Saturday, December 16, 2017

I am brainwashed. You are brainwashed. We are brainwashed

Vast numbers of people (many more than we think, probably) are aware of a major, constant process by ‘Established power’, by the Mainstream Press and Media, by ‘Imperial Globalization’, by the Deep State, [there are more names} to blanket the population in misinformation, ‘disinformation’, misleading reporting, half-finished news and misanalysis of events …  to use, in effect, a continuing blanket of propaganda to assure we do not know the truth about the world around us and to make us feel we are the enemies of perfectly self-respecting countries attempting to live peaceful lives ….

Being aware is one thing.  Seeing through the propaganda is another … and there are not many who can (consistently) do it – which is what all the named forces above intend.  None of us gets … and stays … free.  That’s why the title of this column.  We all know we are being brainwashed.  But until we replace the present power structure/power system we will not be able to prevent what is being done to us … constantly, daily, intentionally, internationally.

Occasionally (with us all) a light shines in and reveals an insight, a small revelation  (or a large one). That makes the propaganda process clearer and its magnitude more evident.

Take the on-going repetition of (false) terrorist events in Western countries.  They are alleged to be produced by government-connected forces (alleged, that is, by non-official, independent investigators constantly at work). The investigators (most know) are almost all authentic, serious, responsible, even scholarly people concerned about the health of the community.  They toil away gratis for the good of the community.  Continuous accusations are made that those well informed researchers and critics of sensationally staged (Islamic?) “terrorist” events are “Conspiracy Theorists” who besmirch and ridicule the noble and selfless work of our official “defenders”.  But more and more people are less and less sure that the so-called “Conspiracy Theorists” are wrong.

Since the Cenotaph-and-after “terrorist event” in Ottawa on October 22, 2014, for instance, a number of researchers (I think of Graeme MacQueen and Barrie Zwicker) have brought telling arguments of a “False Flag” event created by shadow Canadian State operatives to hoodwink the nation and the world.  (Once again, a single, semi-insane ‘terrorist’ was killed before any testimony could be gathered from him.) So far the argument for the Ottawa “terrorist event” as fraudulent can’t be proved absolutely.  But we have one crystal-clear example of a Canadian False Flag: the wholly fraudulent Islamic “terrorist” event at Victoria, B.C., July 1, 2013.

Think of how much secret organization and how much deciding to do criminal things had to go on in order to create the “terrorist event” in Victoria.….

Justice Catherine Bruce … judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia (on the case) … was applied to for corrective action after sitting through the jury trial (that found the two converts to Islam guilty). Justice Bruce had observed much. She struck down the terrorist conviction against the two socially challenged converts to Islam … and unveiled the judgement that the RCMP (and by implication the federal Conservative government) was planner, initiator, and controller of the whole elaborate sham – using more than 200 RCMP and millions of dollars of unsuspecting taxpayers’ dollars.  Since the replacement of the Conservative government by a Liberal one, cover-up of the event continues, the Liberal cabinet refuses to discuss a Public Inquiry of the RCMP… and an Appeal against the Justice Bruce decision is to take place in the B.C. Appeals Court on January 18, 2018. 

No one was killed or maimed in that ‘operation’ but innocent Canadians were jailed, charged, misused … and if the Crown wins the Appeal against the judgement by Justice Bruce, the two accused – declared innocent by Madam Justice Bruce - can go back to jail and serve life sentences!

Historically… the public-spirited investigators constantly at work (for no pay) started investigation of what might be called False Flag activity at a time when the hand of the evil U.S. government and/or Deep State could (almost) be plainly seen.  The assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963; the Gulf of Tonkin faked ship battle in August, 1964, (to provide reason to intensify the War in Viet Nam); the assassination of Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968 brought an intense focus on U.S. government (‘Deep State’) criminality in the U.S.A.

It was when the unconvincingly explained murder of leading personalities in the U.S.A. began to be evident that the False Flag investigative process appears to have gone into high gear. Since the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy up to and including the most recent multi-Western nation “terrorist” events (still carried out mostly by apparently demented and – usually - single-acting madmen who are almost always shot dead on the spot … making live testimony from them impossible to gain) the number of terrorist events has blossomed … and the propaganda flowing from them has been imprinted over and over and over on the minds of Western populations.

Almost always, ISIS (the demonic, savage, heartless, brutal, and mostly invisible organization) ‘claims’ responsibility… from … somewhere.   Thus Islamic evil is established....
The pattern is relentless.  Almost always innocent people are killed or maimed, revealing the brutal heartlessness of the perpetrators.  But … pause.  Pull back.  Think a minute….

Surely if there is a powerful, designing force with tentacles into every Western country … through actual contact people … or by wickedly-created terrorist-electronic-contact networks – and is a force with considerable power and influence (and doubtless money)wouldn’t it make something else happen … as well?

Wouldn’t that force, that evil organization, that unwearying actor on the world stage be able to enlist a few other people than the nut-case truck-drivers and the single shoot-out madmen we have been asked to accept?  And … (I suppose what I write next is sort-of kindergarden stuff) ....

surely the evil organization could pick a few more telling targets than random gatherings of innocent citizens.  If the evil force wanted to make the point that it is the enemy of all those who are daily making war against Islamic peoples … wouldn’t it (at least now and then?) pick off a significant political operative, a known intelligence/military person, a major public figure involved in the damnation of Islam?  Surely – even if very rarely – wouldn’t it drive one of those trucks into a significant store of weaponry, or a meaningful chemical factory … or … even just a significant anti-Islamic institution?

Now that I’ve said it … mustn’t it strike every thoughtful ordinary person in the Western World as very, very strange that the cruel, wicked, barbaric, brutal Islamic fighters (working in the West) have never targetted a single, meaningful actor contributing to the War Against Islam?  If that were to happen, ordinary people in the West wouldn’t be thunderstruck. They would think – ‘yes yes, that makes sense: tit for tat’.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons it doesn’t happen. (That doesn’t mean any sane person would want any terrorist brutality.)

The failure of ISIS (or whatever organizations detest the war-making West) ever to undertake attacks on centrally responsible persons in the West leads one to believe that the attacks are not undertaken by Islamic sources at all … and are connected to Islam only through the propaganda channels of Western power and its Deep State.  The actual perpetrators of the brutalities visited upon innocent, ordinary people in Western countries might just be part of a force within those countries perpetrating acts of brutality against ordinary people to BRAINWASH whole populations in order to make them learn to despise those who are ACCUSED of the brutalities.

People in Western countries will protest.  “Surely no force in Western democracies”, they will say, “would be permitted to violate groups of the wholly innocent, killing and maiming many for propaganda purposes!” But pause again … and think…. Isn’t that precisely what the Western perpetrators of the brutalities against innocent people would depend upon – the essential decency of Western World citizens who wouldn’t believe the cause could possibly be found inside their own democratic countries?

The perpetrators would depend upon that good faith of citizens and would feed that good faith from controlled government sources, from controlled press and media, from lavishly supplied “eye-witnesses” to the events, from consenting elected representatives who are bought actors or misled innocents who will always mouth the appropriate propaganda phrases….

Looking at the bloodstained sidewalks and the blood-splattered market stalls where innocents have been brutalized, concerned citizens do ask: WHY THEM?  They do not ordinarily ask: “Why not, instead, visible perpetrators of violence against Islam?” or “How come a person visibly responsible for the endless carnage in the Middle East is never picked off by a terrorist or a terrorist group?”

Is it possible we don’t ask those questions because we have been indoctrinated, manipulated, brainwashed, taught to believe those questions don’t even exist, or may not be asked, or that only madmen and madwomen would ask them? When we think through the meaning of the state of mind we are in … are we looking at what it is to be brainwashed …? And if we are … what do we do about it?

Written by Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, December 11, 2017

John Horgan Approved Site C for LNG industry Proponents-Site C Power is Big LNG Bait....Site C power, paid for by BCers is...Freebie carrot power on offer to big LNG

Written by Grant G

"Shock the monkey"

 Site C....2 years into a 10 year project and already it's nearly $3 billion over budget..from $8.2 billion dollar budget to a now projected $10.7 billion cost...expect that price-tag to rise to $14 billion...we're only 2 years into this 10 year project..

Why did John Horgan approve Site C?...Sunk costs...BC Hydro rate increases with nothing to show for it....future energy demand...nope, it wasn't any of those reasons...Sunk costs, all in was just over $2 billion dollars....BC Hydro claimed/submitted to the BCUC that Site C remediation would cost $2 billion dollars..that was never challenged...There are experts in the field who say they can remediate the site for $100 of now, only 10% of Site C's land footprint has been cleared....if we used BC Hydro's remediation cost ratio...if 100% of the land was cleared...? would land remediation cost $20 billion?

Data submitted to the BCUC by BC Hydro is not accurate...there was deliberate effort to escalate the "sunk" costs upwards...

John Horgan could have pursued RFP proposals for site remediation...Horgan could have given the BCUC a different set of numbers....The BCUC review was set up to get us to the result we got today...suspending the project was ruled out of the question...BCUC was not allowed to consider the cheapest ways to generate lots of firm in natural gas....Even with the BCUC review set up to fail...their report was still damning, so damning in fact that the big money proponents and lobbyists of Site C challenged the somber BCUC numbers in our MSM...they held pressers and met with John Horgan...they presented alternative numbers weeks before today's decision...yet they didn't present a case to the BCUC at the outset...their attack on the BCUC was through stealth, and it was late in the game...

Site C was never going to be cancelled, I know that now....

John Horgan is completing Site for the same reason Christy Clark started Site C...To lure big LNG to British electricity,..$14 billion Site C carrot power for natural gas frackers...

The same kool-aid.....Horgan is heading off to China in the New Year...number 1 on his agenda.."make a deal with China to buy LNG from British Columbia" 

BC LNG is already uneconomical, we are greenfield, no infrastructure in place....For those that say...Supplying power for a nascent LNG industry is a good thing..

They won't pay, if LNG producers, and or LNG exporters added the cost of Site C power to the cost of their end product(LNG) ...once again, it would make THOSE OPERATIONS EVEN MORE UNECONOMICAL!

Should BC Hydro ratepayers be held hostage by natural gas/lng industry..our rates skyrocket so LNG Canada can get free or almost free electricity?..450,000 houses worth of electricity...Site C power is for a specific industry, oil n gas industry...

and it will be the little guys and gals who'll pay through the nose.. 

Did you read this....


The now $9-billion dam is part of BC Hydro’s Peace Region Electricity Supply project in the South Peace, needed to meet demands from natural gas exploration and development in the region, Bumstead said he told Horgan.
“That’s an important project. If Site C doesn’t proceed, then that project gets redesigned ... and moves supply of power into the region back another few years,” Bumstead said.
“It’s significant to the development of the sector.”

That's right folks...John Horgan has drank the LNG Kool-Aid..The head of LNG Canada....Andy Calitz, ...He has asked John Horgan to lower BC's LNG taxation framework...Calitz wants all three levels of Governments to lower taxes...and Andy Calitz wants Canada to remove dumping duties it has imposed on South Korea, China and Spain...

Why does Andy Claitz want dumping duties removed? Because, just as Petronas told us...Their proposed Lelu Island LNG plant, an $11 billion dollar build cost...(More on dumping duties in below link)
Of that $11 billion, $8 billion would be spent overseas...mainframes manufactured in South Korea, barged to BC and other words..LNG investment in BC is actually investing in South Korea..

Here is Andy Calitz..
The biggest hurdle for the project may be the question of tax competitiveness. The new NDP government plans to raise B.C.’s carbon tax from $30 per tonne to $35 per tonne, starting in the spring.
Calitz made it clear that it’s not carbon taxes per se that are the big concern. Rather, it’s the full suite of taxes, from the municipal to federal level, that need to be considered.
“There should be a tax on carbon,” Calitz said. “It’s not the first increment of $5 per tonne that scares me, but somehow we need an indication from the government as to where that will go.
“We need the government of British Columbia specifically, but also the federal government, to take a last look at the fiscal tax competitiveness of Canada for an LNG project.
“This is an important but also a sensitive matter. We do not seek any form of subsidy at all. We pay our full tax burden. One of the conditions of the new government is that there should be a fair return and benefit for British Columbians. We will do that. We need them to look at the full complexity of federal, provincial, local and other taxes that we pay to say, ‘Does this still make sense? Is this still competitive?'”
One of the biggest criticisms from the industry’s standpoint of the former Liberal government’s tax and royalty regime for LNG was a special LNG tax, which companies in regions like the U.S. and Australia do not pay.
Asked if that LNG tax was something LNG Canada needs addressed, Calitz indicated it was."


Andy Calitz specifically stated that he wanted British Columbia to adopt Australia's LNG taxation model...

Houston, we have a problem...Australia isn't making any money on LNG, big LNG companies have offshored profits and created tax shelters everywhere...Don't believe me, believe this..

  With US$197 billion in market capitalisation, Chevron is the world’s third largest and most profitable Oil & Gas Company – yet, Chevron has:
  • stashed over US$35 billion in un-taxed revenues in off-shore accounts
  • at least 600 shell companies -and likely hundreds more- registered in Bermuda and Delaware
  • set up a new tax scheme, currently being audited, to reduce its tax bill by AUD$35 billion or more
  • amassed credits to avoid royalty payments on the Gorgon project, the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, for the first 8 years of operation or longer
  • had operating revenue in Australia every year since 2011 of over AUD$2.5 billion, but managed to receive over AUD$30 million in tax refunds
Additionally, Chevron’s own annual report reveals that tax filings have not been approved by the United States government since 2008; in Nigeria since 2000; Angola since 2001; Saudi Arabia since 2012 and Kazakhstan since 2007. Chevron is unable to estimate the tax it may be required to pay given the ongoing examinations by tax authorities in countries around the world.


That is what CEO of LNG Canada wants....Andy Claitz wants the Australian LNG taxation model...Who wouldn't....!

Let me be perfectly clear....If Site C power is going to be consumed electrifying BC's gas fields, in order to launch an LNG industry...then let big LNG pay for Site C...Move all Site C costs from BC Hydro books and transfer that debt to the province...

So there you have it...John Horgan believes he can land an LNG project in BC..all he has to do is offer free electricity...

$12 billion...$14 billion...ratepayers shock..Shock the monkies....John Horgan is heading to China on a LNG trade mission in the early new year...LNG is what Horgan's selling..

Yet...the LNG glut is now expected to go out to 2030....John Horgan is chasing gloden unicorns..

China won't buy BC LNG..they'll take it if its dirt cheap....There's a growing LNG glut...only those who can go real low will secure any Chinese buyers...Which means there is no provincial profit to be had..
More LNG glut...This, a brand new up and running for 5 days Russian LNG plant..

Horgan is racing to the bottom, begging for LNG.....Now, as for Site C...

Total Sunk costs on Site C...all in, including remediation...$2.2 billion dollars...not $4 billion dollars...

John Horgan is hoping his Hail Mary LNG pass is caught...

Site C......It's not about powering up's about a gift to LNG exporters....

Well Premier John Horgan....

LNG isn't coming to BC....and besides that free Site C power...Andy Calitz wants you to tear-up that BC Liberal LNG taxation framework...remember that LNG taxation model John...Your entire party voted against it...all you NDPers, and many others called that LNG taxation framework...

"A generational sellout" is a BC Liberal describing BC's LNG taxation model...a taxation model that IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR LNG CANADA CEO ANDY CALITZ..


Martyn Brown: Our children will pay for B.C.’s Petronas LNG precedent

Well, that didn’t take long.
With minimal legislative resistance, the Christy Clark government’s Liquefied Natural Gas Project Agreements Act is now law.
As in Faust, the deal has been done. Only, in the government’s bizarre twist on that legend, the ones who sold their soul pretty much did so without demanding anything at all in return.
Plus, the term of this particular covenant runs for one year longer than Faust’s 24-year pact with Mephistopheles. Which would only be a “win” if the term of that contract had deferred our date with destiny.
Clark’s deal doesn’t even do that. It rather defines our time in purgatory: 25 years, to begin immediately, after each new LNG project is confirmed.
We will all have to pay the big oil companies subsidies for their pollution.
We will be obliged to guarantee them tax credits that are probably too rich and unnecessary.
We will be bound to give them tax rates and tax avoidance measures to which no else is entitled, locked-in for 25 years.
And as a “capper”, we will be forced to absolve them of any higher specific costs that they impose on our environment in intensifying the challenges of climate change.
If that’s our idea of unbridled “worldly pleasure” in a Faustian sense, we really do deserve to be eternally damned for our stupidity.
For a deal that is mostly motivated by corporate greed and the promise of untold wealth for all, the government seems awfully content to rely on Big Oil’s word that the benefits it seeks will flow as it envisions.
“Trust us,” the companies said, “you are going to love the cash we create for your government coffers and the jobs we will create for your families.”
That was good enough for the Clark government, which was far too quick to sign its own name in blood to give Big Oil its insisted dues.
The government dared not demand any hard benefits in return, too scared that their imagined benefactors might lose their patience and walk away. Given what has transpired, I wish they had......(read more at link below)


So...Site C is an LNG carrot....and considering Site won't be complete until 2025/2026....Andy Calitz has plenty of time to beat Horgan down and get his coveted Australian taxation model..

Nothing ever really is what it seems..nothing is real and all politicians lie....

John Horgan believes his savior from Site C boondoggle is landing a big LNG project....

With Australia's taxation model.....the only ones who'll be needing saving will be the taxpayers of British Columbia ....

The LNG curse continues

One more thing....Justin Trudeau has tag-teamed with John Horgan in that LNG push...

Justin Trudeau, a fake, a liar, a conman......Paris Accord and pipelines, tarsand expansion, lng expansion....According to Justin Trudeau, our commitment to the Paris accord and fighting climate change involves more Canadian fossil fuels being exported to markets overseas......oh, and as for Kinder Morgan....John Horgan isn't fighting that anymore either....He's made a deal with Trudeau in exchange for fast-tracked wildfire relief money, in fact Horgan has more than one deal cooking with Trudeau...Horgan and Trudeau are attempting to leverage Kinder Morgan bitumen exports to China with LNG from B.C,,,Kinder Morgan is now a go under Horgan...Sorry folks, that's my source, ..look at Trudeau's record on China...he fast tracked that shady Anbang deal...he approved Petronas LNG on the Skeena river estuary (of all the places not to build a plant), he approved Kinder Morgan, which everyone knows the NEB review had a predetermined outcome...Trudeau attended multiple pay to play parties with Chinese influence(rs)....Trudeau is determined to link Bitumen exports to China.... and no, an impending federal carbon tax and a emissions cap for Alberta tarsands, an emissions cap which industry won't reach for over a decade....and when that cap is eventually met...a stroke of a pen and it's Justin Trudeau, no John Horgan...Those federal measures are not social license to ram a pipeline trough, or permit a LNG plant on a salmon nursery...Sheesh

Here is Justin Trudeau in his pursuit of LNG from B.C. to China

December 4th/2017....from the Trudeau Federal Government..

  1. "will be chaired by Natural Resources Canada and the National Energy Administration of China. It will provide a forum to facilitate clean energy solutions, including the transition from fossil energy to cleaner fuels, such as nuclear, renewables and natural gas. Canada and China will seek ways to expand our energy trade (including liquefied natural gas), as well as accelerate commercial progress in our nuclear energy sector, including through the joint development of the Advanced Fuel CANDU Reactor in China and third country markets, and the expanded trade of uranium. The Memorandum of Understanding in the Field of Energy, which Natural Resources Canada and the National Energy Administration of China renewed in June 2017, as well as the Canada-China Track II Energy Dialogue will also be key platforms to advance trade and investment opportunities."


Double trouble coming BCers....Horgan believes he has a political-out on Kinder Morgan.... when construction starts...(talking points are already in place)..Horgan will publicly stomp his feet but behind the scenes he will do nothing that will hinder the project...Horgan's fallback position is, and I quote  {Kinder Morgan is federal jurisdiction, we tried to stop it but ultimately is was the BC Liberals fault for not rejecting it provincial hands are tied}........Horgan could have halted C...he had all the for Kinder Morgan?

Imagine that...and no my friends...The date is not April 1st....The date is...

Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss...!

(P.S.....Thanks to the NDP insider who leaked me parts of Horgan's game-plan...albeit a little late, it made connecting the Federal/Provincial dots a little easier)

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, December 8, 2017

Open Letter to John Horgan,,,CCd to Carole James......Cancelling Site C is a Moral Issue

Ccjohn.horgan.mla, Carole.James.mla
Hello John Horgan....hello to you too Carole James.....If I can sum up here...

Site C.....The chances of you stopping Kinder Morgan are slim to none...

The people of Burnaby themselves may stop it, but the odds are, a federal project, federal jurisdiction, not likely you can stop it Horgan....

That leaves Site C, you can stop that project...

Times are different today, the mainstream media doesn't hold sway anymore, just look at a few of Canada's most recent elections.

PostMedia and all their major Canadian newspapers...from coast to coast they fell in line with their PostMedia corporate bosses demands and endorsed Stephen Harper...

Stephen Harper lost badly.

Alberta's 2015 election...

Alberta's MSM papers endorsed the Alberta's PC Conservative Party...

Here in British Columbia our Conservative Party is named The BC Liberal Party, but we know, you know, most know they are Conservatives(actually, I would call them crony-capitalist corporate controlled conservative party).... In our 2017 British Columbia provincial election once again...PostMedia..Vancouver Sun, the Province, Michael Smyth, Vaughn Palmer, their editorial boards all endorsed Christy Clark and her Conservative(BC Liberal Party)..

As you can see, our Canadian mainstream media has been on the wrong side of history on many occasions, and not just on which political party should win elections but on issues too...Enbridge Northern Gateway, pumped up by Vancouver Sun..LNG cheerleaders at Postmedia too, selling the golden unicorn LNG dream in 2013 and they are still selling LNG snake oil today... only bloggers called BC's LNG industry's future right(as in The Straight Goods nailed it)...PostMedia failed badly on the LNG file(rank amateurs)

Vaughn Palmer tweeted today that "those who threaten to leave political parties over a contentious issue seldom do".....

I will once again refer to Vancouver Sun's recent track record of failure..highlighted above..

Vaughn, Keith Baldrey..Michael Smyth, they live in the past, they can't escape the echo chamber of their own making...Joe Public doesn't believe the mainstream media anymore, people, the computer savvy people source information everywhere...even pollsters, so wrong, so often because they too were slow to adapt to the new reality...calling the few, not connecting with the many..

Mr. Horgan....

The mainstream media are attempting to kowtow you into making a bad economical decision...they are also kowtowing you into making an immoral decision, and perhaps John they've(MSM) suggested that if you go forward on Site C it will result in a fairer treatment in the press..

It won't, you John will never get favourable press from PostMedia, certainly not at crunch time, as in an election writ period....The Vancouver Sun and Postmedia will pressure you to go forward on every contentious project, whether it be Kinder Morgan, LNG, a revamped Enbridge northern gateway and a WestCoast refinery...

MSM will pillory and pressure you John Horgan to approve every industrial/energy proposal, no matter how contentious.....and even if you Horgan decided to approve everything, every industrial project, come election time the MSM, the Vaughn Palmers will still pump up and endorse the BC Liberals....

That my friend is fact..

So, Vaughn Palmer's assertion that those who voted NDP in 2017 who now threaten to leave the party or not vote for the party is unlikely.., that Vaughn Palmer statement is wrong,..

Social Media today is stronger, and getting stronger everyday...myself, i've never held a political party card, never been a member of any political party...and I've voted Conservative, Liberal and NDP...and I can vote Green Party...

I won't vote NDP again if Site C is approved, and it's not a threat, it's a reality...I'll vote Green, independent or stay home..

I think most 2017 NDP voters think like me...for 16 years we witnessed the BC Liberals tear-down and take...BC Rail gone, no consequences for the criminals, including those elected...BC hydro driven into the ground, ferry rates through the roof, Hydro rates skyrocketing, pipelines approved, money laundering, ICBC looted....

With all that and so much more, including the crimes legislated against schools, children in care, our environment, the poor..

Even with all those BC Liberal crimes you Mr. Horgan barely squeaked out a minority government...

It's the progressive voters that inked a ballot for the NDP.

So, with Kinder Morgan probably going forward as it is federal jurisdiction, with most of your election platform not fulfilled, renters grant is dead...$10 dollar daycare is going nowhere fast, that will be so scaled back..housing crisis, you have no tools available to make housing in lower mainland affordable....

And we don't, or should I say, ....I don't blame you for these current problems..

I'm one of the disgruntled that endured 16 years of wrong government decisions.....

In 2017 I voted for a government that was going to make the right decisions....not for a government to hammer in the coffin nails the previous administration left sticking out of our provincial coffin.

The reason why what Vaughn Palmer says isn't true....if Site C is green-lighted by you John Horgan.....

Means I can no longer trust any political party to stand up for the people...i'll move my vote again, this time to the Green Party or independent or abstain...

The progressive voters need a Site C win, .....Social media today, that's where the power lays.

Lastly....Site C, if approved...come election 2021 Site C will still be 4.. 5.. 6... years away from completion, all the cost overruns, geological and structural problems will be on full display, the ballooning cost overruns, the media and BC Liberals will blame your 2017 Site C waffling, this I know to be true, because even today, BC Liberals and our MSM have stated "Site C was on time and on budget until John Horgan took power"..

You campaigned against Site C...your MLAs campaigned against Site C...there are pictures circulating of you Horgan holding signs opposing Site c.

Site C cancellation is, for me, and for most who voted for you a moral issue....and if the NDP can't be a party of morals, including making moral decisions..

 (remember that picture John?)

And this one....

I'll look for answers elsewhere..

(P.S. if Site C is approved, The Straight Goods is going silent, I have nothing else to offer, .........Thanks everyone for all the years of contributions)

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Site C...Two hours with Norm Farrell and Canadian Glen....A look down into the rabbit hole..

(updated here, December 8th/2017)...Come election 2021, Site C will still be 5 to 6 years away from completion, or longer, cost overruns on Site C will drip out month in, month out...election 2021..all Site C cost overruns will be blamed on John Horgan's 2017 waffling...Election meme 2021 will be...why did Horgan not do the economically right thing for ratepayers.....As a political hawk...John Horgan has zero chance in 2021 if he approves Site C...many progressive voters, myself included will not vote they will have proven themselves to be merely BC Liberal clones...

First term governments, do the tough thing early in your mandate....the tough thing to do, actually, the easy thing to do is cancel Site C...

It's my belief that the want of power, the want of a second term as premier will trump all....and Site C will be cancelled...

Lastly.....I think Doug Routley would make a good new BC NDP leader....for if i'm wrong..John Horgan will be un-electable in 2021...NDPs 2017 platform..

$400 dollar renters grant promise...gone....$10 dollar utter disaster on all ability to stop Kinder Morgan as it is a federal jurisdiction problem...unafforadable housing crisis will not be resolved...ICBC rates will rise..BC hydro rates will rise with or without Site other words...The only election promise Horgan will have kept is toll elimination...Now that's funny in a way...For that Toll Elimination election winning idea came not from John Horgan and the NDP Party but from me...Grant G and The Straight Goods..The proof is here..

Update ended here.....


Below is Canadian Glen's Showpage....Grab some popcorn and twizzlers and something bubbly to drink(or coffee)....two hours on Site C...The bad, and the ugly....There is no "good" to be found..

Do Canada's Dam Disasters Come In 3's? Muskrat Falls, Keeyask...Site C?


Many things come in 3's. The 3 Musketeers. The 3 Stooges. 3 Blind Mice. 3 Ring Circus. Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil.
Are the 3 disaster dams for Canada:
  • Muskrat Falls - Labrador's money-pit will finish at close to 100% overbudget, years behind schedule and will multiply by 5 the monthly bill of every NALCOR customer for who knows how long, maybe forever
  • Keeyask - Hydro Manitoba went "too big to fail" but ratepayers can cover what has years to go and has risen 40% in cost with less than 20% done
  • Site C - BC Hydro's boondoggle may likely cost more than $12 billion if completed, costing ratepayers for at least 70 years for who knows the total
Muskrat Falls nears completion as a Commission of Inquiry seeks why they got a white elephant at double the cost before generating a watt. Keeyask may be the most remote of the 3 and is a long way from generating power as its budget skyrockets at this early stage. Another 100% overrun is possible.
Many things make Site C different. The Clean Energy Act 2010 for one. There are openings for Horgan to reverse-Clark on BC Hydro. The much bigger economy of BC. But what is clear is Site C output would have no market now or the foreseeable future.
Norm Farrell of and Grant G of join us to look at all 3, the similarities in risks and the big differences on Site C.


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