Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Mystery Of Christy Clark`s Shrinking Prosperity Fund Exposed

An interesting article appeared in the Vancouver Sun today, the article describes how the BC Liberal Government has been making wee, tiny insulting cash offers to First Nation elders, what you are seeing the BC Liberals do is attempt to make end run around(s) , a sad attempt to avoid the latest Supreme Court ruling on First Nation land claims...

These bribes coming from Christy dumb as a sack of hammers Clark come with a caveat, First Nations must agree to look the other way, not go to court, be submissive, bend over and take it up their ass!...

BC`s LNG industry is not an industry at all, it`s a corporate welfare scam, British Columbia`s government made more money from wheelchair fees on seniors than they did on LNG or natural gas...

Before I get to the GOTCHA quote in the Vancouver Stun article let me remind you of what Christy Clark promised British Columbians the last 2 years and through to and during our BC election...

Quotes from  Christy Clark..

"A once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance to eliminate our BC debt, remove road and bridge tolls, pay for new schools and new hospitals, monies for northern communities impacted by this new flourishing industry, monies and ongoing revenues for First Nations, ......

provincial debt retired, elimination of our provincial sales tax just like Alberta and a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund for future generations"

Almost 2 years later, no final investment decisions from any LNG company, big energies companies have told Rich Coleman and Christy Clark that any LNG tax regime is a non-starter, told the BC Liberals to stick taxation up their fat ass!..Jack Mintx told Christy Clark the same thing...Natural gas royalties the province receives have fallen so low, they now make up a whopping ...

0.05 % of our $40 billion dollar annual budget...

Read the below paragraph from the article, remember that $100 billion dollar prosperity fund?..Before any company has made a final investment decision, before any NG pipelines are built, before British Columbia has made one demand for natural gas royalties, or water, or anything that vaunted prosperity fund has been clipped, no longer is $100 billion quoted, now the fund is advertised to bring in a mere $30 billion over 40 years.../.The fund has been slashed by over 70% before even one shovel goes in the ground..!


"A $12-million provincial offer to Gitxsan chiefs to clear the way for gas pipeline development is inadequate and ill-timed, community leaders say.
The offer is part of the B.C. government’s efforts to reach agreements with at least 30 First Nations in northern B.C. to allow billions of dollars of liquefied natural gas plants to go ahead. Premier Christy Clark has made developing LNG to export to Asia as the underpinning of her economic plan, promising five plants to create thousands of jobs and fuel a $30-billion prosperity fund."



You Christy Clark are a sick joke, an uneducated bimbo who can`t speak, talk, think, what can you do Christy Clark besides wiggle your butt, flaunt cleavage and saunter off to the nearest oyster bar..

As reported here many times, day by day our complicit media with reduce the amount of LNG jobs we can expect, will reduce the size of the prosperity fund, reduce everything to the point here dollars turn to fairy dust.....Gordon Hoehstra in his article doesn`t even bat an eye when he cites the reduction of the mythical prosperity fund by 70%...

Oh do tell Mr. Hoekstra,..oh ya, you never once hear of Christy Clark`s  $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, you only heard about Christy Clark`s....

$1 billion dollar prosperity fund....oops, sorry Mr Hoekstra I just copied your next LNG headline.....

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Reflections From The Echo Chamber

Written by Grant G

Motionless, not a breath of air, heat fear and anticipation of anything tangible, stoic posturing is the only order of the day...

I haven`t written much lately, for a reason, the story(s), the stories have been written, federally Stephen Harper`s gang of ugly gnome like lawn ornaments have become tiresome, nauseating in fact, a one refrain repeating automatron buoy that never stops, one message, one theme,..

Justin Trudeau bad, pot smoking unqualified trust fund baby with no depth, ........

Thomas Mulcair is an angry socialist hell-bent on spending AAAAALLLLL the people`s money...

I DON`T LIKE STEPHEN  HARPER,,,,,,,,That`s where the people are at, I talked to a myriad of people over the last month, people who one(me) would think are naturally rightwing leaning, as in conservative, folks such as suppliers, builders, shovel digging, road repairing, shingling, nailbangers and the like, the answer to the question of do you like Stephen Harper is....

I DON`T  LIKE STEPHEN HARPER, ....Harperites calling Justin Trudeau names won`t work, issues like abortion, church, toughness, smarts, experience, confidence,  you and 72% of all Canadians could care less if Justin Trudeau lacks in any of those areas and or muffs talking points, when the public has decided, with cause mind you that they don`t like Stephen Harper, it`s more than that, a visceral dislike, a deep despising of anything Harper-like....For Mr. Stephen Harper..it`s over, ....Say Hello to prime minister Justin Trudeau and yes, ......Thomas Mulcair is far more ready to lead than is Trudeau the younger but being ready or qualified means less than nothing in the 21st century, and who could argue, leaders don`t fall on their swords, days of honor lost, judgement through punditry and spin taint historic records, at least for a generation, George W Bush was re-elected and his portrait hangs in the Whitehouse, Dick Cheney single handed has turned the rupturing of Iraq into a Little Red Ridinghood bedtime tale, happy ending included..

The world`s biggest banks and investment houses along with Wallstreet`s finest engaged in a galactic theft of $30 trillion dollars and in this new norm, the regimes of distortion, a media truth vacuum, we now live in a time when historic record keeping is by written invitation, entry to a club, record keeping and the truth are now in the domain of those occupying headlines, lawbreakers, foxes guarding chickens if you like, those now responsible for setting the record straight are controlled, bought and or complicit and my only hope is one day, perhaps in 40 years the archives will show, record and document the fact that George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and many others are war criminals and Fox News and their contributors are collaborators, ah.....How long can a lie live on, Wallstreet`s theft is now regarded as....2007 economic downturn...or Economic slowdown....Recession ....

What is the truth today, corporate advertising dollars and political contributions...

I don`t like Stephen Harper and why a pissed off Canadian public have gravitated toward Justin Trudeau and not Thomas Mulcair is hard to explain but easy to understand, oil and vinegar, black or white, ranch dressing and the colour purple, or in this case the colour orange, trendy or different is tossed out in times of need, Canadians of all stripes feel the need, needs of the many mentality, Canadians at this point in time... they can`t stand to hear, see or think of Stephen Harper in any capacity, in Justin Trudeau they see only a dragon slayer, skill, ability, political savvy be damned the public have embraced Justin Trudeau for one reason, ....To beat Harper and the cons into submission, nothing else matters, sense, reason or rationale can`t explain what`s happening, the only terms I can think of to describe our federal political scene as it relates to the Canadian public is....Herd mentality, silent signals, survival of the herd above all else, Stephen Harper scared Canada, what will he take away from Canada next, who will be betrayed next, veterans weren`t even safe, hell have no fury like a herd fighting for access to grass and water, ....Justin Trudeau is the leader, leader of the herd, leader of freedom, of choice, of smoke, of majority, inept, unqualified, over his head......funny, sounds like Justin Trudeau has all the qualifications of our next prime minister........I don`t like Stephen Harper..

Hot Summer and she is going to burn, August, September n October, forest floor is dry with ammo, searing heat, sweltering pressure on a now defunct/extinct LNG industry, dead, caput, a 2 year long golden ring election gambit, the gold ring no one ever reaches, Japan has okayed the restart of 2 nuclear power plants, with 2 restarts can 10 more be very far behind....China/Russia gas deal...Australia, now carbon tax(less)...Australia with the ability, and within 3 years the capacity to flood the Pacific basin with LNG.....A report from of all places, The University of Calgary recently released a thorough report that stated, suggested that British Columbia missed the opportunity to be an LNG exporter...oh, they, UoA  also reported that " the industry", that being the LNG industry will not accept any form of taxation outside of low-priced royalties at the wellhead...

The report by the U o A is/was actually, now don`t take this the wrong way, it appears that UoA spent a week reading The Straight Good`s archives on LNG...nothing new for our readers...a report, another report was finally released, Kitimat`s airshed (according to a BC Liberal government commissioned study)can handle 4 LNG plants, a smelter and a heavy oil refinery, the only drawback is a severe survival risk for local human habitants, I wonder if temporary workers fall into that category, ah, but I digress..

Nothing has changed, legal aid for the poor has no money, hospitals are underfunded, overcrowding, BC Liberals are still fighting with teachers, cost of living in British Columbia has become a resident killer, only those with vast wealth need come here, our province is sick, out of whack, stuck, mired in the same corporate media driven historic record keeping conundrum, the place where truth is bent, omitted, deleted, contorted, stretched to lengths that would make professor Reed blush(Fantastic 4)..

Our BC budget hasn`t been balanced in years, selling near $1 billion in assets isn`t speculation or a one-off, it`s a deficit, with BC Ferry debt rising faster than ever, BC Hydro adding another $6 billion to their deferred debt, not counting the Site C proposal.. British Columbia`s own special tax the MSP up, electrical rates up, user fees up, British Columbia is locked in, frozen in perpetual debt with corporate vultures like PETRONAS, EnCana, BG, Shell and Chevron all telling us, telling Christy Clark and the BC Liberals that any taxation equals building nothing, either accept nothing, make nothing and provide incentives or nothing will be built..That is the extent of Christy Clark`s and Rich Coleman`s LNG plan....

Kitimat and Andrew Weaver can relax too, that airshed is safe, there won`t be 4 LNG plants exhaling pollution 24/7, no refinery, no Enbridge either...There might be 1 LNG plant....That is if Christy cluck cluck Clark and Rich hot-gas Coleman give away the farm, the water and capital build write offs, ...

$67 billion dollars, that`s our BC debt, not counting the Port Mann bridge debt, not counting the Massey bridge debt, BC Ferry debt, BC Hydro debt, IPP contractual debt, P3 debt, not counting anything..Yet I hear on CKNW...on Global that Christy Clark and the BC Liberals were elected with a mandate to balance the budget, ???....Great money managers?...Selling assets, deferring debt, hiding debt, avoiding recording contractual debt, every fee, electric bills, gas bills, ferry fares, carbon tax(corporate tax relief borne off Joe Average`s back)...

A mandate to balance the budge, mission accomplished according to the keepers of the media truth, recorded by corporate media pundits on Global BC, Keith Baldrey, recorded by corporate Vaughn Palmer, recorded by Bill Good and Sean Leslie....Recorded in the hallowed halls of today`s truth library, the BC Liberals balanced the budget they were mandated to do...All while adding $20 billion dollars over the last 3 years to out provincial debt...

That`s why I haven`t had much to say lately, it`s already been said..

Or as Gordon Campbell, Wally Oppal, Christy Clark would say, or not say..

"No Comment, it`s before the court"

As for the truth regarding recorded history.....

Those inputs are pending...



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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cedar on Cedar


More to come folks...

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Devolution. Evolution. Revolution. The Future Is Now.

Devolution. Evolution. Revolution. The Future Is Now.


written by  Robin Mathews     July 2014



This week, this month, maybe this year, the economist of choice is Thomas Piketty, professor at the Paris School of Economics.  Very briefly, Piketty points to present developments in capitalism. Unchecked capitalism (as it exists increasingly in the present devastation of democracies and the empowerment of private corporations) leads by its very nature to unequal concentrations of wealth.  No surprise.  Put another way, when the rate of return on investment exceeds the rate of economic growth (a fundamental purpose of capitalism), the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer. Uncontrolled capitalism creates returns on investment that drain wealth from the larger population and concentrate it more and more in the hands of a hereditary financial elite.

 While Piketty’s research is interesting to fellow economists, we can’t be sure how widely the interest is shared – or even the direct relevance of the findings.  A part of the power of the work is its return to basics and its refusal to mythologize greed. Those starving in off-shore industrial slums, and those looking desperately for a living wage in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan – not to mention the 18 million in the United Kingdom unable to afford adequate shelter (to name only a few instances) – know there is a rough capitalist boot is in their faces. Piketty’s work doesn’t change that, and until political forces appear that can challenge the boot wearers, not much will change.

 His book has landed with an explosion of interest – a sign the degeneracy of contemporary society has gone so far that a call for justice and a measure of equality is radical and almost shocking! Pointing to “Victorian” inequalities growing in our societies, Thomas Piketty has a name that might, itself, have been lifted from a Charles Dickens novel.

 So far, there is no political force in the Western world challenging what is, in fact, an old, old process of greed in power.  The force of the work of Piketty and those who assisted him is that they have managed, at least, to put the question of growing inequality forward as a distinct evil, not as the natural intention of human activity – and they have suggested a number of actions within capitalism that can ameliorate the greater human lot.

 That is merely to say that Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century may not be as important nor as central to real issues as the first Capital published in 1867 ... which never goes out of fashion and is enjoying a quiet resurgence and reexamination in our time. Classics stay “classic” because they don’t lose the relevance they had when they first appeared.

Piketty is morally on the right side.  He wants Progressive Taxation, taxes on extreme wealth, governments with reasonable power and real responsibility to the electorate - wielding humane policies.  He has watched the intensification of private wealth, its move towards – in a few words – naked fascism, and he is arguing against all that evil. Piketty sees Devolution in action and argues for social Evolution. The author of the first Capital might still call for the dictatorship of the proletariat by whatever means necessary – by active and sudden change, sometimes called Revolution.  All the possibilities are present and uncertain.  The future is Now because an intense and brutal conflict is at work ... shaping and shaping what is, and what is to be.

 Paul Krugman, U.S. economics guru writing for the New York Review of Books, says Piketty has created “a revolution in our understanding of long-term trends of inequality”.  Except … except a lot of nobody commentators and non-famous commentators have been shouting that long-term inequality has very visible characteristics … re-appearing now … and becoming a key factor in the lives of the present generation. To them, Piketty’s work might be useful and another log thrown on the fire and – perhaps – attractive because it has Establishment blessing.

 The signs that his work is just another log thrown on the fire go very deep.  The European Union is in a state of self-destruction as a meaningful community.  Robert Savio (May 28, 2014) of Inter Press Service observes that the values of social justice, participation, and accountability are gone from the European Union.  As well, writes Savio, “Eurocrats have appeared more and more unaccountable and isolated, in a maze of bureaucratic values”.  He might have gone on to say that Eurocrats are increasingly clubby, over-paid, and loyal to private corporations.

On June 19, RT quoted a study carried out by the University of Bristol revealing that poverty in the United Kingdom has doubled in the last 30 years.  “Almost 18 million people are unable to afford adequate housing”.  The poor are suffering deeper poverty and the gap between the rich and poor is growing says the University of Bristol study.

 On Vancouver Island Derek Skinner writes an article called “The Dragon with Five Heads”.  He shapes ways to confront the purposeful, growing inequality of our time.  Early on, he states (in capital letters) that IN THE LAST 50 YEARS WE HAVE CREATED A CLASS OF MONIED ‘ELITES’ WHO CAN BUY AND SELL POLITICAL PARTIES AND GOVERNMENTS AND MANIPULATE MONEY MARKETS TO SUIT THEIR OWN INTERESTS AND AGENDAS.  Skinner looks at the large picture from a province (British Columbia) that mirrors everything in the larger world of ‘devolution’.

 In the last fifteen years the people-owned BC Gas was folded and sold to foreign private interests at on-going cost to British Columbians.  The people-owned BC Rail was strangled and corruptly passed to foreign private interests.  B.C. Ferries was removed from public oversight in a bastard privatization to become a source of fake accounting and in-group advantage – and devastating loss to coastal and island people.

 People-owned BC Hydro has been semi-privatized to offshore ownership, and buried in barbaric accounting methods that the Auditor General of B.C. has refused to pass on for TEN YEARS!

 All those ‘transactions’ deserve deep criminal investigation.  But the RCMP, apparently, can find no way in.  Alleged to have been grossly inadequate in the BC Rail Scandal investigations, the RCMP has been granted a twenty-year contract to police B.C. – some believe as a payoff for corrupt co-operation with the Gordon Campbell/Christie Clark cabinets.

The courts of British Columbia are regularly and purposefully starved of funds – to keep, some say, their operation limited to the needs of corporate growth and operation.  On-going court procedure costs for average British Columbians are prohibitive.  In British Columbia that is called “equality before the law” and “justice in a free and democratic society”.

 What I am saying in those statements is that capitalism unchecked doesn’t only lead to an unequal concentration of wealth.  It leads to the brutalization of all social values, to the perversion of almost all positions of trust in society, to fraud and bribery as the currencies of economic interaction and political behavior. So-called public contracting becomes a giant pigs’ trough in which the illegitimately powerful swill.

 On the less visible but even more threatening side, several reports on new, so-called Trade Treaties – The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Europe North American “trade” negotiations - point out they are being carried out in almost complete secrecy to keep general populations from knowing how totally the people are being betrayed by their governments.

 Negotiations for TISA, the Trade in Services Agreement Financial Services Annex is, it is alleged, pushing for privatization of all public services.  The secrecy of those negotiations is alleged to be even greater than the backroom silence of the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks. Those huge ‘international negotiations’ are, in fact, gatherings of capitalist club members using the governments they own to manipulate – even farther – the unequal concentration of global wealth.

 Piketty arrives on the scene with academic knowledge of some use if there happens to be anyone with power who wants to see change in the present growth of inequality.  But there appears to be no significant power that really wants change for the better.  Only a growing portion of the human population wants change for the better … and it is presently shut out ... even from the programming of so-called “Opposition parties”.

 Could there exist a more obvious collision course in process?  That’s why the title of this column is “Devolution, Evolution. Revolution.  The Future Is Now.”

 For biologists, “devolution” means “degeneration” and “reversed evolution”.  The biologists say those things occur, just as evolution and generation occur.  Some observers look a long, long way back to observe the process of human biology, not – with Thomas Piketty – looking back only a scant three or four centuries.  In one way or another concentrating wealth has always been about concentrating power – long before the word ‘capitalism’ was invented.

 The images from history and what we can know of pre-history are pretty clear.  Pharaohs, Emperors, High Priests, and other such tyrants only found in archeological remnants, amassed wealth, gave themselves divine connections, bought supporters, and walked on the faces of the powerless … for as long as they could make their systems work.

 Sometimes, it seems, there was benevolence, storing of crops, building of granaries, holding of public holidays, even provision for care of the aged.  We believe those systems arose because of the potential power of the people.  To hold off revolution, rapid change, new beginnings that would empower the general population, a sense of sharing community was developed and honoured.

 But greed, ambition, brutality, fear, and a desire to be exclusionary drive much of human action biologically.  It is no accident that the Stock Markets of the world – called major engines of modern society – are said to be driven by “greed and fear”. Many of those who use the Stock Markets are driven by greed, by fear of “the other”, and by a desire for wealth they can never use. They frequently despise governments that seek to protect the vulnerable, and they seek the protection of exclusive clubs and societies.  They make heroes of such people as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet who - using a system constructed to create inequality -store mountains of wealth while millions around them starve.

 A society that places no inhibition on greed and ambition soon reveals the presence in power of psychopaths and sociopaths.  The true biological degenerates assume social power and reverse (in the modern way of thinking) evolution. In many epochs, eras, civilizations, our present concepts of evolution didn’t exist.  The intention of power in society was to keep things constant, fixed, stable, unchanging so that the powerful would not be challenged.  And so a class system had to be fixed, had to be seen as natural and perpetual – in order to prevent ideas of change … of revolution … from appearing.

 Today we say we are not in a fixed social pattern.  Today we expect technological change, movement in the social order, the equality of women, the equality of people with every sort of sexual orientation, the equality of all races and colours.

 We say that is what our society means – and conditions will change and shift before our eyes.  But that vision is only half – or much less than half – true. For a gigantically powerful core group of the wealthy, using most governments of the day are – as this column is being written – moving heaven and earth, legions of lawyers, mountains of mercenary fighters, armies of bribed taste-makers and indoctrinators – called The Mainstream Press and Media – to guarantee the devolution, the degeneration of present society – to move it to a condition in which the tyrants return. Beneath the apparent variety and difference in our society a single message is being repeated and repeated:

“You are lucky.  You live in a free society. It will be guaranteed its freedom by constant police surveillance to weed out dissenters and ‘terrorists’.  Proof of the freedom of your society is shown by the unchecked liberty granted to the rich and to private corporations.  They are given, freely, unimpeded access to all of the planet’s resources, to populations fighting, as individuals, for a chance to work in order to hold starvation at bay.  Your free society will be guaranteed as long as you know there is no free lunch, that no one is entitled to education, health care, social securities, or to genuine representative democracy.  You will be guaranteed freedom as long as you know you’re on your own and you get what you can wrest from a hostile world, freely making your choices and freely choosing. Those qualities are the true qualities of a Free Society.  Be ready to fight for it.”

 The “evolutionary” phase of modern society that grew from the Second World War (at least in some nations) has been stopped in its tracks. Global directions are “devolutionary”, degenerative of community well-being, reversing social evolution.  So obviously is that happening that a large, slow beginning of resistance is being born.  A few South American countries are ending treaties that let corporations sue governments for alleged blocking of profit-making.  Power in banks, financial houses, governments, and in mercenary armies is fighting those South American countries every minute of every day.

 In Europe the Eurosceptics not only see the degeneration – the ‘devolution’ of European democracy - but they are forming parties to fight it.

The union movement in Canada is, finally, declaring it will fight back against the erasure of basic bargaining rights and union freedoms.

 Thomas Piketty, an economist, has written a book saying, in effect, that the present economy is anti-evolutionary and is run by degenerates possessing too much wealth – new wealth or inherited wealth.

 The devolutionary surface is being scratched, but – so far – only scratched.  The opposite of devolution is revolution, which is the product of devolution – when people see no other escape than physical conflict.  Stephen Harper’s policies are policies of “incremental devolution” – meaning the slow introduction of fascism: the condition in which corporations own governments and use them to brutalize the population on behalf of the wealthy.

 The Pharaohs, the Emperors, the High Priests – the tyrants – are always waiting in the wings, ready to don the robes of power and magic.  Their moral eunuchs – the Stephen Harpers of this world – are always available to do their bidding.

The people have no bread,” someone said around 1789 to Marie Antoinette – surely a female pharaoh or empress. 

 Let them eat cake,” Marie Antoinette is fabled to have replied … as the French Revolution was beginning.  With rich (though grisly) poetic justice the people cut off Marie Antoinette’s head, as bread began to become available in Paris.

 Pharaohs, Emperors, High Priests – all the tyrants – think nothing of erasing human lives in the way they would erase hills of ants.  Think of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Honduras, Chile, Palestine, Nigeria ….

 Finally, the time comes when devolution meets resistance it can’t stop.  The time comes when Pharaohs, Emperors, High Priests discover – too late – that their own lives can be snuffed out as easily as the lives of all the millions they have sacrificed in order to satisfy their greed and fear and ambition and their barely disguised love of brutality.  The time comes when sharp and sudden change – called revolution – happens (the call for evolution having failed). Revolution lays the groundwork for another long term of social evolution – a period we describe as a time when there is a move towards equality, social justice, and security for all.

We are living in that present and future, as I write….  The future is now.

Written by Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Corporate Conflation? ...More Like Corporations Confiscating Commoner`s Few Remaining Coins

Written by Mark Taliano

The modern-day conflation of corporate and public interests forms the bedrock of what is likely the most dangerous ideology to afflict humanity. 
Domestically, it creates a "predator" economic system which disembowels the public domain by creating “new” markets which unnecessarily imperil the public’s health, safety, freedom, and material well-being.   

Internationally, it manifests itself as corporate-driven imperial conquest which divides and ruins target countries as it destabilizes political economies globally.

Corporate profit is the foundation of this ideology.  Beneath the lies of the corporatocracy is directionless profit-making that is oblivious to -- if not contemptuous of -- common sense and the public’s best interests.  
The same war criminals who orchestrated the fraudulent, but lucrative, “War On Terror”, and the subsequent illegal war of aggression in Iraq and elsewhere, were those who benefited the most thanks to inflated contracts with the U.S State Department.

Halliburton, which offers a myriad of services, including oil field work, plus construction work, benefits when countries are “bombed to the stone age,” since those same countries need to be rebuilt.  Angelo Young describes the war-profiteering in "Cheney's Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion On Iraq War" :
“As private enterprise entered the war zone at unprecedented levels, the amount of corruption ballooned, even if most contractors performed their duties as expected.
According to the bipartisan Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the level of corruption by defense contractors may be as high as $60 billion. Disciplined soldiers that would traditionally do many of the tasks are commissioned by private and publicly listed companies.”
Blackwater/Academi also offers numerous services, including those previously conducted by the military: security and mercenary work are some of its mainstays.  Jeremy Scahill in "Blackwater's Black-Ops"   describes the pay they earn from lucrative government contracts:

 A four-man team headed by Prado for counter-surveillance in the United States cost $33,600 weekly, while "safehouses" could be established for $250,000, plus operational costs. Identical services were offered globally. For $5,000 a day, clients could hire Prado or former senior CIA officials Cofer Black and Robert Richer for ‘representation’ to national ‘decision-makers.’ “

These profit-driven corporations, all of which have developed “new” and lucrative markets in domains traditionally reserved for the military, also have tremendous legislative clout.  Former attorney-general John Ashcroft, for example, not only heads up the consulting/lobbying firm Ashcroft Group , but he is also on the Board of directors for Blackwater/Academi. The two agencies work together hand in glove to impact legislation that expands and protects Academi’s government contracts.

 As author and investigative reporter Naomi Wolf explains on her Facebook page:

"Terror and crisis didn't used to be MARKET PLACES YOU COULD HAVE LOBBYISTS FOR -- they invented an INDUSTRY TO LOBBY FOR, LEGISLATION, AND A DEMAND OUT OF WHOLE CLOTH -- it is a closed loop of laundered billions generated by war, militarized police, and fear of 'shooters' and terror 'threats'! You don't even need a real industry now, they just MADE ONE UP!"
n this closed-loop dynamic, fear is exploited by corporations (ie Academi) that lobby for newly-created – and counter-productive markets (police-industrial complex) – as the money flows from the tax base to the “new” markets.

In Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries  , Wolf paraphrases historian Stephen Kinzer: “… each time a corporation would benefit from a conflict, hyped war fever swayed most citizens to support the conflict.  So, there has been a century in which American citizens were often manipulated to support policies that were not in their own interests --- and that crushed liberties overseas.”

Canada, increasingly the “living room” of the U.S, is also using the same playbook. Blackwater/Academi is now training Canadian troops, and our autocratic prime minister, Stephen Harper, is reframing the nation in terms of a warrior nation, rather than in terms of peace keeping.  No doubt the profit motive plays a part, just as it plays a part in Canada’s aggressive arms dealing , and the recent trends towards police militarization, despite the fact that police militarization is counter-productive for many reasons, not the least of which is that it creates a “police versus public,” rather than a “police serving  public” atmosphere.
Let’s now project what we know to developing events.  Ukraine is the next Iraq.  Beneath the lies, the war fever, the Putin bashing, the shameful western support -- and orchestration -- of the illegal Nazi/Banderite coup, and the daily toll of corpses, there are resources to exploit for foreign gain: primarily shale gas. Just as in Iraq, the country is being divided and ruined, and just as in Iraq (and elsewhere) corporations will exploit the catastrophe for corporate profit.

Corporations are also eager to drill fracking wells in Moncton New Brunswick.  Fear has already been generated by the tragic shooting of three Mounties and the wounding of two others.  Will the fear be  exploited to create new markets for the police-industrial complex, and to repress anti-fracking protestors? Will the public interest be falsely conflated with corporate interests so that the province’s ground- water is poisoned?
Only time will tell, but there are plenty of red flags suggesting that the closed-loop corporate tactics are on the sidelines, just waiting for the right moment to engage.


Written by Mark Taliano
The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stephen Harper`s Supreme Beatdown

Written by Grant G

Native leaders cheered, others had tears of joy running down their faces, ancient lands rumbled and shook, tremors reverberated through to the heart of our Canadian constitution...

Moments after the Supremes thundered down their landmark decision I too celebrated, unanimous, 8 to 0....

Was this ruling political, yes, partly it was, I truly believe that our supreme court went out of their way to send a message to Stephen Harper and his gang of corporate thugs, ..

Ever since Stephen Harper was granted a majority he has governed our country but one way...

"We the oil companies, by the oil companies and for the oil companies"

6 months ago I tweeted several links to Janet Holder, links to Straight Good`s articles and others, these articles highlighted Enbridge`s lies and crimes against humanity, she wouldn`t respond back to any of my tweets, except one, one of my last tweets to Enbridge`s Janet Holder was...

You will never get northern gateway built, never

Janet Holder responded by favoriting my tweet......What Janet Holder did by favoriting that tweet was mock me, and the reason she mocked was simple, the National Energy Board was corrupted, the panel was in Enbridge`s back pocket, and...And Stephen Harper declared well before the NEB made their ruling that regardless of what finding or ruling they make,  Harper and his cabinet gave themselves the right to overrule any and all decisions, so even when Enbridge was found to have lied, falsified reports, used people`s names without permission, gave incomplete answers and had many pipeline breaches during the review period they knew, Enbridge and Janet Holder knew the go-ahead decision was already in the bag, ...That`s why she mocked me...even last week when Janet Holder was interviewed by Michael Smyth she couldn`t help but open her fat mouth and say....and I quote...


Holder, sounding more upbeat as she talks about the future, predicted the opposite.
“The silent majority is starting to speak out,” she said. “As people start to see things unfold, as we meet all our conditions, they will say, ‘Oh, yeah. I have more confidence now. I’m willing to put my hand up and say this should happen, provided it’s done right.’ It’s the environment first, no question.”
When will construction begin?

Holder said the company expects to defeat its opponents in court, satisfy all pre-construction conditions, and get shovels in the ground by the fall of 2015.

“That’s our plan,” she said. “We believe we can get there.”



Janet Holder had the NEB in her back pocket, Stephen Harper and his cabinet, through advertising $dollars Enbridge had the Vancouver Sun...Global BC..even media whores like Bill Good and mental stumps like Harvey Oberfeld were in Enbridge`s corner....

Today on CTV noon news hour Susan(fingernails on chalkboard) Anton spoke on this historic game changing ruling....the only thing that spewed from Anton`s mouth hole was hypocrisy!...

Susan Anton uttered nonsense, ...We as a provincial government don`t believe in litigation, we believe in negotiations and talking, not litigation...

Unbelievable, these BC Liberals do nothing but litigate and fight court rulings to the bitter end, teachers dispute, class-size and composition, the illegal HEU contract shredding that Gordon Campbell fought through to the supreme court of Canada where he finally lost, lost big, that`s where the teachers dispute is headed too...Remember Basi/Virk and BC Rail..."we can`t comment it`s before the courts"    Wally stonewally Oppal......boggles the mind how someone so IQ deficient could end up as our provincial attorney general...

The supreme court, 8 to 0....5 of the supreme court judges were appointed by Stephen Harper, that thud noise you heard was Harper`s jaw hitting his desk...

The Supreme court judiciary, whether they be left, right, center or pure law-minded souls they have one thing in common, all of them are well educated and attuned to the obvious Stephen Harper assault upon everything Canadians value..

Decency, respect, Democracy, and the environment, seeing Harper and his henchmen through guile, through secrecy, buried in hideous Omni-bus bills, waterways left unprotected, species at risk left to fend for themselves, decades of hard-fought environmental protections gutted, all to enable the movement of heavy oil..

Ever since Stephen Harper was granted a majority he has governed our country but one way...

"We the oil companies, by the oil companies and for the oil companies"

The supreme court was left with no choice, Stephen Harper and big oil had to be stopped, the court made a ruling with no ambiguity, it was as clear as day, the precedence has been sent, the Haisla and Haida can establish historic and ongoing use of all the lands around Kitimat, an environment that to this day still feeds the Nations, ...Ambiguity be gone, not just consultation but accommodation and consent, without consent .......(Still feel like mocking me Janet Holder?)

Without consent Enbridge`s northern gateway is dead, still dead, forever dead and no, there is no eminent domain and or national do or die situation for a Chinese owned oil pipeline....A pipeline and oil tanker project that can destroy, extinguish and take away what is now there, wildlife, salmon, kelp and fertile waters...

Our Supreme court judges had no choice but to grant Canadian First Nations extraordinary powers..

How else do you stop a deranged Prime Minister who governs..

but one way...

"We the oil companies, by the oil companies and for the oil companies"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Monday, June 23, 2014

Monster Earthquake and Killer Tsunami Still Overdue, Let the Cascadia Russian Roulette Games Begin

 ( Another reason why Enbridge must never be given permission to build their proposed pipeline, today an 8.0 earthquake rocked Alaska`s Aleutian islands....We are over-due for the big one...Janet Holder can shove the pipeline up Harper`s ass.....Up Harvy Oberfeld`s ass...

Mr. John Horgan....Whatever you do, ....Don`t ever take advice from a First Nation hater, a French Canada hater, never take advice from an old tired dinosaur named Harvey Oberfeld., ....Mr. Horgan, Harvey Oberfeld is blathering from the perspective of a tiny rightwing minority, old white haters who live in the past, ...Enbridge will never be built and coastal First Nations can`t be bought off for any amount of money, they care about clean water, fresh fish and bountiful goodies from the sea...Bountiful goodies for their children, grandchildren and great great great great great grandchildren, that is what First Nations are fighting for....Harvey Oberfeld is a short-sighted old buffoon, he cares only about short term wealth for himself, a human disgrace with a view that is lost in the past.....Grant G, June 23th/2014
Here is a great read from a real person, a First Nation`s point of view, not a Stephen Harper bootlicking racist looking for dole, eh HO?....here`s A real story written by a woman of intelligence,
And here is a replay of a Straight Goods post from October 2012.....
Monster Earthquake and Killer Tsunami Still Overdue, Let the Cascadia Russian Roulette Games Begin


Perhaps we should take a closer look, after a cursory search there seems to be a whole-lotta earthquakes going on in Cascadia, here was a cluster of 17 earthquakes in August/2008..




Quake swarm rocks West Coast's ocean depths


Last Updated: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 



Earthquakes Canada charted earthquakes around Vancouver Island over the past 30 days.Earthquakes Canada charted earthquakes around Vancouver Island over the past 30 days. (Earthquakes Canada
 Quake swarm rocks West Coast's ocean depths - British Columbia - CBC News

Now, before we move on, last night(October 27/2012) we had a 7.7 and a multitude of large aftershocks, 5.8..6.8...many 4.0 and larger, check out that above map, that cluster of 17 are fairly close to last night`s crackerjack..

Are those 2008 quakes in any way connected, perhaps...Let`s continue a little further...Like say May 2012...6 months ago


Earthquake swarm strikes off West Coast again

8 small quakes have hit in recent weeks



A swarm of earthquakes struck off Vancouver Island in recent weeks. A swarm of earthquakes struck off Vancouver Island in recent weeks. (U.S. Geological Survey)
Experts say a "swarm" of small earthquakes off the northwest coast of Vancouver Island are part of the normal seismic activity in the area, and they could continue for several more days.
A 4.0 magnitude earthquake that struck just after midnight on Tuesday morning was the eighth small quake with a magnitude between 3.8 and 4.7 to strike the region since April 22.
Pacific Geoscience Centre Seismologist Gary Rogers said the activity is focused along a 20-kilometre stretch along an area called the Raveer Delwood Fault, located about 200 kilometres offshore.
"In the very thin crust that we have out there off our west coast of Vancouver Island, it often fractures in a series of small earthquakes, usually about this size being the maximum."
Rogers said more small earthquakes are expected in the area over the next week
You see that cluster of earthquakes from May of this year, these earthquakes are getting really close to the site of last night`s big earthquake, lets follow the movement and it becomes as clear as day where the next either cluster of really big pop is going to occur..
And it isn`t good news for anyone in Brithish Columbia, especially for our mid to northern coast....





Have a look, this map doesn`t even include the Japanese earthquake and tsunami...Law of averages tells me that we are due for a really big one off the northern tip of Vancover island...lets look at another set of data..And remember, the Richter scale, a magnitude 8.7 is 10 times as large as a magnitude 7.7....So to be clear, there was a 1 to 2 foot tsunami generated last night, imagine that magnified by a factor of 10 with a 8.7...or god forbid, magnified by a factor of 100 with a 9.0....

Earthquake Magnitude Scale
Magnitude Earthquake Effects Estimated Number
Each Year
2.5 or less Usually not felt, but can be recorded by seismograph. 900,000
2.5 to 5.4 Often felt, but only causes minor damage. 30,000
5.5 to 6.0 Slight damage to buildings and other structures. 500
6.1 to 6.9 May cause a lot of damage in very populated areas. 100
7.0 to 7.9 Major earthquake. Serious damage. 20
8.0 or greater Great earthquake. Can totally destroy communities near the epicenter. One every 5 to 10 years
Earthquake Magnitude Classes
Earthquakes are also classified in categories ranging from minor to great, depending on their magnitude.
Class Magnitude
Great 8 or more
Major 7 - 7.9
Strong 6 - 6.9
Moderate 5 - 5.9
Light 4 - 4.9
Minor 3 -3.9

The magnitude of most earthquakes is measured on the Richter scale, invented by Charles F. Richter in 1934. The Richter magnitude is calculated from the amplitude of the largest seismic wave recorded for the earthquake, no matter what type of wave was the strongest.

The Richter magnitudes are based on a logarithmic scale (base 10). What this means is that for each whole number you go up on the Richter scale, the amplitude of the ground motion recorded by a seismograph goes up ten times. Using this scale, a magnitude 5 earthquake would result in ten times the level of ground shaking as a magnitude 4 earthquake (and 32 times as much energy would be released). To give you an idea how these numbers can add up, think of it in terms of the energy released by explosives: a magnitude 1 seismic wave releases as much energy as blowing up 6 ounces of TNT. A magnitude 8 earthquake releases as much energy as detonating 6 million tons of TNT. Pretty impressive, huh? Fortunately, most of the earthquakes that occur each year are magnitude 2.5 or less, too small to be felt by most people.

Now let`s look at the Japan earthquake locale that caused the disastrous tsunami...





It`s just a matter of time, we had a cluster in 2008, another cluster of earthquakes in May, 2012, now in October 2012 we have had a super earthquake, and if you look at the faultlines, the ring of fire faults above it`s as plain the nose on your face that we are overdue if not late for an earthquake generating tsunami in the range of 200 miles either north or south of last night`s major event(epicenter), my gut and charts tell me to hedge north, that puts the next big quake north of the Queen Charlotte islands in front of Dixon Channel, that friends would send a massive tsunami straight for Kitimat and Enbridge`s supertanker laden proposed terminus, a dead end fjord, a place where a big wave would gather up speed and height, imagine a huge 40 foot wall of rolling water heading towards Kitimat with an ocean behind it, any supertanker in the way, any sea harbour terminal filling station, both would be pulverized..

1700 Cascadia earthquake

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Cascadia subduction zone
The 1700 Cascadia earthquake was a magnitude 8.7 to 9.2 megathrust earthquake that occurred in the Cascadia subduction zone on January 26, 1700.[1] The earthquake involved the Juan de Fuca Plate underlying the Pacific Ocean, from mid-Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, south along the Pacific Northwest coast as far as northern California, USA. The length of the fault rupture was about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) with an average slip of 20 meters (22 yards).

 geological record reveals that "great earthquakes" (those with moment magnitude 8 or higher) occur in the Cascadia subduction zone about every 500 years on average, often accompanied by tsunamis. There is evidence of at least 13 events at intervals from about 300 to 900 years with an average of 570—590 years.[6] Previous earthquakes are estimated to have occurred in 1310 AD, 810 AD, 400 AD, 170 BC and 600 BC. As seen in the 1700 quake, the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, and the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, subduction zone earthquakes can cause large tsunamis, and many coastal areas in the region have prepared tsunami evacuation plans in anticipation of a possible future Cascadia earthquake. However, the major nearby cities, notably Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Victoria, and Tacoma, which are located on inland waterways rather than on the coast, would be sheltered from the full brunt of a tsunami. These cities do have many vulnerable structures, especially bridges and unreinforced brick buildings; consequently, most of the damage to the cities would probably be from the earthquake itself. One expert asserts that buildings in Seattle are vastly inadequate even to withstand an earthquake of the size of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, much less the much greater one that may well occur.[7]
Recent findings conclude that the Cascadia Subduction zone is more complex and volatile than previously believed. In 2010 geologists predicted a 37 percent chance of an M8.2+ event within 50 years, and a 10 to 15 percent chance that the entire Cascadia Subduction will rupture with an M9+ event within the same time frame.[8] Geologists have also determined the Pacific Northwest is not prepared for such a colossal quake. The tsunami produced could reach heights of 80 to 100 feet (24 to 30 m).[9]
Some other subduction zones have such earthquakes every 100 to 200 years; the longer interval results from slower plate motions. The rate of convergence between the Juan de Fuca Plate and the North American Plate is 60 millimetres (2.4 in) per year.[10]

Similar megathrust earthquakes

Other megathrust earthquakes are the slightly more powerful 1964 Alaskan Good Friday Earthquake measured at moment magnitude 9.2; the 1960 Great Chilean Earthquake measured at 9.5; the Kamchatka earthquakes of 1737 (est. mag. 8.3) and 1952 (measured at 9.0); the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake at 9.1; the 2010 Chile earthquake at 8.8; and the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake at 9.0.
Time to officially end the Enbridge hearings, a giant shaking superquake and tsunami would be hard enough to take, having 2 million barrels of Bitumen heavy tar spilled in the harbour along with the inevitable mountain slides and pipeline ruptures..

I major event and British Columbia`s pristine coastline and fast flowing clean drinkable rivers gone, and there would be no clean up crew left alive to contain the un-containable spill...
Let me repeat this part from above..
 The 1700 Cascadia earthquake was a magnitude 8.7 to 9.2 megathrust earthquake that occurred in the Cascadia subduction zone on January 26, 1700.[1] The earthquake involved the Juan de Fuca Plate underlying the Pacific Ocean, from mid-Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, south along the Pacific Northwest coast as far as northern California, USA. The length of the fault rupture was about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) with an average slip of 20 meters (22 yards).

Just imagine, we are patiently waiting for the Cascadia slip, over 300 years from the last one, a slippage zone over 600 miles long with potential 60 to 80 foot tsunami..

Enbridge northern Gateway pipeline and supertanker oil repository and marine terminal can`t proceed...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open