to BC,s 2013 election...

"Liquefied natural gas is the industry that will make British Columbia debt free," says B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark.
"We have a plan to export natural gas at five times the price of what we can get here in North America."
"Their hunger for the cleanest fossil fuel on the planet is almost unlimited," Clark said earlier this month while on a campaign stop in Dawson Creek."
Christy Clark sticks to her pitch.
"Development in natural gas can stimulate $1 trillion \in new economic activity across the province — 100,000 new jobs. $100 billion in 30 years," Clark said

"The first plant will be running in two years and two others will be shipping LNG by 2020, while insisting her projections are quite modest."
"In setting out the amount of money that we'd be putting into the Prosperity Fund, at $100 billion over 30 years, set a very conservative number. But we'll see."


So here we are, 3 months left in 2016 and not a shovel in the ground, no FIDs(final investment decisions)....Shell Canada was granted all the required permits....They cancelled their project..Altagas had all the required permits too, they shelved their tiny project because it was uneconomical, a money loser...Woodfibre LNG is about to defer to the distant future too...

So, Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and Gordon (i'm for sale) Wilson were 100% wrong on LNG...

Business acumen indeed!, so...Those pathetic politicians who got elected on lies and distortion are to be believed on Site C...laughable to say the least...

We the people are not gullible sheep Christy Clark, .....Mr. Trudeau..your turn for ridicule is coming..

Gordon Campbell shuttered Burrard thermal, a natural gas emergency power generator because...

Gordon Campbell to facilitate his IPP boondoggle created a law...A LAW, a LAW DAMN IT, a LAW

A BC Liberal government law that requires British Columbia to reduce 2007 greenhouse gas levels/emissions by 33% by 2020....

B.C. Premier Christy Clark at Friday’s news conference in Richmond announcing the province’s update to its climate plan, with Environment Minister Mary Polak in the background.
"The B.C. Liberal government has put off the heavy lifting on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a later date, under a new plan released today.
The much-anticipated update to a 2008 plan created under then-premier Gordon Campbell recommits the province to achieving an 80 per cent reduction over 2007 levels by 2050.
However, today’s 52-page plan only lays out actions estimated to achieve less than half of the needed reductions by 2050, and much less if the government’s much-hoped-for liquefied natural gas export industry materializes and significantly increases emissions.
While it’s already known that B.C. will not meet its 2020 target of reducing emissions by one-third, the Christy Clark-led Liberals are not setting a new interim target and will have to remove from law the 2020 legislated target.
At a news conference in Richmond, Premier Clark said the plan will need to be updated every year with new measures, although the plan only calls for renewal every five years.
Clark also said the plan would reduce carbon emissions by eight per cent by 2030, which is not mentioned in the plan.
The new, interim target is just one of the many recommendations from a government-appointed 17-member advisory committee that is not being implemented"

BC Liberals make a greenwash law to justify an IPP private power rip-off boondoggle that is costing BC Hydro and ratepayers hundreds of $millions per year and now because the BC Liberals know they won't come anywhere close to the set 2020 goal are revoking the law...baa baa baa...

That and because of Christy Clark's delusional LNG super-power fantasy....Petronas's PNW LNG proposal to be located at the mouth of Canada's second most productive wild salmon river..The Skeena, this one project would increase British Columbia's greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 40% once all the downstream and upstream emissions are counted...

Over to you Justin Trudeau....Nice speeches in Paris last year, flowery, optimistic, grandiose, oh how Canada was going to be a world leader in reducing greenhouse gasses...baa baa baa..

Business acumen, do you have any business acumen Justin,..I personally think not...the real action is in renewable power...$trillions and trillions of dollars being invested in renewable power while you suckle Christy Clark's ass fumes and cowtow to a foreign state owned company Petronas, a country who's leader Najib Razak is a portrait of a criminal, a liar, a cheat, an embezzler, a rule of law trouncer a crusher of human rights...

and for what....Business acumen....Petronas talks of a $36 billion dollar investment in Canada, the number is a fraud...fraudulent..
of that alleged $36 billion dollar investment....Petronas bought an Alberta company for $6 billion..Progress energy, the company Petronas bought...Petronas has tallied Progress energy's normal business activities..Progress energy has over half its workforce in the USA....Petronas has stated that Progress Energy's normal operational costs are all B.C. investment...$6 billion for Progress energy..$3 billion for Progress energy's payrole and operations here and in the USA...Petronas claims this is all investment in B.C.,,,,It is no such thing..Progress energy sells natural gas and receives payment for that gas, none of that revenue is deducted from Petronas's other words, Petronas is counting every penny spent in North America and calling it B.C. investment while ignoring Progress Energy's (Petronas) income stream....smoke n mirrors and funky bookkeeping...Who is cooking Petronas's books? Najib Razak....indeed.
Petronas in its $36 billion dollar investment in B.C. also includes the cost of TransCanada building a pipeline, a pipeline Transcanada will operate...Petronas in that $36 billion dollar total is including a possible future building of more LNG trains ...Petronas in their $36 billion dollar total is also including the cost of their Lelu island terminal..of which $8 billion of an estimated $11.2 billion dollar Lelu Isalnd terminal cost....$8 billion dollars of the $11 billion dollar terminal will be spent in South Korea and Japan..All the mainframes and modules will be imported...and..

Petronas wants the Canadian taxpayer to write of the entire $36 billion dollar cost at an accelerated rate...when a mere $3 to $8 billion only would be spent in Canada....a lose lose losing proposition..

Petronas's LNG project would become Canada's most polluting single point operation...A carbon bomb..
And no...LNG production in BC will not reduce coal powered energy in Asia, there is no offset, none at all and even if one existed, fracked, piped, liquefied gas then regasified has a carbon footprint as bad if not even worse than coal...and besides that..China isn't getting off of coal ..China is embracing coal fired power, thus they are building hundreds of coal fired power plants even today...

China's Insurance Policy Against High-Priced LNG, COAL= Death of British Columbia's LNG Super-Power Fantasy!

Mr. Trudeau...or can I call you Justin?......

British Columbia has thousands of miles of coastline....British Columbia has LNG terminal sites available in many places...Dish Cove..Ridley Isand to name a couple...and where does petronas want their proposal located....At the mouth of Canada's greatest wild salmon rivers, ..Petronas wants 24 hour construction for years, pile driving and bright spot lights 24/7...underwater light, thus drawing predators and young salmon fry eaters to devour our salmon brood stock for years and years...Petronas will not proceed unless they are granted that construction timeline...Scientists have rejected Petronas's environmental assertions...DFO and the Federal government decades ago warned of such activities in and around the Skeena river flora bank...there are no mitigation measures..

We just suffered the worst sockeye salmon return on the Fraser river..can you say FISH FARMs ..I can...

We have thousands of miles of coastline and you Justin Trudeau are placating Petronas by allowing them to build in the worst possible location...Remember that surfing you were doing on BC's wild west coast..Long Beach...That would be a environmentally better location for a LNG terminal than would Lelu Island...

Business acumen...Do you have any Justin?

Petronas, run by Malaysian criminals...Najib Razak....A company wanting $36 billion in Canadian tax write-offs when a mere $3 to $8 billion might be spent in Canada....To destroy the historic Skeena river salmon legacy...To allow the single biggest greenhouse gas emitter in Canada to proceed, destroying Skeena river salmon while were at it...a salmon run worth hundreds of million$$ every year..

When we have thousands of miles of coastline.....

And despite of all of this...Petronas is in no hurry to build...The project for all intents and purposes has been cancelled, and or deferred for many many years...

Justin Trudeau...pick up the phone and call Australia and ask them how their LNG is working for the Australian taxpayer...Maybe call the Australian judicial, taxation division and see how many lawsuits the Australian Government has launched against the LNG majors for tax avoidance and funky bookkeeping...

Chevron adds $7b to 'in house' loan, critics say move designed to shift income offshore

A multinational corporation labelled Australia's worst tax avoider by members of a Senate inquiry has added $7 billion to an "in house" loan that critics say is designed to shift billions of dollars of income offshore.
Chevron's latest financial accounts show that a shell company in Delaware has now lent a total of $42 billion to Chevron Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, the Chevron subsidiary developing the vast Gorgon gas project in Australia's northwest.
"It really shows continuing contempt for the Australian Government and the Australian people," Jason Ward, a researcher with the union-backed ITF, told the ABC.
"This is really a tax scheme designed to avoid payments, once profits start to flow on the Gorgon project and the Wheatstone project."
Dr Mark Zirnsak, a spokesman for the Tax Justice Network, also said it looked like Chevron was trying to avoid paying taxes in Australia.
"It does look like further tax dodging by Chevron, loading itself up with debt from the US tax haven of Delaware in order to avoid paying taxes here in Australia," Dr Zirnsak, who is also a director for the Justice and International Mission Unit of the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, said.
Chevron maintains that the arrangement between the Delaware shell company and its Australian subsidiary is a bona-fide loan to fund construction on the gas projects.
But the arrangement will have the effect of reducing Chevron's tax bill in Australia by many billions of dollars.


Lastly....Justin Trudeau...If you have no balls, no guts, no business acumen, do the next best thing..Make a Petronas approval subject to finding a new location outside of the Skeena watershed..

anything less and you Mr. Trudeau will be deemed, like Christy Clark..

"You are idiot"


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Written by Grant G

Originally posted February 2/2012

I'm reposting this for a reason....... 

Goodbye Kleo The Cat 


With a big disposal bin placed out back I finally found courage to remove the charred embers of my past life......

For months now we waited patiently for a promised clean up by our insurance company, weather and excuses dominated and day after day I would drive by my scorched home, my head would turn 90 degrees to the left driving in and 90 degrees to the right on trips out of the driveway as looking directly at my burnt world and family graveyard wasn`t possible, memories would flood my mind bringing tears of sadness....

The horror, trapped loved ones succumbing to smoke and fire, in the news of late there have been story after story of children lost by families as homes burnt down, recently hundreds of prisoners perished in a sea of flames, trapped by cement walls and locked gates, yes indeed my heart weeps for thee, is there a good way to expire, is one tragedy harsher than others, sisters and daughters stalked and slaughtered by insane predators or stupid preventable accidents striking down fearless youth, even dreaded diseases that spread in a flash and hijack family futures for no apparent reason but random selection in life`s unwanted lottery...

I ordered the big ugly waste can and faced my fears head on, with shovel in hand, crowbar and bucket, piece by charred piece my memories past were tossed and discarded into a cold unfeeling metal waste bin, family offered to pay strangers to perform this personal menial labour but I refused the offer for responsibility and knowledge were mine and mine alone, the guilt of leaving no way out was my burden and in among the ashes were bones that deserved one final proper goodbye....

Sometimes trying to do the right thing has consequences for had I left windows open my beloved animals would have fled to safety but with cats an open window would mean tempting death all night in the land of stalking coyotes, having lost one family cat to canine jaws years back I vowed to never let them out unattended, and with my beautiful 26 human years old Siamese cat fast paws and sharp vision was gone, coyotes and cougars in my neck of the woods are common and curiosity killed the cat, open windows and my 3 day absence would mean night roaming pets not equipped to win, my safety concerns turned to be a death sentence and for that I will have to live with the emotions, I just can`t imagine guilt parents must bear when human children perish, bad wiring, open circuits or badly placed candles or causes unknown, my loss can`t compare but empathy I have....

Nothing much was left and it`s funny in a way what brings out emotions, metal springs from old furniture brought a quick toss but a metal water dish drained my eyes, it`s taken several days and today was the last, started at one end methodically cleaning and picking through ashes, hockey cards from decades ago barely recognizable, clothes drawers revealed black tattered bits of cloth, globs of glass from dining room sets, everything melted into a blackened warped form that no longer seemed real, tools without handles, puddles of wires where TV sets once sat, at the end each day of this ordeal undressing bare before entering my new humble abode was a must for caked on black ashmud covered me from head to toe, not wanting to track in reminders was necessary, into the tub with a coarse toilet brush was needed to remove soot from beneath my fingernails..

Each day of this ritual seemed a little easier and there were times when life itself was rising from the ashes, under a collapsed ceiling was a birds nest and these little brown fellers seemed fearless, they hopped around in the debris like it was a playground, I gently relocated the nest in a nearby bushy tree, odd pink mushrooms were sprouting from outer edges of the scorched zone and earlier today I reached the last corner of my lost home, this is where my beautiful feline children would flee to when scared by strangers visiting or lightning storms and once there all the bones were found, the vision brought me tears for as fire and smoke raged they huddled together as one, they perished as one family, my family, it was almost too much to bear as I gathered up three sets of bones virtually on top of each other...

The bones are now in an old growth cedar box and a sea burial is forthcoming..

The phone rang as I was washing in the tub, I wasn`t quite done but was clean enough to jump to the phone, Mom was calling to tell me she`s joined a community center and is taking computer training, it brought a smile to my face and while talking and dripping water out the front window was a mother deer with her baby eating grass, I opened a window and took the photo above this post...

Life is a grand journey, locked on an emotional roller coaster that refuses to stop or even slow down, a clicking metal chain climbs joyous peaks only to come crashing down into the dark abyss of reality, happiness comes in the form of a phone call and sadness returns in the form of..

Soot still under my fingernails..

For today we rise to new peaks of joy.

Two dear friends sent me this, thank you Jean, and Mr. Walter v E....He looks like my departed alpha male named Jazz...Yes, and he does look like a mischief maker..

And we wouldn`t want it any other way...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Full of Tears

Thursday, September 15, 2016

British Columbia's Reflection, Wild Salmon

Written by Grant G

Salmon, wild British Columbia, ......Chinook, also known as Spring salmon, or Blackmouth...Cohoe, also known as Blueback, sometimes called Silvers...There's also Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon, Dog Salmon, Chum Salmon, Steelhead Salmon......

Dr. Alexandra my eyes she is a Saint, an angel, a wild salmon scientist who's lifelong goal is to save our salmon from extinction,

I have written about wild salmon before and many readers have asked me to write more on the topic, I can, I will but it hurts, something about wild salmon turns my inner soul, haunts my being, going back decades, as long as I can remember salmon has been part of my make-up..

Dr. Morton, .....a marine biologist, I've wondered to myself, does Dr. Morton feel the same way I do about wild salmon, or First Nations feel or does she look at salmon like scientists look at samples under a microscope..

I read a story recently titled..

"Outlook is Dismal for BC's Wild Salmon"

Wild Salmon is more than food, more than pleasure, wild salmon are a sign of a healthy environment because one doesn't exist without the other..

There are many causes for the slow painful demise of BC's wild salmon, bad logging practices from the past, bad mining practices from the past and more importantly bad mining practices of today...Fish Farms are killing off wild salmon too, disease and lice infestations...Also bad wildwest style commercial fishing practices from the past and now new threats are rearing their hideous heads..

It stuns my logical thinking side and angers me to the core, we have thousands of miles of coastline but only a handful of productive wild salmon rivers including the Skeena, Canada's second most productive river and our newly elected Prime Minister Justin(I love the environment) Trudeau is about to grant conditional support for Petronas's Pacific North West LNG terminal..A project to be located in the Skeena River estuary...A one of a kind place that DFO warned against industrial activities decades ago...A place so special, so unique, so fragile hundreds of scientists and marine biologists of today warn against the Petronas project..

150 years of gas available to export, no matter if there is one LNG plant or eighteen LNG plants according to Christy Clark we have 150 years of gas available for export, and somehow that is supposed to reassure us, that's not a very long time considering wild salmon have been present in vast numbers for tens of thousands of years..

I've thought very hard on how I can describe what wild salmon mean to me, mean to First Nations, what the salmon means to generations of BCers.....Time to retell but a few of my burned in memory salmon stories...

Not sure how old I was when dad took my fishing the first time, young, real young..

Ken Dad's best friend had a small boat, 18 feet or so in length and like it was yesterday, every nuance of those early excursions are burned into memory...and to be perfectly honest, dad fishing with his friend Ken, dad dragging his knee-high to a grasshopper son with him on the fishing  excursions, early on I believe dad used me, his little boy as an excuse to get away fishing, dad to get away from mom and his four daughters, a chance for dad to drink one too many Lucky Beer away from scrutiny......and dad used me as cover..."our son wants to go fishing"   Dad would bellow to mom, who at that time in her life, 5 young kids to take care of and not too fond of water, or boats...

Fishing with Dad and Ken....a 18 foot boat with a canvas cover over the back, trolling around the bellbuoy in Burrard Harbour, herring and Tom Mack spoons..It didn't take me long to grasp the concept even at that young age, present a bait a troll around waiting for a strike...I was designated rod watcher.....

Oh how I Loved the fishing, ..what I didn't like was when there were a lull in strikes Ken Metcalf would say to me....(lean over the side of the boat and call for the fish, here fishy fishy, here fishy fishy).....I can recall thinking to myself, even at that age...What do you think, I'm stupid, I ain't calling for fish....and I didn't...

Something happened to me and dad...I was quick to learn the signs, gull activity, tide lines, herring boils, all signs of fish activity, soon I was rigging my own lines, tying lures at a very young age..Dad did notice my passion for salmon and when his friend Ken moved to Kitimat(Ken was a log scaler)...the boating stopped, but not for long...Dad was buying a boat...

Funny, all through my life when dad ventured into something new that mom didn't approve of dad would use me for this case boating....

A little something about my mom, when mom was mad at dad and or nervous her outlet for her frustration was water and cleaning, whenever they were verbally sparring mom would start cleaning, wiping everything, over and over again, she earned the nickname from dad..Mr.s Wipe...we'll come back to that a little later...

So dad buys a boat, or something like dad and I go to prep his new(?) boat....It was docked at Mosquito Creek marina in North Vancouver....didn't know what to expect, down the ramp we go and there it was...a 40 odd foot long, wooden displacement hulled boat, long and skinny and old, a putt putt diesel engine and a hand-pump operated fresh water sink....this vessel was old and slow, and big....It was named...Andromeda...the year was 1970 ..Dad's new boat was decades old...

So, dad and I putt putted around in this vessel a few times and mom was so relieved that we always returned safely home, we didn't drown...Dad finally got mom to go on the Andromeda, got her aboard, left the dock and went out 20 feet from the dock then as mom was trembling and shaking he turned around and returned to the dock, dad repeated this exercise a dozen times, he finally had mom convinced, sort of

We roll into summer and dad convinced mom and my four sisters to join us on a real boating/fishing excursion...We loaded the boat with supplies, food, fishing gear, Lucky beer and the like...

Off we go, we're heading to Vancouver Island..Silva Bay to be exact...We leave Mosquito Creek marina and head west, I mentioned the hand pumping to draw fresh water from the 200 gallon fresh water tank...

Well, this old tub of a boat was slow...we finally motored past the Lionsgate bridge when mom started complaining, there was no had emptied a full water tank in a mere hour..She was nervous indeed...we carry on motoring and Silva Bay was beckoning...

The approach into Silva is through a somewhat narrow is navigating, I'm watching like a hawk and...well, this narrow channel is quite safe and deep enough, that is if you are on the right side of the channel and the tide is high...who knew..Sun was shining, the water calm, except for tide-rip in the channel, ...putt putt putt then clunk, bang, clank and thud, we were bouncing off rocks, crunching, grinding then boom, we come to a sudden stop, a boulder breaks through the cabin and water is rushing in... oh oh..

Dad remained calm, mom not so much, me, not sure, wasn't scared, was observing dad putting life jackets on my sisters, was sunny and daytime and a local boater in a shallow draft speedboat saw the carnage and rushed in to save us...Dad grabbed the rope that was tossed to him and this little boat cozied up to the wounded Andromeda and started unloading our family....Sisters were lifted aboard the little boat first, I was clinging to my dog, Checkers was his name, Checkers and I were loaded next, then mom....And then mom blew my mind, she was a smoker in her youthful days, she did quit smoking shortly thereafter, was loaded onto the rescue boat only to quickly insist on going back inside the half submerged Andromeda...She forgot her cigarette holder, remember those 4 inch long filter cigarette holders...Dad shook his head, the rescuer stunned quickly returned from the doomed vessel and off we went, safe, on land, boat gone, supplies gone, stranded on Vancouver island.....

The Andromeda was a shoreline spectacle relic near Silva Bay for well over a decade...

Dad would not be deterred, he was getting another boat....he told mom..Our son wants to go fishing..

Mom couldn't stop dad and I did want to go fishing...

A new boat it would be, an 18 foot Sangstercraft with trailer for towing, it was a light limey green colour and fast..

Next dad took me to the Army n Navy store in Vancouver...Dad bought long light-tipped mooching rods, hooks, leader line, spoons, lures and a really big net...Dad spent a small fortune, almost $200 dollars which in the early 70's was a whole-lotta money...a smile came across my face, my fishing smile which still exists today, along with salmon tears...

 The next day I was woken early in the morning to dad saying....Let's go fishing son..

And he brought no beer...seems now wild salmon and his son was enough ..

Off we went, Burnaby to Sunset Marine, just past Horseshoe Bay...launched the boat and there we were, Howe Sound brimming with salmon and me in a fast new boat with my own rod, we got live herring at Horseshoe bay and a mooching we went(mooching, still fishing with light line, long supple robs and bait, preferably live)..The trick to rigging live herring is hook placement, the hook closet to the rod would be inserted across the bridge of the herring's nose, the aft just behind the dorsal fin through the back..

Light line, long bendy rods and single action reels.....the remainder of the show was all on the mighty salmon....Let the reels scream with pleasure..

in the 70's Howe Sound was full of salmon, big Squamish white springs and cohoe everywhere...

Gower point, Salmon Rock, the gap out front of Gibson...Bowen island, Cowan point, Cape Roger Curtis, everywhere wild salmon, there were days when we hooked 5 different species of salmon in one day...

Mom was quite impressed, we brought home salmon every weekend and I love eating salmon, salmon head chowder, salmon steaks, baked salmon, we even canned enough salmon for sandwiches..

My favorite, grilled Chinook fins and salmon belly meat, that is where the tasty and nutrient filled omega 3 fatty acids are concentrated, the most tasty parts..

Dad was still working on getting mom to join us on the new boat..she finally said yes again to boating, it was another Saturday, sunny, warm, Howe Sound that day was calm, dead calm, not even a ripple, glassy water and the Sangstercraft boat was fast, real aboard, one sister dad and I and away we went, dad was ripping across Howe sound at speed, and yes, Dad was too busy talking and bragging to mom, not paying enough attention to the water ahead...what had happened, unnoticed by any of us was...A BC Ferry had cruised by going the other direction, it was a long way off and dad didn't notice the large waves the ferry was leaving in its wake, perhaps because the waves were barely noticeable on a glassy ocean...

40 miles per hour racing across Howe Sound and without warning, or should I say without driver dad noticing, the boat hit the wave head on, we launched skyward and everyone flew out of their seats only to have gravity return us to earth with a splat, tackle, rods and live herring everywhere and the look on mom's face was priceless...

I'm amazed that after her first two wild boating episodes dad managed to turn mom into a boating and fishing lover, her passion for fishing was only matched by mine...

Thousands of fishing stories are burned into memory, including the memory of where wild salmon existed in large numbers...Those Howe Sound fish are mostly gone, cohoe are rare in these parts...

I was sad, where are the salmon, dad had no answer...we attended DFO  meetings and even met one time fisheries minister Tom Sidden....DFO gave us I realize that DFO knew the problem and knew how to fix it but because of politicians seeking votes bad things were allowed to continue unabated...DFO knew the Atlantic Canada cod was in trouble but because federal parties need to win federal ridings they did nothing, not wanting to shut down the fishery or stop the hideous practice of bottom dragging,..imagine that, to allow hundreds of vessels to bash, bruise and batter the delicate nursery on the sea bottom....the rest is history...

We traveled further and further afield in search of salmon, that led us to the Sunshinecoast, Pender Harbour...Lees bay full of big chinook salmon, Mary Island, bjerie shoal, Quarry bay, Texada and Sangster island...Coho everywhere...Pender Harbour at that time in history had 7 floating barges with live herring in pens available for sport fishers, today there are none, coho in Pender Harbour, like Howe Sound vanished...The schools of black cod, Hake and even the bottom fish became near extinct..

What was happening, pollution, a change in the ocean or industry messing with salmon's only nursery..Rivers, flora, eel grass and sand...once you destroy the nursery extinction is soon to follow..

  British Columbia has thousands of miles of coastline and Justin Trudeau is prepared to permit the Petronas project and allow it to locate directly on top of the Skeena River salmon nursery....

And for what, a sunset industry known as LNG, as dirty as coal, maybe even dirtier and no wealth for Canada will ever accrue from this LNG proposal...Passion, civil unrest, civil disobedience, pitchforks and torches to save the Skeena if need be..

Kinder Morgan if that project is approved and if there is a massive oil spill in Coal Harbour will that project shut down or carry on, it would carry on, if what hundreds of scientists say about a LNG terminal on the Skeena estuary is accurate the salmon will vanish, or become very scarce, Petronas with a 40 year export license granted would Petronas remove their plant and go away if the salmon, they won't...

Where does it stop, how far can we be pushed....When does the wild salmon get to be considered first..

Time went by..

I was getting a little older, dad was still fishing and my enthusiasm was waning(ever so slightly)

Dad bought a bigger boat...he named it..Stolen Time(meaning time on the boat was stolen from elsewhere)..a 28 foot boat and ...and Dad heard of great fishing on Vancouver Island's wild westcoast(the 90's)..

Me having to work(in dad's shop) was summer and mom and dad and 28 foot boat headed to the westcoast...Bamfield...he spent two months skulking around, fishing everywhere and learning where the big ones lurk...Whenever dad phoned me at the shop and told me of the fishing my heart swelled, so did my jealousy, dad and mom fishing while i'm working...

The phone rang again, Dad said close the store and drive by van to Bamfield, he needed me to take a dozen fresh Chinook and cohoe off his hands...Off I went, BC Ferry to Nanaimo, cross the island to Port Alberni and 60 miles of gravel to Bamfield and when I arrived was heaven, gulls, herring, the ocean there was alive with squid, salmon, the westcoast was alive with everything including my haunt...

Bamfield, The Land Time Forgot

I loaded up the cooler of fish and headed back to Burnaby, the only thing on my mind was returning to Bamfield...

and for the next two and a half decades Dad, Mom and I spent countless weeks every summer fishing Bamfield and the Alberni Canal.....

The people I met, the old timers, Indian Chiefs and people, salmon lovers....Mom, Dad and I fished together up until he was 80 years plus of age....Then dad was gone, too soon, we needed another 150 years together, a blink of time...and now I was fishing with my last best friend....Avid fisherperson...My Mom..

A Farewell to friends/Wish you were here

And as time went by Fish farms got located in the Alberni Canal and Barkley Sound and soon the westcoast wild salmon numbers declined, poor returns, fishing restrictions and..

And we ate every fish we caught, never sold salmon, the delicacy was personal, private and sacred..

 Somethings are literally worth dying for, fighting for, civil disobeying for and none more important to me than Wild Salmon...

Vancouver Island had near record tourism this year, the world is thirsty for nature in the raw, British Columbia can be a mecca for eco-tourism and a Manhattan project is required to not only save BC's iconic salmon but to enhance, restore salmon numbers, we need river restorations, we need IPPs shut down we need.....

The Orca, Spirit Bear, Bald Eagles, Sea Lions, First Nations and even coastal rainforests need salmon's nurture..

And what of you Justin Trudeau, what do you need......For starters.

A swift kick in the rear end...

Petronas cannot be allowed to proceed at that location..and if you do, your day of reckoning will come.


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Full Of Tears


Saturday, August 6, 2016

British Columbia LNG Industry, The Last Gas(P)....A Straight Goods Special

(The below was originally posted August 21st/2015...Thought June 12th/2016 would be good time to revisit this post....Grant G 

British Columbia LNG Industry, The Last Gas(P)......A Straight Goods Special

Written by Grant G

"A fool and their money soon part ways".....

Seems to me that every time devastating news on the world LNG front rears its head out comes a British Columbia made LNG spin story, yesterday was no different, articles and newscasts came out blazing, ...The proponent,...Steelhead LNG

Steelhead`s proposal, a floating LNG operation near Mill Bay on Vancouver Island and a $30 billion dollar LNG liquefaction plant in Port Alberni..

This proposal will never happen, never be built, a foolish pipedream, ...Steelhead LNG is not an energy company, they have no assets, they own no LNG facilities, they own no upstream drill properties, Steelhead LNG is a group of people, including BC Liberal Geoff Plant and some other people with expertise in the energy game, but to be clear they have no financial means to back up their silly proposal..

I feel bad for Vancouver Island First Nations who have drank the LNG koolaid...

Steelhead LNG proposes a pipeline from northeast British Columbia to our southern B.C. coastline, from there another pipeline on the bottom of the Georgia Straight, from there a pipeline to cross Vancouver Island to BC`s wild west coast, (Sarita Bay)...In Sarita Bay Steelhead LNG proposes building a $30 billion dollar liquefaction plant, ..Thus having massive LNG tankers traversing the wind-swept Alberni canal, a waterway that is winding, very narrow, where winds whip up to 100 miles per hour on a regular basis, winds that come out of nowhere, regardless of the weather, the Port Alberni canal is a natural wind tunnel, winds race through the canal without a cloud in the sky, winds in the canal are thermal dynamic driven...The canal is also full of fishing vessels, both sport and commercial, the canal is also a tourist destination with fishing lodges and camp-sites from end to end...

This project will never happen, for two reason, the first being the risk to tourism, to salmon, to life itself, the canal is too small and too windy to ever have that kind of operation approved..

The second reason why the project will never happen is money, Steelhead has no financial means and no bank or money lender will ever sanction such an expense on an industry gone/going bust.

Breaking News...Japan has restarted their first nuclear plant(Sendai #1) ..Japan is also on pace to restart 11 more nuclear plants in the next year...

Remember this during BC`s 2013 election ...Christy Clark said this about LNG and I quote..

"British Columbia can receive five to six times the price for BC LNG in Japan"

"British Columbia will create hundreds of thousands of high-paying LNG jobs"

"British Columbia will create a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund"

"British Columbia through LNG will retire our provincial debt, pay off all crown debt, eliminate bridge tolls, British Columbia could even eliminate our provincial sales tax" 

This section updated January 1st 2016...Japan is ramping up their nuclear restarts, so...Don`t look to Asia, as in Japan to buy any B.C. LNG...Nuclear power has NO GHG emissions...

Read this all you LNG spindoctors....And, it`s not just Japan ramping up nuclear power, South Korea is ramping up nuclear too...China has 50 nuclear plants under construction as I write this, however, for now let`s peruse Japan`s latest strides towards restarting the nuclear power grid..

Japan Nuclear Update

Sendai 1 and 2 Generated 1.3 Million MWh in November

Dec. 17, 2015–Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power Co. generated a combined 1,346,924 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity at its Sendai 1 and 2 reactors in November, the Federation of Electric Power Cos. of Japan (FEPC) said Dec. 11.

FEPC said Japan’s nuclear generating capacity factor for November was 4.4 percent, up from 2.7 in October, 2.2 in September and 0.9 in August. The latest generating figure means that Kyushu operated its two 890-megawatt pressurized water reactors at 105 percent capacity on average in November. Sendai 1 and 2 began full commercial operations Sept. 10 and Nov. 17.

Takahama Restart Gets Local Approval

Dec. 10, 2015–Kansai Electric Power Co. received approval from the town of Takahama on Dec. 3 for the restart of its Takahama 3 and 4 reactors, a local government official said. Kansai Electric also needs approval from Fukui Prefecture to resume operations of the reactors.

Kansai Electric said Nov. 25 that it expects the restart of Takahama 3 and 4 to be delayed to late January and late February 2016, because of a delay in its preparations for final on-site checks by Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority.

Kansai Electric also is waiting for Fukui District Court to decide on its appeal against an injunction preventing the restart. A court hearing ended Nov. 13.


Takahama Restart Delayed by a Month

Dec. 3, 2015—Kansai Electric Power Co. said Nov. 25 it expects the restart of its Takahama 3 and 4 reactors to be delayed by one month, to late January and late February 2016.

Kansai EPC said the postponement is due to a delay in its preparations for final on-site checks to be conducted by Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority. The company also is awaiting a court decision following a Nov. 13 hearing on its appeal to lift an April injunction preventing the restart.

Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s Sendai 1 and 2, the first Japanese power reactors to restart, resumed normal operations in September and November. All 41 other operable reactors in the country are shut pending confirmation they meet NRA safety requirements, obtain permission from local authorities and complete required pre-operational inspections.

The NRA on Nov. 18 granted full 40-year operating licenses for Takahama 3 and 4 and for Sendai 2. Under Japanese regulations, nuclear power plant operators receive a 40-year operating license, subject to a review of the operator’s maintenance plan at the 30-year mark. All three reactors are now licensed to operate until 2025.

Meanwhile, Kansai EPC filed an application Nov. 26 for a 20-year license renewal for Mihama 3, the first reactor to request a total 60 years of operation. NRA inspections required for the application included age-related assessments, ultrasonic testing of the reactor pressure vessel’s base metal and welds, and confirmation of the concrete containment’s strength, and found “no abnormality.”

Sendai 2 Begins Commercial Operations

Nov. 19, 2015—Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s 846-megawatt Sendai 2 pressurized water reactor in Kagoshima prefecture has attained full commercial operation. The reactor is the second reactor to restart in the country since the introduction of post-Fukushima regulatory standards. Power generation began last month, and operators have been gradually increasing output and carrying out tests.

The electricity output from Sendai 1 and 2 in October was about 840,000 megawatt-hours, according to the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan. Japan’s nuclear generating capacity factor in October was 2.7 percent, up from 2.2 percent in September.

The rest of Japan’s 43 operable reactors are shut pending confirmation by Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority that they meet post-Fukushima safety requirements. On Nov. 18, NRA commissioners approved 10-year life extensions for Sendai 2 and Kansai EPC’s Takahama 3 and 4, both of which are undergoing pre-operational inspections prior to restart.

JAPC Files for Examination of Tsuruga 2

Nov. 12, 2015—Japan Atomic Power Co. has filed for the Nuclear Regulation Authority to examine its 1,100-megawatt Tsuruga 2 pressurized water reactor for compatibility with post-Fukushima regulatory standards. NRA earlier approved an evaluation report by its expert panel concluding that a fault zone beneath Tsuruga 2 was active. JAPC will have to convince NRA to overturn that evaluation if the reactor is to pass the compatibility examination, without which an early restart of the reactor is unlikely.

Various Japanese power companies have filed with NRA to restart 26 Japanese reactors, five of which have shown they comply with the new standards.


Sendai 2 Attains Full Power Operations

Nov. 5, 2015—Japan’s Kyushu Electric Power Co. expects to begin commercial operation of its 890-megawatt Sendai 2 nuclear power reactor as early as Nov. 17, once the Nuclear Regulatory Authority completes final checks. The reactor started running at full capacity Nov. 1.

Sister plant Sendai 1 returned to regular commercial operations Sept. 10. Kyushu EPC said the two reactors’ return to commercial operation will enable it to cut monthly losses of $99 million, returning the company to profitability this fiscal year.

Shikoku EPC to File for Ikata 3 Restart Oct. 30

Nov. 5, 2015—Japan’s Shikoku Electric Power Co. will file with the NRA a document on tornado impact countermeasures for its 890-megawatt Ikata 3 nuclear reactor that could move it closer to restarting.

The tornado measures are the last issue needed to complete Ikata 3’s engineering work program. NRA’s approval of the engineering program will allow Shikoku EPC to submit an application for pre-operational inspections, the last regulatory requirement prior to restart. Local authorities approved the restart Oct. 26.

Takahama Engineering Work to Be Completed February

Nov. 5, 2015—Completion of safety engineering work at Kansai Electric Power Co.’s 870-megawatt Takahama 3 and 4 reactors will be delayed past the original December deadline until February 2016.

Kansai EPC also hopes the Nuclear Regulation Authority will simultaneously complete its fifth and final set of pre-operational inspections at the two units by then. The inspections began at the two reactors Aug. 17 and Oct. 21.

Ikata 3 Restart Gets Final Local Approvals

Oct. 29, 2015—The governor of Ehime Prefecture, Tokihiro Nakamura, has approved the restart of Shikoku Electric Power Co.'s Ikata 3 nuclear reactor. The Japan Atomic Industrial Forum said the restart is scheduled for early 2016. Local authorities from the town of Ikata already have approved the restart and all procedures to obtain agreements from local communities have been completed.

In July the 846-megawatt pressurized water reactor cleared examinations to confirm its compatibility with new post-Fukushima regulatory safety standards imposed by the Nuclear Regulation Authority. Shikoku EPC will file with NRA by Oct. 30 a plan for tornado countermeasures, the last document required before it applies for pre-operational inspections.


Christy Clark said all those things and more, including Christy Clark saying this, and I quote...

"We can sell British Columbia LNG to japan for five to six times the North American price" snip

Christy Clark, Rich Coleman and other LNG spindoctors are too stupid to realize why Japan is returning to nuclear power, because of money, profitability, in order to compete with other countries in manufacturing/heavy industry...Japan was not going to sit there and do nothing, Japan was not prepared to be held hostage by big energy companies and mouthy governments..Christy Clark literally told our Japanese neighbours that British Columbia was going to get rich off gouging them..Christy Clark, the mouth that roared empty words....Pretty safe to say now that Japan won`t need a lick of BC LNG...And who can forget what the painted lady Pamela Martin said about LNG..!

Christy Clark`s communication director Pamela Martin stated, and tweeted to British Columbia`s public, and I quote..

"What would you do with a $trillion Dollars"

Where to even begin, there is so much bad news out there for British Columbia`s LNG industry..

Najib Razak, Malaysia`s prime minister and Petronas head is in survival mode, the proposed Petronas Prince Rupert project has been put on the back-burner, in fact I and many others believe the project is about to be officially cancelled altogether...Yes Petronas has some contracted obligations to deliver LNG in the future, many BC LNG spindoctors ( Brad Zubyk, Resources Works, BCLNGA) and others have blathered about Petronas and the LNG they were contracted to deliver by 2019...

Petronas has solved that problem with this acquisition..


Sarawak Shell Berhad, a unit of Shell, has handed over its 50 percent stake of MLNG Dua to Malaysia’s Petronas.

Previously, MLNG Dua was operated by Shell via a production sharing contract signed with Petronas in 1993.
With this handover, Petronas subsidiaries PCSB and EPMV now own 90 percent and 10 percent equity respectively as PSC operators. The previous PSC expired August 20, Petronas said in a statement on Friday.
“Petronas is committed to ensure that there will be no interruption to the supply and demand of gas and achieve stability in the operations of MLNG Dua,” said Petronas Senior VP Upstream Malaysia, Mohd Anuar Taib.


Petronas has just secured supply, with that acquisition they can meet their deliverable contracts without their Prince Rupert LNG liquefaction facility......An acquisition and major news story that BC`s lamestream media ignored....They were too busy spinning Steelhead LNG`s uneconomical and unattainable pie in the sky proposal.

The world LNG market today, in 2015 is already in a structural glut, and that`s before the 60 million tonnes of new capacity comes online in the next four years, the world LNG market is in a structural glut before Japan restarted their first nuclear plant, with 11 more nuclear plants slated to come online in the next year, and I remind you that at present Japan is the largest by volume consumer of LNG..NOT FOR LONG..

The news gets worse, existing LNG operations have seen their profits plunge year over year and anyone paying attention to world economies, China is in recession, manufacturing in free-fall, energy stocks are low, oil hovering at $40 dollars per barrel and forecasted to reach lows not seen in decades, possibly dropping as low as $20 dollars per barrel, expert forecasters are predicting oil to remain low for at least another decade..


Australia’s Santos, operator of the GLNG project, reported a half-year net profit of $37 million after tax, 82 per cent lower than the previous first half, reflecting significantly lower oil prices and a higher exploration expense.

The half-year results were also highlighted by improvements in production and significant cost reductions across the business, Santos said in its results report on Monday.
Strong operational performance – particularly from PNG LNG and Darwin LNG – saw Santos record production growth of 13 per cent compared to last year. However, the lower realised oil prices resulted in sales revenue declining by 15 per cent.


Japan, even before they restarted their first nuclear plant have seen LNG imports decline precipitously ...
And as for South Korea...Here`s more bad news for British Columbia`s LNG aspirations..

"Yoo Sang-Hee told Platts that high prices of LNG compared to coal and nuclear push the demand for the liquefied natural gas further down in the power generation sector as more gas-fired power plants remain idle.

Operating rates of gas-fired power plants went from 61.3% in 2013 to 50.8% in 2014, and as Yoo said, it is expected that these rates will slip to 23.7% by 2019 and even lower to 16.8% in 2022."


Kogas of South Korea, the world’s largest corporate buyer of LNG, said its sales volume totaled 1.90 million mt in July, a drop of 20 percent as compared to the same month last year.

Gas sales into the power sector were at 1.01 million mt, down 26.8 percent when compared to July in 2014, Kogas said in a filling to the stock exchange.
The company’s city gas sales dropped 10.6 percent on year to 887,000 mt.
Kogas imported 16.54 million mt of LNG in the first half of 2015, down 17.1 percent as compared to the previous year.

Kiss Japan as a B.C. LNG buying market can add South Korea to the not interested in BC LNG camp too....

And what about China?.....Well, China has lost nothing but money on Canadian energy projects and now China is getting the hell out of Canada..

"After a string of bad investments, China Investment Corp. (CIC) has shut down its Toronto office and is opening a new one in New York, part of a quiet retreat from Canadian natural resources by China’s state-controlled entities......

CIC was founded in 2007 by the Chinese government to help the country earn a higher return on its pool of foreign exchange reserves, worth US$3.44 trillion at the end of November. CIC manages US$747 billion......

Some of that money flowed into Canada at the height of the commodity boom. CIC committed US$500 million in 2009 to SouthGobi Resources Ltd., the Vancouver-based company with operations in Mongolia, then invested $1.7 billion in Teck Resources Ltd...

All Canadian positions became big money losers. In some cases CIC is now the largest shareholder after others bailed. The move to New York may signal CIC will cut its Canadian holdings"


I don`t believe China will be too interested in losing more money on unprofitable LNG export terminals

The bad news on the LNG front is staggering, the prospect for British Columbia to get any LNG projects is very, very grim indeed...Petronas, the company the BC Liberals bent over backwards for and sold out British Columbia to is in a world of hurt...Firstly...Petronas`s LNG sales are in steep decline,....And even the head honchos at Petronas see no relief in the near to long term..


Malaysia’s oil and gas giant Petronas said it has sold 8 percent less LNG in the second quarter of 2015, as compared to the same quarter a year ago.

The company’s LNG sales were at 6.92 million tonnes, down by 0.6 million tonnes on year due to lower production at its LNG complex in Bintulu, Petronas said on Friday.
In the first half of this year, Petronas sold 14.96 million tonnes of LNG, down from 15.15 million tonnes a year ago.

Petronas President and Group CEO Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin said that the company does not foresee a reprieve from the low oil prices in the near future
“I do not expect our cash flow from operations this year to meet our CAPEX and dividend commitments. This means that we will have to persevere through with more austerity measures, and will have to draw on our cash reserves,” he said.


The news for Petronas`s Najib Razak and the people of Malaysia gets even worse....Petronas which supplies the government of Malaysia upwards of 30% to 40% of their national budget...Petronas will not be able to meet their dividend obligations to Malaysia...Meaning the entire population of Malaysia are about to feel the pain, cutbacks and worse..


Petronas cuts dividend payment to RM26b in 2015

Summary of the news presented in point form:

  • Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas), is trimming the national oil firm’s dividend paid to the government this year, in view of weaker earnings.
  • Revenue dropped 21% to RM66.2 billion for 1QFY15, from RM84 billion a year ago.
  • Oil firm has allocated a full year dividend of RM26 billion for the government, as compared to the RM29 billion last year. In 2013, Petronas paid a dividend of RM27 billion.
  • Petronas saw a 39% decline in its net profit to RM11.4 billion for the first financial quarter ended March 31 (1QFY15), compared with RM18.8 billion in the previous corresponding period. 

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman blather about a generational opportunity with LNG, all the promised riches, a $trillion dollars was hyped a few short years ago and now those numbers slashed by a factor of 20 today, and now Petronas can`t even honour commitments to their own country...

The LNG industry is oversupplied, in structural over-supply with 60 million tonnes of capacity under construction coming online in the next few years, even American brownfield LNG projects are in doubt as to profitability...A brownfield operation is where most of the LNG infrastructure was already in place, in the USA a decade ago $billions were spent to gear up for LNG imports, regasification plants and pipeline networks were built, but along came the fracking revolution and the USA found themselve awash in natural gas, those facilities have been, are being converted to LNG export facilities...In British Columbia LNG would be a greenfield industry, meaning nothing is in place, no existing facilities available for conversion, no pipeline networks, everything has to be built from scratch, also, BC`s gas supplies are hundreds of miles and a rugged mountain range away from the coastline....Making BC LNG very expensive indeed, not counting First Nations needing equity deals and protecting a very diverse rich river and salmon environment...Nothing easy, not without destroying our forever sustainable wild salmon..

PIRA, they have recently come out with data implying the USA`s brownfield LNG exports plants are going to struggle to make financial returns...


YC-based PIRA Energy Group believes that the return of Japanese nuclear capacity, surging Asian LNG supply, and the weakness of crude prices does not bode well for Atlantic Basin flows to Asia.

The broader compression of Asian spot prices at the high end against Henry Hub at the low end strongly implies shorter haul LNG trade and lower prices, PIRA said in its report.

The North American natural gas supply curve continues to look flatter. PIRA still believes that there will be an uptick in price as the US passes through its demand surge and LNG and industrial projects start up, but the extent of the inflation adjusted run-up post-2020 has been reduced as the resource base expands and productivity improves.
PIRA also sees an increasing concern that U.S. LNG projects will find it difficult to recover full costs plus a return in an increasingly competitive market.


Let me be perfectly clear, if USA brownfield LNG export projects are now looking very iffy as to profitability and return on investment than British Columbia greenfield proposals are money sinkholes that will never see a profit...Unless British Columbia gives Petronas free gas, tax free and royalty free the proposed projects aren`t viable and what is even more scary...The LNG obsessed BC Liberal Government is ramming forward with a $10 billion dollar plus Site C dam project to supply electricity for an LNG industry that ISN`T going to happen!..

Over $10 billion dollars flushed down the toilet, $10 billion plus taxpayer dollars flushed away...Petronas can`t even pay themselves let alone pay British Columbia..

This information has been available here at The Straight Goods for some time, only now are the world energy experts and forecasters coming to terms with this new LNG reality, unfortunately Christy Clark and the BC Liberals put all their eggs in one basket and our domestic media sold out the people of British Columbia...Here a simple blogger with little means, no research staff, no money, a one person operation has put the Vancouver Sun, The Province, Global BC, CTV, CKNW, Vaughn Palmer, Michael Smyth, Les Leyne, Keith Baldrey and others to shame....

Those entities have the resources and the information but unfortunately they have been corrupted, sold out to the BC Liberals and to big industry..

I have saved the best for last...From Bloomberg....Nothing new that hasn`t already been reported here for several years, but confirmation..


Gas Golden Age Fades as Supply Boom Meets Japan Nuclear Rebirth

The golden age of natural gas lost some of its luster this month.

Japan, the world’s biggest buyer of the fuel in liquid form, restarted a nuclear reactor on the island of Kyushu Aug. 11, re-embracing atomic power to shrink energy-import costs.

 A week later, a production milestone was marked at Santos Ltd.’s Curtis Island plant in Australia, a new liquefied natural gas project that’s part of a record annual capacity increase.

Japan’s return to nuclear power after the 2011 Fukushima disaster and China’s economic slowdown are undermining the demand that prompted the International Energy Agency to envision a golden age four years ago. Companies including Chevron Corp. and BG Group Plc were counting on Asia’s consumption as they sank hundreds of billions of dollars into new supply. A glut will cap LNG prices for years, according to Citigroup Inc.

Japan is going to do very well out of this,” Christopher Haines, a senior oil and gas analyst at BMI Research in London, said by phone Aug. 20. “Australia will probably be hit the hardest, there is a lot of new capacity coming online.”

The fossil-fuel import bill for Japan, once Asia’s biggest nuclear power producer, surged after Fukushima as the nation turned to other energy sources including LNG to plug the gap. This contributed to four years of trade deficits that hit a record 12.8 trillion yen ($103 billion) in 2014.

Sendai Restart

Kyushu Electric Power Co.’s No. 1 reactor at the Sendai facility is the first to come back online under new post-Fukushima safety rules as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seeks to revive the atomic fleet. While Kyushu plans to resume operations at a second unit in October, the timing on further restarts is uncertain due to tougher procedures set by Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, legal challenges and public opposition.

Utilities have applied to resume operations at 25 of Japan’s 43 reactors. Next year, 11 units may restart, according to Polina Diyachkina, an analyst who has covered the nation’s power providers for three years at Macquarie Group Ltd.

Australian Supply

Demand for LNG will slow as the nuclear restarts continue, Citigroup analysts including Ed Morse said in an Aug. 12 research note. The price of the fuel shipped to northeast Asia has slipped about 60 percent since climbing to a record $19.70 per million British thermal units in February 2014.
“There will be a glut of spot cargoes which will put further downward price pressure to spot prices” as Australia starts up 13 LNG units over the next three years, David Hewitt, the co-head of global oil and gas equity research at Credit Suisse Group AG, said by e-mail. “We would not be surprised to see some very low headline spot price deals in the next few years.”
LNG producers are forecast to add 50 million metric tons of new capacity next year, the largest single annual increase in history and equivalent to a fifth of current global demand, according to Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.

$150 Billion

The bulk of the supply is coming from Australia, where companies including ConocoPhillips, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Inpex Corp. are spending more than $150 billion on ventures due to start in the next two years.
On Curtis Island in Queensland, the $18.5 billion Santos development sent gas into the first processing unit of its LNG plant, a key step on the path toward starting production, the company said Aug. 18. There are two other projects on the island, including Origin Energy’s A$24.7 billion gas-export venture with ConocoPhillips.

The next wave of exports will come from North America, where only six of the roughly 40 proposals so far will be built, according to a Bernstein report last month. Those facilities -- from Cheniere Energy Inc.’s Sabine Pass project in Louisiana to Dominion Resources Inc.’s Cove Point project in Maryland -- are scheduled to construct more than 60 million tons of capacity by 2021, according to the researcher.


Meanwhile, British Columbia doesn`t have a single final investment decision, not one shovel in the ground, all that Australian and American capacity coming online, already under construction, 60 million tonnes annually coming online from the USA alone....

Australia has downgraded government revenue forecasts from existing LNG operations...

The news get even worse, green technology, solar energy and roof-top applications will soon see electricity produced cheaper than gas or coal....clean green technology..

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 The renewable-energy boom is here. Trillions of dollars will be invested over the next 25 years, driving some of the most profound changes yet in how humans get their electricity. That's according to a new forecast by Bloomberg New Energy Finance that plots out global power markets to 2040. 

Here are six massive shifts coming soon to power markets near you:

1. Solar Prices Keep Crashing

The price of solar power will continue to fall, until it becomes the cheapest form of power in a rapidly expanding number of national markets. By 2026, utility-scale solar will be competitive for the majority of the world, according to BNEF. The lifetime cost of a photovoltaic solar-power plant will drop by almost half over the next 25 years, even as the prices of fossil fuels creep higher.
Solar power will eventually get so cheap that it will outcompete new fossil-fuel plants and even start to supplant some existing coal and gas plants, potentially stranding billions in fossil-fuel infrastructure. The industrial age was built on coal. The next 25 years will be the end of its dominance. 

2. Solar Billions Become Solar Trillions

With solar power so cheap, investments will surge. Expect $3.7 trillion in solar investments between now and 2040, according to BNEF. Solar alone will account for more than a third of new power capacity worldwide. Here's how that looks on a chart, with solar appropriately dressed in yellow and fossil fuels in pernicious gray:

© BNEF Expect $3.7 trillion in solar investments between now and 2040, according to BNEF. Solar alone will account for more than a third of new power capacity worldwide.

3. The Revolution Will Be Decentralized

The biggest solar revolution will take place on rooftops. High electricity prices and cheap residential battery storage will make small-scale rooftop solar ever more attractive, driving a 17-fold increase in installations. By 2040, rooftop solar will be cheaper than electricity from the grid in every major economy, and almost 13 percent of electricity worldwide will be generated from small-scale solar systems.
4. Global Demand Slows

Yes, the world is inundated with mobile phones, flat screen TVs, and air conditioners. But growth in demand for electricity is slowing. The reason: efficiency. To cram huge amounts of processing power into pocket-sized gadgets, engineers have had to focus on how to keep those gadgets from overheating. That's meant huge advances in energy efficiency. Switching to an LED light bulb, for example, can reduce electricity consumption by more than 80 percent. 
So even as people rise from poverty to middle class faster than ever, BNEF predicts that global electricity consumption will remain relatively flat. In the next 25 years, global demand will grow about 1.8 percent a year, compared with 3 percent a year from 1990 to 2012. In wealthy OECD countries, power demand will actually decline.  

5. Natural Gas Burns Briefly

Natural gas won't become the oft-idealized "bridge fuel" that transitions the world from coal to renewable energy, according to BNEF. The U.S. fracking boom will help bring global prices down some, but few countries outside the U.S. will replace coal plants with natural gas. Instead, developing countries will often opt for some combination of coal, gas, and renewables.  
Even in the fracking-rich U.S., wind power will be cheaper than building new gas plants by 2023, and utility-scale solar will be cheaper than gas by 2036.
Fossil fuels aren't going to suddenly disappear. They'll retain a 44 percent share of total electricity generation in 2040 (down from two thirds today), much of which will come from legacy plants that are cheaper to run than shut down.


Petronas`s proposed Prince Rupert project is about to be cancelled, I suspect that`s why the political forces that be, the BC Liberal Government and a sold-out compliant BC Media ran guns a blazing with the Steelhead LNG proposal...What a waste of spin on a project so uneconomical, never going to happen...With green technology running over fossil fuels, with a world glut of LNG, with oil prices in the tank, with China`s economy just starting a 10 year economic slowdown, maybe even recession...

With Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Russia, China all busy constructing natural gas direct pipelines to Asia, to Japan, to Pakistan, tonnes of natural gas not needing expensive liquefaction facilities on one end and regasification terminals on the other..

Now with Japan for domestic financial reasons proceeding with nuclear restarts..

LNG export industry is the new poster boy for fools rush in..

Lastly...Steelhead LNG is nothing but noise, no financial institution is going to bankroll that operation on slim margins, in an already saturated market, with LNG use on the decline, with Japan about to slash its LNG use, with China starting a longterm slowdown, with oil and energy stocks in the tank..

The time is ripe for the BC Liberals to present their plan B to pay off the massive $140 billion they added to BC`s debt..

I won`t hold my breath.

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