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(PETRONAS PRESS RELEASE), CODE-NO British Columbia CONTRACTORS, NO British Columbia Labour(too pricey), LNG Mainframes and Modules to be Built In S. Korea

Statement by PETRONAS President & Group CEO Tan Sri Dato` Shamsul Azhar Abbas Regarding LNG Development in British Columbia

Vancouver British Columbia October 6th/2014-Sri Dato` Shamsul Azhar Abbas made the following statements today regarding the proposed investment to build and operate The Pacific Northwest LNG LTD. export facility in Prince Rupert, British Columbia and its associated natural gas reserves operated by Progress energy Canada LTD. located primarily in the north Montney region of northeast British Columbia

PETRONAS is encouraged by the commitment expressed by the British Columbia Government regarding the Pacific Northwest LNG (PNW LNG) project during recent meeting with premier Christy Clark and Minister Coleman in Vancouver. During the round of meetings, PETRONAS and the Government of British Columbia agreed on clear milestones, action plans and deliverables for both parties to support project competitiveness necessary to undertake a final investment decision(FID) by mid December 2014.

In addition, PETRONAS will continue to work with the Government of Canada and its agencies to advance the regulatory process and clarify the fiscal framework associated with this new industry in Canada.

Fundamentally PETRONAS believes that the PNW LNG project has the ability to monetise, add value and link BC natural gas to the global market, to the benefits of Canadians, especially British Columbians, nonetheless the reality of the global LNG market is that we are facing overhang and decreasing demand that creates downward pressure on LNG prices, in this market environment, the ability to secure market and customers is paramount.

Coupled with softening crude prices, there is a need for international energy companies like PETRONAS to seriously prioritize and reassess our investments. The proposed fiscal package and regulatory pace in Canada threatens the global competitiveness of the PNW LNG project. This is further exacerbated by preliminary project costs, which indicates cost of local contractors to be higher and not benchmarked to global contractor`s costs.

The additional tax and high cost environment will negatively impact the project`s economic viability and competitiveness, in fact, in our last portfolio review exercise, the current project economics appeared marginal. Without material cost reduction efforts cross the project we`ll have a tough time reaching a positive final investment decision by mid December 2014.

In order to remain competitive, PETRONAS needs to secure consensus on key principles vital to the success of this project by the end of October. Missing that date will the impact of having to defer our investments until the next marketing window, anticipated in 10-15 years. At this juncture PETRONAS firmly believes on the urgent need for stakeholders to collaborate and come to an agreement, rather than act as opposing parties at the negotiation table.

In light of this, the next few weeks will be critical in ensuring commitments made during the last meeting will be followed through by creating a tangible environment which stimulate competitiveness and investor`s confidence in British Columbia. PETRONAS and its partners look forward to working with the British Columbian and Canadian Governments to advance with pace, clarity and purpose in turning the vision of a Canadian LNG industry into a reality.


Spencer Sproule

Senior adviser, corporate affairs, Pacific Northwest LNG

Cindy Rutherford

Vice president, Corporate affairs, Progress Energy Canada LTD


Let me fill in the blanks.....

PETRONAS wants temporary foreign labour, and contractors...



Then Christy Clark while in India offered up LNG jobs to the Indian populous, reported by many, including John Horgan and the NDP...BC`s mainstream media ignored the story


India workers offered B.C. 's LNG jobs by Christy Clark



 Reported widely and well known to LNG industry experts these LNG plants are not going to be built in British Columbia, they are going to be built in Japan and South Korea...This fact was admitted by British Gas and others, including 

 "BG(British Gas) intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly."

 Laura Lau, Senior Portfolio Manager at Brompton Funds on BNN stated last month(October 16th/2014), (as did British Gas 2 years ago) that proposed LNG plants in British Columbia will not be built in British Columbia...Laura Lau stated that these LNG plants are actually going to be built in S. Korea or Japan, these modules and mainframes will be built in S. Korea or Japan and barged to British Columbia where they will be assembled.


You can click the below link and watch, hear Laura Lau admit where these frames and modules are to be built..(just past the 4 minute mark)

(just past the 4 minute mark is the offending statement by Laura Lau)


Petronas and the BC Government are as we speak lobbying Ottawa to allow LNG plants manufacturer status so these foreign energy giants can write off everything against taxes, against Canadian taxes, including foreign labour and foreign built mainframes and modules, ..We are talking about $5 to $6 billion per year in tax write-offs..Per LNG plant!


The below link is an article about spill after spill in Alberta, toxic oil and toxic fracking fluid spills, media reported any of the spills, the silence was/is deafening..


There`s a whole lot more...PETRONAS wants no part of any environmental assessments, they want their project to proceed regardless of destroying the Skeena river`s wild salmon population..

It has been suggested that Christy Clark and Rich Coleman are preparing to walk all over First Nations and make an order in council(OIC), a private cabinet decision out of the public`s eye on exempting PETRONAS from satisfying First Nations and British Columbians legitimate concerns over destroying wild salmon, in other words, an OIC exempting Petronas from any environmental assessments..If you think I`m mistaken...Check out the below information, BC Liberals through OIC exempted LNG from environmental assessments, caught red-handed, that betrayal to First Nations and to BCers is still ongoing..


The 3-day conference, titled “Striking the Balance”, was designed to discuss both the economic opportunities and potential environmental impacts of increased fracking in the nation’s territory to supply a gas-hungry, proposed BC LNG industry. But things got off on the wrong foot when the BC Liberal government announced on Tuesday that new sweet gas processing plants would be exempted from environmental assessment. The news came as a shock to First Nations, who immediately made it clear they had not been consulted about the change.

Chief Gale alluded to the betrayal in her comments from the podium at the event today:

"The word from my elders is you treat people kind. You treat them with respect even when they’re stabbing you in the back…so I respectfully ask government to remove themselves from the room."


Despite First Nations standing firm against PETRONAS, ..First Nations are not opposed to LNG but PETRONAS`s decision to build on LELU island is all wrong, BC`s second most productive wild salmon river the SKEENA would be decimated..PETRONAS can find another location, with 17 LNG proposals locations are plentiful, but not all locations are practical or environmentally friendly, LELU island is one of those locations ill-fitted for LNG..


Skeena River First Nations oppose Petronas LNG plant near Prince Rupert


2 days ago it was quietly announced that BC is getting 2 new ferries, they`re to be built in Turkey,..odd shaped ferries at that, not people movers, cargo movers..I was wondering why, and what these foreign built ferries are going to be used for..



Sedef Shipyard to build Seaspan’s dual-fuelled ferries

Sedef Shipyard to build Seaspan's dual-fuelled ferries

Seaspan Ferries said that Sedef Shipyard of Turkey has been awarded the contract for the construction of two new dual-fuelled (diesel and LNG) ferries.

The 148.9 metre ferries, both expected to be in operation by late 2016, will accommodate up to 59 trailers. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2015.
SFC’s contract award comes on the heels of an extensive and competitive procurement process that included more than 40 shipyards around the world, as well as a thorough analysis of Seaspan Shipyard’s capacity to construct these vessels at its new facility at Vancouver Shipyards, the company said in a statement.

“Our decision to have a non-Seaspan shipyard build our new ferries was not made lightly, but it was a simple decision based on capacity,” said Jonathan Whitworth, CEO, Seaspan

Vaughn Palmer on Voice of BC had on as a guest David Keane of the BCLNGA, Vaughn Palmer failed to ask any real questions, here is what Palmer should have asked...Check out the below link.


That answer to the above ferry question is simple...Those Turkish built ferries are to be used to transport foreign built LNG modules and mainframes, all courtesy of a complicit and compliant BC Liberal Government..

Way to go Christy Clark, fantastic Rich Coleman..

you just sold British Columbia`s workers out, gave away our resources..

and in typical BC Liberal economic fashion, no more British Columbia built ferries, No more British Columbia Rail...No more respect to the public, a gang of thugs accountable to no one....And no media scrutiny...none at all!

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577,The Unluckiest Number,Ten years out. The Enbridge pipeline disaster

 Written by Grant G
                                    Number 577, The Unluckiest Number

The 10 year anniversary next month of the Bengal Lion Star tragedy and I had to come to ground zero to see for myself, perhaps it was a mistake to come here, from what I have seen i`m way too angry to cry and too sad for fury, in fact I almost have that peaceful easy feeling.

How I miss my dad`s analytical explanation and mom`s hope springs eternal talks, yet I fear that neither parent could explain away this tragedy, 10 years later, 10 years of black death extending it`s reach.

Looking around by boat off Banks island, one mile from ground zero the feeling is of the surreal, trees are still green but any ocean life or bird activity is eerily quiet, no salmon fry swimming , no squawking gulls just silence, for tens of miles in every direction the great kelp forests are gone, who gave us permission to gamble and lose what we didn`t own and what we could never replace, sacrificing little Fish lake was a horrid environmental mistake, imagine deliberately destroying a huge natural watershed for trinkets of gold, thousands of migrating birds executed for the mere sin of just landing, how many species of frogs or insects still get near or in the lake only to perish or leave half dead, what insanity compels man to convert clear clean water into a poisonous tailing lake devoid of life, but as horrible as the deliberate execution of little Fish lake, the scale of the Bengal Lion Star oil spill off Banks island in Hecate Strait is beyond compare, how is it that my only terms of reference in attempting to describe the aftermath is that of dead zones, in a way its very peaceful, no eternal battle for life here, those days are long gone.

Only if I could turn back the clock, why did it happen, the Bengal Lion Star should not have went out, a deep pacific low moving in, was the Captain pressured to leave, why why why, even with two large commercial tug boats assisting wasn`t going to stop the wreck, maybe if there were extra support tugs who knows but when lead tug boat Kitimat queen capsized in heavy seas nothing was going to stop the massive oil carrier from grounding on White jagged rocks that stormy (March 14, 2017) night, 30 to 40 foot high waves capped with fury pounded the Bengal Lion Star on unforgiving rocks, section after section burst like watermelons, spewing millions of gallons of tar sand oil, the 3rd largest oil spill in the world, maybe if the oil containment teams had gotten out here sooner but with storm force winds blowing for 2 days along with extreme high and low tides, my god, oil sprayed the shore line high on exposed rocks and layered thick into the lowest tidal zones, mountains of Alberta bitumen flowing in deep water, who could imagine the oil and heavy sheen would have spread 50 miles in different directions over 2 days, coves, bays, narrow channels coated in black death,  as far as I can look in any direction this paradise is dead, who knows what the bird count will ultimately be, millions of direct bird deaths with millions more that died in subsequent migrations, birds all along the coast found dead, birds with clear signs of contact with heavy oil, the natural engine in this migration route blasted with Alberta crude, indeed, the scale of the Bengal Lion Star oil spill can`t be measured in millions of oiled birds or the 40 distinct salmon runs that were decimated and or all of British Columbia`s wild salmon teetering on extinction, the sea lions, otters, coastal bears, eagles, ferrets, no salmon spawning led one extinction into another, we broke nature`s bond, too many dead for one`s heart to count, oil stained carcasses feed other animals that ultimately die too, black oil`s death-grip reaches on and on, only with time, generational time, perhaps millenia before this area recovers, can it recover, and for what, to spill another tanker of crude.

I don`t what is harder to take, the fragile existence of a few northern runs of salmon and southern Sockeye, it`s almost like the cycle of life has been thrown out, this large swath of nature, thousands of square miles destroyed forever, well at least for my lifetime, perhaps 6 or 7 generations before this area will become fertile again but with continued oil tanker traffic when will black death strike again, even if the shell fish recover, even if herring spawns again, the  Orca will never be seen again, the birthing females were first to die then the small adolescent Orca perished, 2 adult males are all that is left of the species, maybe mankind should have figured out how to start a new Orca pod before destroying the only one we had, unique species and west coast wildlife gone, in a blink, for all time, gone, why didn`t we learn from the Valdez disaster, there is no going back, First Nations have mourned, the northern and island tourism industries decimated, maybe I should have fought harder against the National review 15 years ago, 10 years out from this disaster and Hecate Strait still lay mortally wounded, you can still smell crude oil, I can only think of Charlton Heston`s Planet of the Apes movie when he sees New York`s Statue of Liberty and realizes that it was mankind itself that burned mother nature, this area is no longer worth fighting for, top scientists are mostly in agreement that outside of decades of time there is nothing on scale that can be done to remediate the damage.

It appears the only ones left fighting about the Bengal Lion Star are the litigants, where have we seen this picture before, the Exxon Valdez law suit still lingers unpaid(40 years later), the Liberian registered Bengal Lion Star oil tanker had but minimum insurance, $200 million dollars yet the insurance has been contested,  Bengal Lion Star hadn`t paid premiums in 2 years, Honshu commercial carrier insurance company have claimed bankruptcy, between the Province and Ottawa more than $14.9 billion has been spent on clean-up and species mitigation, First Nations, affected business`s and local town`s folk have law suits filed worth more than $15 billion dollars, everyone suing and litigating for compensation on something no one can return, Enbridge pipeline inc washes their hands of any responsibility, Shell, Exxon Mobile and the Chinese petroleum company are all pointing fingers at each other, owners of the Bengal Lion Star blame the escort tug company, tug company blames act of god and file for bankruptcy, how long will these trials go on and who will ultimately pay, what price, what price to return nature to the way it was, all this pain to secure dirty Alberta crude oil to China, oil use falls for the last 7 years, a dying product needing desperate tyrants, we sold out nature on British Columbia`s wild west coast for a handful of pesos, how can ancient dregs of plants take so much away from present and future life cycles, I can`t shed tears anymore, my life, my personal battles, millions of wasted words warning of potential harm or should I say risk management, I `m too old to repeat the warnings and too tired to muster passion, the battle for Haida Gwaii is over.

Even the First Nation`s blockade attempting to stop the very first oil tanker, 8 First Nations elders gave their life that day, not near enough pressure to stop that massive Vessel, oil tanker Shell diamond and its Canadian naval escort, dugout canoe versus high-speed frigate, symbolic but futile, the time to stop Enbridge was before it started, certainly native voices on opening day weren`t going to stop it, you can`t stop $5 billion dollars spent, never-the-less, January 13/2016 was the day the first super tanker left Kitimat, thousands of small protest vessels, nothing, not even Greenpeace and Suzuki foundation`s concentrated efforts could stop the Stephen Harper Federal Conservatives and the Gordon Campbell Christy Clark B.C. Liberal administration from rubber stamping this project from the git-go, proceeding at full speed behind closed doors, no matter how much evidence anti pipeline opponents, scientists, biologists and environmentalists put forward they were all but ignored, the NDP government vowed to stop the completion of Enbridge if they were elected in 2013, was the fix in, too much money invested to stop, too big to fail, needed economic growth, jobs jobs jobs, yes I heard everyone of those excuses justifying the completion of Enbridge, what jobs, imported foreign workers building the pipeline and 120 permanent after construction jobs, was it worth it.

Madness, I knew something really big would happen, not the 5000 barrels that spilt into the Skeena river, not the 50,000 barrels dumped at the port of Kitimat but something epic, mathematicians also knew it was coming, not if a big spill would happen but when a spill would happen, I can still hear Christy Clark talk about risk management, the best corporate spinners hired to say we can manage the risk, how come no one asked how do we manage armageddon, how do we clean up, how do we create more Orca, how do you bring back thousands of square miles from the dead, I wonder what Gordon Campbell would say today, Adrian Dix, the rejected NDP leader stated he regrets that the NDP didn`t do more to stop Enbridge, Gordon Campbell is long since dead, yes Stephen Harper and Gordon Muir Campbell I pass blame on to you and your complicit Cabinets, your legacy, Enbridge, bankrupt utilities, a dismal health care system, a dead central coast and slow dying life cycle, well, no one is listening to me, not the Governing federal Conservatives, not Premier Gordon Coons of the newly elected Refederation party, no, no one wants to listen to the left wing, after the BC Liberal led economic collapse, the seeds of P3s, IPPs and insider deals dominated, it didn`t matter who was Government in British Columbia, so many bad deals were signed, how many can the court overturn, the extent of the economic damage that came to fruition, what happened, like the Spanish flu in 1919 that killed millions, no one talks about the harm Gordon Campbell`s corporate Government inflicted upon us, the extent of one way contracts that ate up every Provincial dollar and more, I can`t help but think back to our 2010 Olympics, the pride, the I am Canadian attitude, Super Natural British Columbia but just a few short years after the closing ceremonies we have poisoned interior lakes, lost countless wild salmon runs to fish farms and now the third largest oil spill in the world, a death blow to our BC Coast, a massive spill in our migration engine.

Just picture heaven covered in oil, and what hurts even more, the people of BC don`t seem to care anymore, in the latest public opinion poll by Ipsos Reid job creation and big industry are more important than the environment, 67% for jobs and 16% say protect the environment, it`s times like this when I stare across at Mc Caully island or look into Norway inlet, smell the oil, I see the end of the world being played out, there is no shoulder of comfort to lean on, no soothing hugs that can squelch my silent anger, 576 successful departures from Kitimat, 576 loaded oil tankers that safely managed the inside passage, risk management, reward versus risk, despite 5 years of cruise ships not plying the inside passage, despite the loss to tourism, despite a sterile ocean desert, despite the tiniest of recoveries on the outer edges of the spill zone, despite of everything tanker traffic is predicted to triple over the next 3 years, an insatiable Asian appetite for oil and now that paradise is lost there is nothing left to fight for and no reason to stop, perhaps other Edens can be spared.

Number 577, no tears of anger no screams of silence, nothing but...

 "That peaceful easy feeling."

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Christy Clark, The Most Disgusting Trash Clucking Dirtbag to Ever Hold Office

Watch Christy Clark smirk and cluck away like a callous SKANK when asked about Health workers firings and a health worker suicide..

All politics and all deflection from a school drop out named Christy Clark..

Watch question period, watch Christy Clucking Clark`s first answer to the first question..

Families First eh Christy, you won`t stop stealing child support from single and disabled parents, you won`t stop charging rental fees on wheelchairs for poor seniors..

You Christy Clark are the most disgusting trash clucking dirtbag to ever hold office, there will be a special place in hell for you...Sharing the same deathbedwith Gordon Campbell..

Stick an LNG pipe up your ass!

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Kinder Morgan`s Disgrace, Violent Police Throw Grey Haired Woman on Ground

Mitten @2010redmittens
@AndrewChangCBC i am disgusted that RCMP were so violent. Watch vid via @ByJamesKeller


Clink the below video link, prepare to be outraged  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fracking And LNG, British Columbian Government`s Head Stuck In The Sand, (Andrew Nikiforuk Video)

Watch Andrew Nikiforuk`s Award Winning LNG video.....

Be Prepared to be Shocked, be prepared to lose your lunch..

Be prepared to Recall the British Columbia Liberal Government and Toss Them in JAIL!


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Thomas Mulcair`s Party of Wallflowers, The Disturbing Truth Unraveled

Written By Grant G

The hypocrisy emanating around alleged sexual harassment of 2 NDP MPs by 2 Liberal MPs has reached an astonishing level.

A quick recap on the history of this burning issue.

Earlier this year 2 (Unnamed) NDP MPs came to Thomas Mulcair and complained about some form of harassment, possibly sexual harassment, the alleged perpetrators were apparently 2 Liberal MPs...From what we know.

Thomas Mulcair apparently went nowhere with those complaints, never brought it up to Parliament Hill`s investigative arm Internal Economy....Apparently Mulcair just sat on the complaints, Mulcair didn`t approach Justin Trudeau or any other Liberal with these allegations, didn`t approach the 2 accused federal Liberal MPs with his concerns..

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago, an NDP elected MP went to Justin Trudeau and complained of serious sexual harassment, stated that the perpetrator was an elected Liberal MP, she also told Trudeau about another case of serious sexual harassment that happened to another elected NDP MP...Why?

Why did this NDPer go to Justin Trudeau.....What this parliamentarian told Trudeau was obviously a serious enough complaint that Trudeau immediately, without hesitation suspended both accused Federal Liberal MPs pending an outside investigation, albeit there is no parliament mechanism in place to deal with these harassment issues, the old boy`s club has always been internal and sheltered from serious scrutiny.

What was Justin Trudeau to do, sit on the complaints, then having to worry if his sitting on a serious complaint, like Mulcair did, had these reported sexual harassment complaints ever saw the light of day Justin Trudeau would have immediately been labeled an enabler, not decisive, not leader like, self-serving and thinking only about quashing serious information that could harm him, harm the party and destroy any possibility of forming government in the 2015 federal election....and if indeed these were serious sexual harassment complaints what would happen if those accused Liberal MPs struck again, harassed again, what then...If that happened and the public found out that complaints were filed earlier against those Liberal MPs Justin Trudeau could write-off his and the Liberal party`s political fortune..The outrage would be palpable..!

Justin Trudeau by suspending 2 of his own members did the right thing, make no bones about that..

As it stands now, the 2 accused federal Liberal MP`s are in limbo, there has been some sort of internal investigation conducted by Internal Economy investigative board...That means that the accusers know what they were accused of...

Both of the accused Liberal MPs are now claiming their political careers are done, caput, at least that`s the way rightwing media, and Conservative and NDP pundits are portraying matters, still trying to pin fault on Justin Trudeau....Absurd!

And in an interesting turn of events the unnamed NDP MPs accusers are refusing to lay formal charges therefore Internal economy has no choice but to drop the whole matter, thus leaving the accused Liberal MPs in a no win situation.

I disagree that the accused are in limbo or a no win situation and here is why....Everyday in Canada wives and girlfriends are beat up, assaulted, raped by husbands and boyfriends, either while drunk or by nature, in the heat of battle police are called by victimized ladies and or by concerned neighbors and relatives etc etc, police attend the scene, witness the aftermath and drag the perpetrator(s) away to jail.

The following day or days later very often girlfriends and wives tell the police that they do not want to proceed with charges, reasons are varied, for the sake of children, finances or fear of retribution, a simple misunderstanding, blaming booze or drugs, this is far more common than one would think, the police, law, authorities do not need a formal complaint to proceed with charges, police can independently lay charges without a formal charge from a victim.

That is a good law...crime is crime regardless of a complaint.

As it stands now with Parliament Hill`s Sexualharassmentgate there are only 2 victims, those are the accused Federal Liberal MPs....For if the allegations brought forward by 2 NDP MPs are not serious enough to proceed on, they should have remained silent.

This bullshit being uttered by NDP brass, that a formal complaint would re-victimize these ladies is utter hogwash.

These ladies are not wallflowers, they are campaigners, door knockers, talkers, they make speeches, give interviews, definitely not demure quivering in fear worried about their job or repercussions after the fact ladies, these are blabbering politicians who spin, distort and bluster.

Having said all that...If these NDP MP`s are going to play possum with a different political party`s elected members then it is up to the accused Federal Liberal MP`s to come forward in the public domain and air their side of the story.

For if one is a public official, a person with an important job, a decision maker, if one is accused anonymously of serious allegations of harassment/sexual harassment and the allegations will affect that person`s career either present or future and if that anonymous accuser refuses to file a formal complaint thus rendering the accused in a no win situation, they`ve been harmed publicly and can`t mount a defense.

If that happened the accused, if indeed they believe they are innocent or the charges alleged are frivolous they have a perfectly legitimate right to make their case public, even if it involves naming the accusers publicly.

If these Federal Liberals MPs honestly believe they are innocent and or have been harmed by frivolous accusations they must come forward and state their case.

A public court will decide on who is telling the truth.

The more I hear about this case the more I believe this was a plot to get Justin Trudeau in a leadership bind somewhere down the road.

Thomas Mulcair`s NDP party has been in free-fall for the last 20 months, polling a distant third place, finishing a distant third place in by-election after by-election...Thomas Mulcair knows his target voters are not the hardcore Conservatives,  the voters Mulcair is chasing are the centrist voters, the ones who left his party and flocked to Justin Trudeau`s resurgent big-red machine.

This whole affair stinks...These NDP MP wallflowers need to grow a pair of integrity balls and come forward, or shut the hell up.

And personally speaking,  the NDP accusers and the party are doing a major disservice to all woman who are suffering from or suffered from abuse, sexual abuse and worse, what kind of message does it send when strong elected well paid female politicians are afraid to come forward, whining about being re-victimized......Is that the message the federal NDP is putting forth to females living in fear, living with abuse...Just.

Shut up and go away.

Written by Grant G

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Monday, November 17, 2014

British Columbia`s LNG Future, Dealing With The Devils


 Papua New Guinea Parliament pictured atop

 Written by...



This report was submitted anonymously by NRI staff because of threatened O’Neill  government interference into the content of reports produced by the National Research Institute (NRI).


Monday, November 3, 2014

Clean, Cheap LNG From Papua New Guinea Will Boost China’s Economic Development.


By NRI Contributor

Papua New Guinea is one of the newer emerging gas exporting nations.   Current reserves are currently estimated by the United Stated Central Intelligence Agency at 226.5 billion cu metres, which gives PNG a world ranking in gas reserves of 43 out of 207 countries and territories.   


ExxonMobil has been a joint venture partner in the development of PNG’s oil resources since the 1990’s in which Chevron was the principal stakeholder.   ExxonMobil became the operator in the country’s first natural gas development project, sourcing gas from the Hides, Angore, and Juha gas fields, also obtaining gas from the existing Kutubu, Agogo, Moran and Gobe oil fields.  The LNG gas project is a joint venture partnership, with ExxonMobil the principal stakeholder and PNG stakeholders holding less than 20% of the total share.

ExxonMobil (operator) (United States multinational)
Oil Search (PNG registered, with main offices in Australia)
National Petroleum Company of PNG (PNG Government)
Santos (Australian registered)
Nippon Oil (Japanese registered)
MRDC (PNG landowners)

Photo-PNG’s oil and associated gas development areas, located mostly in Southern Highlands Province, show almost no tangible development despite over 20 years of oil exports.   The operations run with surprisingly few workers.  Most jobs were short-term, created only for the construction phase, and was heavy in expatriate labour.
EXXON MOBIL CONTROL OF PNG NATURAL GAS:   During the time when PNG’s Michael Somare was prime minister, energy supplying giant ExxonMobil successfully followed a much smaller PNG petroleum extractor, InterOil, in forcing the Papua New Guinea government to sign natural resource agreements that were to the great benefit of the developer and of no real benefit to the citizens.

  Exxon Mobil effectively took away all rights of the PNG government to use PNG natural gas to meet domestic development needs.   Instead, virtually all PNG’s natural gas resources were to be dedicated to LNG export to serve the development needs of other nations.  Being that the LNG project came on line at a time of cheap natural gas prices, the project was most likely to favour LNG purchasers and least likely to favour LNG sellers, such as the PNG government. 


Photo-PNG’s then Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and son Arthur Somare (left) were instrumental in creating and signing the LNG export agreement that gave full control of the resource to Exxon Mobil.

This lock tight agreement only come into public view in recent weeks with statements by PNG Finance Minister James Marape that Exxon Mobil would allow a small amount of “excess gas” to be sold back to PNG to alleviate its chronic power shortages, confirms what is appearing to be a remarkably successful Exxon Mobil strategy to take control of its PNG gas fields, making them essentially a sovereign state out of PNG control.   

DoF Minister

Photo-PNG’s Finance Minister James Marape admitted recently that the PNG government has to beg Exxon Mobil to be able to purchase any gas for PNG’s own domestic needs from the massive PNG LNG gas project.

Although the end result will be less headaches and possibly higher profits for Exxon Mobil officials, a significant driving force for the lock-tight agreement apparently came from company officials’ general disdain for the PNG government and its level of corruption.   As one Exxon Mobil employee put it, “PNG leaders over the past 20 years have proven themselves to resemble uncontrollably greedy baboons who can’t keep their hands out of the candy jar. 

 The company wanted to make sure that the Prime Minister and his cronies had no legal control over the resource whatsoever.” 

PAPUA NEW GUINEA AND HOW IT USES ITS NATURAL GAS RESOURCES:  The loss of control over its own gas resource might come as bad news for the people of Papua New Guinea.   PNG has some of the world’s lowest human indicator index values despite years of natural resource extraction in many directions, ranging from minerals to petroleum to timber to tuna.  

Government corruption has grown worse with the conventional wisdom rating the current government of Peter O’Neill as the worst ever.  O’Neill’s recent tenure as Prime Minister has been focused on avoiding arrest for an investigation of his involvement in securing a government bank loan that violated government regulations.

Y:\PIX pol\LNG\0.jpg

Photo-Natural resource wealth development has actually occurred simultaneous to a decline in human development indicators for Papua New Guinea.  

PNG is a country where only a tiny fraction of its population has access to natural gas as a  residential energy source, with those fortunate few paying inflated prices for cylinder compressed natural gas.  Guaranteed hot water for washing is barely present, apart from hotels in its capital city Port Moresby.  For many years, the Hela Province capital, Tari, has existed on erratic small scale diesel generator power, despite nearby power lines transporting electricity from the long-standing Hides gas field-powered generating plant to one of the world’s larger gold mines in an adjacent province.

And in case nobody has noticed, British Columbia is soon to have its credit rating downgraded as a result of out of control debt accumulation..
The Straight Goods
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Vaughn Palmer, Voice Of B.C.....BC Liberal Election Promised Riches From LNG Forgotten and LNG Questions Not Asked

How sad indeed, I watched Vaughn Palmer`s voice of BC ......linked directly below.

The topic was LNG, Vaughn`s guest was David Keane of the (BCLNGA) British Columbia Liquid Natural Gas Alliance....

I was hoping for some good questions, tough follow-up questions and good old fashioned journalistic inquiries, sadly I came away disappointed, no, make that I came away in disgust, Vaughn Palmer`s hour long episode on LNG confirmed what we here at The Straight Goods have known for some time, ...British Columbia`s mainstream media are useless, there is no journalistic integrity left among any of them, that includes those that were chosen to ask questions...

Bill Tieleman...Jordan Bateman...Andrew Mcleod and others......

My guess is?.... Perhaps those individuals asked some good questions but none of the good questions made it past the cutting room floor...

The first question was(paraphrasing here)...If you could take off your industry hat for a moment what would you say is the benefit to B.C.  with LNG?

The second question was....Andrew Weaver claims BC`s LNG dream is a pipedream, what would you say to that...?

These question are so lame, put the ball on a tee and swing away....

We learned nothing from this puffball interview with David Keane...The only thing confirmed on this show is the fact that the BC Government and these LNG companies are lobbying Ottawa to allow complete plant build costs to be written off lock, stock and barrel over a 7 year period...

If we take Shell(LNG Canada)..Their plant build cost excluding a pipeline from the gas fields in northeast B.C. is $40 billion dollars....That would be a $6 billion dollar write-off per year...Ottawa as of yet has not agreed to give LNG plants manufacturer status...and with only razor thin surpluses predicted, I would say the answer from Ottawa would be NO...

Total fluff and puff garbage, cmon Vaughn, .....You`ll never win a Webster award, obviously you have other priorities..

Guess what wasn`t asked, or wasn`t spoke of.....

There was no mention of a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, no mention of any prosperity mention of the elimination of the provincial debt, no mention of this industry creating over 100,000 jobs, mysteriously all the benefits coming to British Columbia through LNG blathered by Christy Clark and Rich Coleman before and during our B.C. election are gone, caput, not worthy enough questions for Vaughn Palmer to bring up....Quite pathetic indeed...

There has been some major negative developments on the LNG front as of late...

Questions that were needed to be asked but weren`t...

1) ...Russia and China earlier this year signed a $400 billion dollar gas deal, and just last week China and Russia signed another deal to bring LNG in gas form by pipeline directly into China, no expensive LNG plant required,  estimated price of this gas per BTU is in the $10 dollar range, how has this changed things for British Columbia`s LNG aspirations?

2)....Canadian uranium mining companies have seen their stock price soar on news of 2 Japanese nuclear reactors being restarted early in 2015...  How will this affect British Columbia`s LNG ambitions when Japan`s LNG demand is set to fall?

3)...Things haven`t gone too well for Western Australia, the home of most of Australia`s LNG plants, their national debt in 2008 was $3billion dollars, 5 years later Western Australia`s government debt has risen to $30 billion dollars and a credit rating downgrade by Moodys, shouldn`t that make the BC Government pause...?

4)...Shinzo Abe, Japan`s leader, has declared that Japan has no choice but to restart most of their shuttered nuclear facilities because Japan can`t continue to absorb massive trade deficits directly linked to high priced imported LNG, how will Japan`s return to nuclear power affect BC`s LNG dream?

5)...In this age of electronic instant viral news, do you think China, Japan, Asia was listening? when Christy Clark declared to the world that British Columbia was going to create a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, eliminate our $80 billion dollar B.C. debt, eliminate our sales tax, pay off crown corporation debt, build schools, hospitals, increase health and education funding, give monies to northern communities for infrastructure, monies to First Nations for LNG agreements, all to be borne from shaking down our Asian trading partners?

6)..How will China`s impressive by anyone`s standards recent wave of domestic natural gas extraction and domestic fracking gains affect British Columbia`s LNG super-power aspirations?

7)..As of today, according to the Foreign Policy Magazine, and I quote.."That appears to be what's happening now. The world already has more LNG trading capacity than it needs: There were about 286 million tons a year of LNG export capacity globally in 2013, while global LNG trade amounted to just 237 million tons" and with 7 already in construction new LNG plants in Australia set to come on line over the next 2 years...Who will British Columbia sell LNG to?

("BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.
 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.

The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" )

British Gas has now deferred any investment decision until after 2020...)

8)... Laura Lau, Senior Portfolio Manager at Brompton Funds on BNN stated, as did British Gas 2 years ago that proposed LNG plants in British Columbia will not be built in British Columbia...Laura Lau stated that these LNG plants are actually going to be built in S. Korea or Japan, these modules and mainframes will be built in S. Korea or Japan and barged to British Columbia where they will be assembled, does the BCLNGA British Columbia LNG Alliance think it`s appropriate or fair for Canadian Governments to write off $billions of dollars worth of foreign built equipment, built overseas, the money spent in another country, all to be written off against Canadian owed taxes...Is that fair or equitable?

(just past the 4 minute mark is the offending statement by Laura Lau)

9)...The Petronas proposed LNG plant on Lelu island according to First Nations will adversely affect the Skeena river salmon, BC`s second most prolific wild salmon river, First Nations are not opposed to LNG development, however this location is too sensitive, Should PETRONAS switch locations or are wild B.C. salmon expendable?

10)....The BC Liberal promised hefty benefits to British Columbia, $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, debt elimination, sales tax elimination and a whole lot more, if none or very little benefit comes to British Columbia`s coffers can and or should future governments change the deal?

These are the questions that were needed to be asked, hard uncomfortable questions, not puffballs..

That Vaughn Palmer is how you conduct an interview....And I never went to journalism school, ...

I also never licked the boots of a BC Liberal or any other government..!

See for yourself in the below link..

P.S.....When the video link(November 13/2014) for the voice of B.C. is available I will add it to this post......That`s why I cancelled cablevision, garbage in, garbage out!...

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Justin Trudeau and Big Mo(mentum)...Updated, Justin Trudeau`s Speech

 Written by Grant G

Click this link

Whitby-Oshawa Liberal Candidate Celina Caesar-Chavannes has just less than half the vote (45%) to just more than 4-in-10 for her Conservative opponent, former Whitby mayor Pat Perkins (42%). In comparison, five days ago, candidate results were reversed, but similarly close, with the Conservative at close to half (44%) and the Liberal at 4-in-10 (40%). The NDP candidate, Trish McAuliffe has just one tenth of the vote now (10%), and the Green Party has a very small share (3%). About one fifth of those who voted Conservative in the last federal election will vote Liberal today (18%), while more than 4-in-10 past New Democrats will as well (42%). Few past Liberal voters will vote for another party. Whitby-Oshawa Federal By-election Candidate Prefer%Pat PerkinsCelina Caesar-ChavannesTrish McAuliffRebecca HarrisonAnother party01020304050Pat PerkinsMoE: 3%● Vote %: 42

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Copyright ©Forum Research Inc Written by Grant G
Well...Aren`t elections fun...

Well here we go again....Monday we have another election, a Federal by-election in Whitby/Oshawa, ...That was the riding held by the recently departed Jim Flaherty(RIP Jimbo)...

The top picture is Justin Trudeau`s Liberal candidate...Celina Caesar-Chavannes

The lower picture is Stephen Harper`s candidate, a former mayor of Whitby...Pat Perkins 

I find this race fascinating, the Liberal candidate is a tech savvy "According to her official biography, Caesar-Chavannes, a mother of three, is the president of ReSolve Research Solutions Inc., a clinical trials management service she co-founded with her husband in 2004.
She also sits on the advisory board of the Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction"

Celina is one smart candidate......Pat Perkins has a little baggage, I won`t get into that here..

Several weeks ago polling was looking like a Conservative romp in this historically(as of late) Conservative riding...However, Stephen Harper is up to his old tricks again, he`s muzzled Pat Perkins, Perkins has been a no-show at all candidates meetings, she refuses to be interviewed whereas Celina Caesar Chavannes has been door knocking, answering questions, smiling, talking and meeting the people..

Recent polling as of a week ago had Celina within 4% percentage points....

Conservative big wigs have been buzzing around Whitby in an effort to shore up her support...

Justin Trudeau has visited too, .....Big mo my friends...The  Federal NDP are not a factor in this by election, Thomas Mulcair and his team are in free-fall..

I wrote 2 years ago that Justin Trudeau will be prime minister, I don`t care about his speaking gaffes or lack of gravitas, he is a drawing magnet superstar...There is no explanation for his drawing power, he just has it..

The public has tired of Stephen Harper, tax cuts for the rich, muzzling of scientists and candidates, assault on our Supreme court..His vicious attacking of everyone who opposes tar sand and pollution, his wasteful spending, disrespecting veterans, taking away home mail delivery, deliberately screwing up every military procurement for the sole reason of having spending money in the upcoming federal election..

I over the last few days have been reading comments from Oshawa and Whitby newspapers...Big mo,(mentum) Justin Trudeau and a stunningly attractive and talented candidate named Celina Caesar Chavannes who has engaged the people, not run away and hid..

Celina Caesar Chavannes will win tomorrow`s federal by election...Reverberations will ripple through the federal Conservative party, Harper himself may blow another gasket, snap, and more, when Celina wins tomorrow Conservative backroom boys will be sharpening the knives, a big target will emerge on Stephen Harper`s back..hack, stab, slice and push towards the outhouse door, ...Stephen Harper`s ego won`t allow him to leave, .....oh yes indeed, Stephen Harper can`t bear the thought of losing to Justin Trudeau....But he will lose.

You should see the howling that`s going on by Conservatives in Whitby, they are crying foul because the federal Liberals are reporting on Pat Perkins`s accumulated baggage, expensive trips, expensive hotels and the like...The audacity, oh the humanity, federal Conservatives crying foul over what they are calling a smear campaign....Now that`s rich, the federal Conservatives, a political party where smear, slime and mudslinging are worn like badges of honour..

Justin The Thunderbolt Trudeau

 Stephen Harper, the man is terrified of Justin Trudeau, a young charming attractive man with a young family, no white hair, not afraid to speak, Quebec will never turn for Stephen Harper, that Province which is now painted Orange is willing to vote Federal Liberal Red, willing to vote separatist, willing to vote any colour but Conservative blue...

 Alberta doesn`t matter, with all the gangbang bullying going on, Ottawa and Alberta, those two teaming up against the rest of Canada, it hasn`t gone unnoticed, that alone will change the vote in riding rich Ontario, for one only need to take a short glance at the 2010 Federal election results in Ontario to see that with a.....

Charming, aggressive well versed and ultra skilled politician, one that female voters swoon over, with name recognition, and good hair(sorry El Bloatto), a man that backs up his tough talk with tough fists in the real ring, I can already see the ads running, Justin`s arm held up high by a referee while the Conservative lay on the ground bleeding and weeping...Ah, an instant classic..

There were so many ridings in Ontario which Conservatives won but by a margin so small, with Canadians rejecting Michael Ignatief, he didn`t even win his own seat, just imagine how many of those ridings, ridings full of baby boomers and seniors who value both healthcare and pensions, not to mention a good steak, the question isn`t ..

Will ridings in Ontario turn from blue to red? the question will be...

How many ridings in Ontario will turn from blue to red?

Here are a few examples...


Ajax, Ont.


Conservative-24 797  44.1% 


Liberal-           21 569  38.3% 

Conservative-19 907  34.4 %

 NDP-           19 368  33.5 %

Liberal-        16 402  28.4 %
  Don Valley East/Don Valley-Est

Conservative-14 422  36.8%

Liberal-          13 552  34.6% 


Don Valley West/Don Valley-Ouest

Conservative-22 962  42.9% 

Liberal-         22 351  41.8%

Joe Oliver-Conservative-22 652  46.8%
Joe Volpe-Liberal -         18 590  38.4%
 Etobicoke Centre/Etobicoke-Centre

Conservative-21 644  41.2%

Liberal-         21 618  41.2%

Conservative-21 997  40.3%

Liberal-         19 128  35.1%

Conservative-27 039  40.9%

Liberal-         24 895  37.6%
 London North Centre/London-Centre-Nord

Conservative-19 468  37.0%

Liberal-         17 803  33.8 %

Conservative-22 104  43.9%

Liberal-         18 651  37.0%


Conservative-15 495  36.7%

Liberal-         15 477  36.6%


You can peruse more riding results here...But as you can see, with a popular well schooled leader a dozen ridings go the other way..Adios Stephen Treason Harper.

Yes indeed, Justin Trudeau is a political rock star..

Welcome to the big leagues Justin, I wish you well..

Congratulations Celina Caesar Chavannes 

The Straight Goods

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