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The Trans Pacific Partnership. Canada And Imperial Globalization. Part I

The Trans Pacific Partnership.  Canada And Imperial Globalization.  Part I

Written by Robin Mathews

A characteristic of Imperial Globalization is criminal manipulation of people and events for the profit of a few. It includes massive ‘disinformation’ about equality, benefits, social development, law,  improved standards of living, etc.  The disinformation is spread by “authoritative” news sources.  In the hands of gigantic, wealthy, private corporations, globalization is a process which works to erase sovereign democracies and replace them with “treatied” sub-states, economic colonies ruled by faceless, offshore, often secret, unaccountable powers.

Corruption - often not put into context – is endemic to globalization because the process creates lawless parallel government which uses lawless (and criminal) modes of operation that infect traditional government (apparently) working within the rule of law.
Parties and governments cooperating with globalization forces (Canadian governments have co-operated since the 1987 Canada/U.S. Free Trade Agreement) are, by their actions, committed to giving up independent democracy in favour of  rule by “international”, unelected, often secretly operating front organizations (and adjudicating panels) acting on behalf of so-called “international capital”. 

The phrase ‘International Capital’ implies great wealth, but doesn’t suggest the full aggressive reality of the force. “International capital”, in fact, is made up of consortiums of corporate and financial power wielding heavy influence on most Western governments (largely working from the U.S.A.), undermining democratic forces, and having available the NATO and U.S. military to back its ‘global’ policies.

A Canadian Tradition of Sell-Out

Since the Brian Mulroney Conservative government acted in 1987, Canadian governments have believed that by supporting international capital and globalization the wealthy of Canada will be part of a ‘global’ club, and will benefit greatly, profiting from the erasure of democracy in Canada.

That makes for consistency of policy through apparently different governments.  Since 1987 no Party that has won federal government in Canada has rejected ‘imperial globalization’ … and each has, indeed, worked to enter so-called Trade Treaties which give away rights and freedoms of Canadians.

Moving in an undemocratic, fascist direction,  Canadian governments (which appear to change) maintain the same ‘globalization’ policies and so – beneath propaganda about root differences – they carry forward the same basic, destructive policies. 

As the failure to take legal action against Mike Duffy’s (almost certainly criminal) false accusers in the Conservative structure shows, the Liberals are, apparently, too closely partnered with the Conservatives  (at the invisible top) to act meaningfully against them.

The complete silence on that subject in Ottawa tells (almost) all one needs to know. 

A Poster-Boy For Sell-Out..

Meanwhile, the jockeying for top national political position continues – and the competition whether to employ soft or hard fascism continues. 

As example we may use the cardboard cut-out figure, Conservative Peter MacKay, apparently considering throwing his cap into the ring as a contender for the leadership of the Conservative Party (apparently supported by the National Post).  He was cabinet minister through most of the years of Harper misrule – as federal justice minister and attorney general of Canada – among other roles.

Peter MacKay takes more than a half a page of the National Post (Apr. 25/A8) to urge Canadians (in large Capital Letters) to


George Orwell would have loved every word of the MacKay article. In short – beneath the surface language – it says that whatever repressive government in Ottawa chooses to make as law … is law.  And the guardian of fundamental Canadian Rights and Freedoms (made clear in the Charter) - the Supreme Court of Canada - has no place in the legislation process.  If a gutted and criminal House of Commons passes fascist legislation – that should be the law.  Period.  MacKay builds the non-argument around a favourite far-Right Conservative matter – ‘tough-on-crime’ legislation.

A member of the Leadership Mob that made the House of Commons a lackey-rubber-stamp for every and any violation of Canadian democracy, MacKay writes of the House of Commons as a
democratically elected and accountable parliament” and he writes of the brutal, neo-fascist power-core of the Harper regime as a group making decisions “through a democratic and consultative process”.

MacKay writes, remember, as a member of the Conservative government that gagged scientists, destroyed valuable libraries, attempted to appoint an unqualified Supreme Court judge, denied the human rights of a deeply wronged Maher Arar, fired the head of Atomic Energy Canada for doing her job, sold off the Canadian Wheat Board in the face of a protesting majority of its members, worked at least two Election Scandals (In-and-Out, and Robocalls) and – most recently – was proved by a higher court to have worked in organized collaboration to entrap and deny the fundamental rights of a Canadian senator: Mike Duffy.  (That incomplete list reveals Peter MacKay’s deep concern for the rule of law.)

Responsible Government. For Whom?

Probably most disturbing in the whole recent story of our democracy is the visible (self-chosen) impotence of the elected representatives of the Canadian people in the House of Commons.  Through ten years of wilful desecration of Canadian democracy, only one Conservative Member of Parliament, Brent Rathgeber, resigned from the Conservative Caucus and sat as an Independent Member. He also wrote a book for Canadians, fittingly entitled: Irresponsible Government: The Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada (2014).  
Corruption … At A Gallop

The Mike Duffy trial revealed – almost certainly – criminal action on the part of significant Conservatives involved in government. Moreover, practised legal professionals fashioned 31 criminal charges against that Canadian – AND NOT ONE OF THE CHARGES COULD HOLD UP under fair judicial scrutiny.  Reasonable and prudent Canadians may conclude that the charges were fashioned maliciously, lawlessly, in Breach of Trust, and for malign Public Relations reasons. The fact that all 31 charges against Mr. Duffy were squashed strongly suggests “a put up job”. And the (too guarded) but strong response of the judge adds another reason to believe full criminal investigation of the Affair should be undertaken to protect Canadian democracy.

[I believe there is no other example in Canadian history of a single Canadian being charged, at one time, with more than 30 criminal charges – NOT ONE of which was able to hold up in court. That is because never before in history has the Canadian State staged such a brazen, criminal attack on the Rights and Freedoms of a Canadian.]

Consider: a malicious, criminal machine, operated at the highest level of government, appears, baselessly, to have conspired to destroy a Canadian – who is found innocent of all 31 alleged criminal acts.  His innocence is proved … and not a Member of Parliament nor a single public commentator in national press and media demands that the actors involved in concocting the 31 non-viable charges against the innocent person be fully and completely investigated with a view to laying charges against one or many of the perpetrators, if charges are warranted. 

Exposed in the trial were the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, members of his office, certain senators, RCMP officers, Prosecution personnel – to name only the most visible.  The failure – still! – in the House of Commons to demand full accounting means, simply, that the MPs do not represent - and make almost no pretence that they do represent the people of Canada. (If Canadian readers were told that of another “democratic” country, they would shake their heads in disbelief.)

The failure of the Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau screams of covert policies (shared with the Conservative Party) kept from the Canadian people.

So What Do We Do?

That present, desperate condition must change the role and attitude of all aware and caring Canadians.  They must seriously consider the prospect of creating a new party (or really empowering and bulking-out a present, small one presently unrepresented in Parliament) devoted to sweeping the board of the present “club of ill-doers”, and reversing the fascist directions of present Canadian government.

[Send this column on to MPs, and to others.]

Written by Robin Mathews


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Sleazy Sell-Out. “Sunny Days”. The Bank of Canada

Sleazy Sell-Out. “Sunny Days”. Part II

                 The Bank of Canada

 Written by Robin Mathews   April 2016

We have come upon a brilliant example, here in Canada, of what Anthony Hall calls “imperial globalization” and “the terror economy” (Earth Into Property, McGill-Queen’s, 2011.) Those are terms which describe the move to ‘world government’ by increasingly unregulated (and increasingly criminal) global Capitalism backed by U.S. imperial military might.

The example is The Bank of Canada.  The alleged stripping of essential sovereign powers from it on behalf of “international” organizations and private banks has led to a (now four year long) case being conducted in the Federal Court of Canada. Spice is added to the mix by the reported behaviour of prime minister Justin Trudeau in the context, and by the apparently shifting position of Federal Court judge, the honourable Justice James Russell. ....

Of Justice Russell’s latest decision Rocco Galati, lawyer for COMER in the case, expresses surprise – saying the judge has “inexplicably reversed himself from the earlier decision” and that “he blatantly erred…”, and more.  (All Quotes from Rocco Galati are from Page 1, COMER, Jan/Feb 2016).
[Readers who refer to the Wikipedia entry for the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform will read that “COMER’s claims have been struck four times by the courts” and that in his February 8, 2016 ruling Justice James Russell concluded of the COMER plaintiffs that “they have no scintilla of a cause of action that this Court can or should hear”.  Plainly Rocco Galati is of a different mind – making the case one of especial interest.

The document filed by the plaintiffs (COMER, William Krehm, Ann Emmett) to begin the case, in 2011, is at once courageous and definitive of the present “dissolving sovereign condition” among many national communities falling victim to the  de facto government of globalizing private Capital. 
Since the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau (in 1974) the quiet, (secret?), apparently collegial, apparently acceptable transfer of power over The Bank of Canada has gone, apparently, to foreign entities (that meet in secrecy) and to private banks. The discontinuance of interest-free loans to Canadian governments is, apparently, an expression of that shift in power. That process of change has been conducted by officers of The Bank of Canada and the Canadian cabinet “responsible” to the Members of Parliament representing the people of Canada. 

Until the beginning of the COMER case, most Canadians knew nothing of the change. (How many MPs had been informed?) Canadians knew nothing about Cabinet members and officers of The Bank of Canada silently, knowingly or unknowingly, being  (the COMER case suggests) complicit in the alienation of Canadian sovereignty in the working of The Bank of Canada.  In essence, the change has removed a fundamental function – the Bank of Canada as an interest-free lender to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments for “infrastructure” and “human capital expenditures” (hospitals, etc.).

Put in the very simplest terms – there is no reason whatsoever that the Bank of Canada’s power to make interest-free loans to Canadian governments for infrastructure and human capital spending should be in any way curtailed or ended.  And so the whole process has to be highly suspect -involving international entities, gigantic profits for private banks, and a huge unnecessary, increasingly high national debt forced on the Canadian taxpayer.

The COMER case against Her Majesty the Queen, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of National Revenue, The Bank of Canada, and the Attorney General of Canada is intended to restore full Canadian authority to The Bank of Canada and – by doing so – to liberate its powers as a significant servant of governments in Canada (federal, provincial, and municipal) to satisfy needs,  interests, and rights of Canadians as meaningful citizens of Canada.

The brilliance of the COMER move has been matched by what one might call the concerted effort by Canadian governments (Conservative – led by Stephen Harper, and, now, Liberal – led by Justin Trudeau) to erase the case.  It has been matched, too, by the apparent determination of the Conventional Press and Media to prevent Canadians from knowing about the court action.
Rocco Galati suggested (when the Conservative government led by Stephen Harper was in power) that he believed government was influencing press and media to keep knowledge of the case from the Canadian public. And now what - under a Liberal government? No change apparently.  As late as April 2, 2016, for instance, The National Post (and many other Post Media publications) published Andrew Coyne’s piece of some thirty-five column inches on the question of Deficit Spending – “The risky business of deficits”, (p. A4).  That is a subject directly related to the COMER case and to the use of The Bank of Canada’s power to lend at no interest for infrastructure projects.
Andrew Coyne writes as if The Bank of Canada and the COMER case don’t exist.

Coyne’s behaviour, seems to be matched by the reported behaviour of prime minister Justin Trudeau.  My informant assures me that film footage exists of a few questioners trying to ask Justin Trudeau about the Bank of Canada matter.  I am told that Trudeau moves out of reach, ignores the questioners, and moves away to avoid facing the questions and the questioners.  I have not seen the footage.
Whatever the truth of that matter, since the transfer of power from the Conservatives to the Liberals on October 19, 2015, “government” lawyers have continued fighting the Bank of Canada case … and …  have not slackened in their determination to quell any attempt to return the Bank to its independent, interest-free loaning policy. 

When the Conservative government was in power, Justice James Russell considered whether the COMER complaint might be heard – and sent it away to be amended, having struck parts of it.
Rocco Galati suggests in his statement about the subsequent decision of Justice James Russell on February 8, 2016 [the Liberal government having gained power] that Justice Russell “inexplicably reversed himself from the earlier decision”.  Mr. Galati reports that “In his earlier decision he [Justice Russell] had refused to strike large portions of the claim” and was upheld by the Federal Court of Appeal.  Mr. Galati claims Justice Russell “effectively overturned the Court of Appeal decision …contrary to law” and “blatantly erred” in regard to the nature of Declaratory relief.
Mr. Galati has already filed an appeal (March 3, 2016) to the Federal Court of Appeal concerning the COMER case, and he is prepared to take the matter to the Supreme Court of Canada.  We are about to see (but not hastily!) how Justice James Russell’s actions hold up under further scrutiny. Clearly a very sharp difference exists about the “justiciability” of the wrong alleged in the COMER action … about, that is, its very legitimacy as a matter to be considered by the courts. [The fact that the Bank of Canada did provide interest free loans to governments in Canada over many years, and then stopped without any public discussion is not in question.]

When a claim is “struck” by a judge, he or she is not saying that no wrong has been committed.  Rather, it is a statement that the court is an institution whose abilities, powers, and processes prevent it from confronting and providing a remedy for the alleged wrong brought before it – which may be obvious and egregious (as in The Bank of Canada matter).

In the meantime, the ultimate remedy may be political. Already the Canadian Action Party (and I believe others) has declared for political action to return full lending power to The Bank of Canada. That determination must be made known so widely that a government not willing to act to restore full powers to The Bank of Canada will lose its majority and be banished to the shadowy, impotent sidelines … where it clearly belongs.

Written by Robin Mathews


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"Sunny Days”. Sleazy Sell-Out.

"Sunny Days”.  Sleazy Sell-Out.  ...........part I
     Written by Robin  Mathews  April  2016

Anthony Hall writes about “ballot-box colonialism”,imperial globalization” and its “licence for lawlessness” – as well as the present “terror economy” - in Earth Into Property  (McGill-Queen’s, 2011). Hall focuses attention on the relentless and brutal shapes of U.S. imperialism growing since 1492 and now expressed in almost every form of international finance, banking, trade organization, military initiative, and almost every cultural and informational/technological process seemingly ‘independent’ of imperial influence.

In a compelling Book of (satanic) Revelations Hall points to an obvious fact – almost completely obscured from our view.  In the taking of millions of Black slaves, in the planned extermination of the native peoples of the U.S.A., in the complex and violent suppression globally of socialist policies and socialist governments over nearly a hundred years – and, now, in the desiccation of organized society in the Middle East as part of ‘fossil fuel imperialism’, the U.S. has been and is – it claims – fulfilling Christian values, serving the Christian God.  In the face, now, (in an endlessly repeated propaganda script) of the savage, uncivilized, terrorist Muslim Hordes determined to drown the West, to erase Christians and the Christian faith … the U.S.A. is – once again – claiming to be the champion of Christian faith, belief, and sanctity, fighting “a War On Terrorism”. In God We Trust.
In the U.S. ‘Declaration of Independence’ of 1776, the native peoples having their land wrested from them by stealth and violence – and having their communities erased before their eyes – are described as “the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions”.  To add salt, the Declaration suggests that (evil) King George, the Third (attempting to introduce the rule of law into the killing grounds) is urging those “merciless savages” to attack the peace-loving (U.S.) settlers. 

The imperial targets change.  The claim to U.S. Exceptionalism and Purity never does.  Nor does the brutality of its imperializing process.

Canada accepts, humbly, that condition, digging itself deeper and deeper into colonial powerlessness and subjection.  The recent Conservative government headed by Stephen Harper adopted the U.S. imperial program’s warlike aspects.  He flaunted a child-like aggressiveness as if to assume “leadership” in the imperial war program.  The present Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau has returned to the junior partner, cheer-leader, thoughtful-forelock-tugging servant role.  But Canadian colonialism is deepening … and the times are changing.

Elsewhere in the world U.S. imperial violence is forcing the (slow, but real) development of organized, ‘conventional’ political organizations to respond.  It is also spawning what are apparently insane explosions of random, seemingly pointless public violence involving death and destruction among innocent people, by, we are told ISIS, ISIL, etc.  That may continue [where it is not False Flag fraudulence] … and it may ‘mature’. 
If it ‘matures’, the practitioners of public violence in Europe (and elsewhere) will turn their attention to the top actors and top offices connected to the European Union and “international” organizations like the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, etc.  That would be a brilliant-though-terrible tactic, for it would place the “terrorists” in silent alliance with a growing population in Europe slowly realizing that the “union” and the “internationalizing” of their communities is simply a part of the U.S. “imperial globalization” process converting Europe’s people into increasingly poorer pawns in Global Capitalism’s seizure of power.

The sad picture in Canada is of a smiling new government made up of boy-men and girl-women devoted to the continuing sell-out of Canada and Canadians.   The sell-out is being disguised by using the very limited colonial powers the government possesses to spend and go into debt, placing Canada in deeper hock to its imperial masters – U.S. controlled Global Capitalism.

The irony couldn’t be more galling than in the “grandest” initiative of the new government – its dedication to huge deficit spending “to get Canada moving again”.  Of its failures of policy on the TPP, Syria, NAFTA, Israel, internal taxation, the erasure of huge Tax Haven operations, Canadian offshore mining brutalities and homeland shenanigans, fudgingly slow environmental oversight and regulation, and the almost total absence of oversight of foreign-based corporations in Canada … the worst failure may be its complete collapse and sell-out in relation to the role of the Bank of Canada as a credit servant for almost interest-free central spending in the Canadian economy.  Especially since government intends huge infrastructure spending where the role of the Bank of Canada could be key … and liberating.

That story appears to involve not only the open cowardice of the present Canadian cabinet but - as hard to believe as it may be – a strange and  dangerous use of the Federal Court of Canada as a political instrument (abandoning its judicial role)... to secure Liberal colonial banking policy. That amazing story will be the first in the “Sleazy Sell-Out” series about Liberal government policy … to come next.

Written by Robin Mathews


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Petronas in Prince Rupert, Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Prices of spot LNG for April delivery to Asia averaged $4.46 per MMBtu, according to latest Platts Japan/Korea Marker data for month-ahead delivery.

At $4.46/MMBtu, the April JKM was 38.7 percent below prices for the same delivery month in 2015.

Platts adds in its report that the latest marker for April delivery is also at the lowest monthly average level seen since July 2009, when the monthly average for August-delivered cargoes was $4.23/MMBtu.

Sentiment for April and further out in May continued to remain bearish due to expectations of extra supplies from both new and recently commissioned projects in the United States and Australia, as well as additional volumes from the Angola LNG project starting in the second quarter of 2016.

The JKM had begun the trading month at $4.7/MMBtu, before sliding to an intra-month low of $4.25/MMBtu in the first half of the month. Expectations of oversupply from the projects coming online weighed on the market sentiment, Platts said.

However, the downward pressure on prices was short-lived, as demand for April cargoes emerged at the same time from several buyers looking to quickly fill their April positions. Buy tenders from Argentina, PTT, SK, Posco, GSPC, Gail, and IOC for prompt April cargoes reversed the downward trend in prices. The Platts JKM rebounded back up to $4.60/MMBtu by March 11.

Max Gostelow of Platts said “While there are still valid concerns that 2016 will be an oversupplied market for most of the year, it’s evident that if buyers all adopt the same attitude and all wait for prices to bottom out before entering the market to buy cargoes, then we could definitely see more volatility in the markets like what has happened in early March.”

He added, however, that the price recovery has stalled as the market expects sellers who had bid unsuccessfully into Argentina’s 15-cargo tender to make those volumes available to the spot market.

“We are also noticing that the Qataris are growing increasingly competitive on price due to their long position, and offering very good price for volumes delivered to their (Long)term buyers,” Gostelow said.

The price of fuel oil, a possible competing fuel, decreased 53.6 percent year over year, while thermal coal was down 24.8 percent from the same month in 2015.



How does Woodfibre LNG or Petronas make financial returns with these prices...Longterm LNG contracts are being inked for less money than the cost of getting the gas out of the ground...Then you have to add-on the cost of pipelines hundreds of miles long, and the cost of liquefying the gas and then transporting it across the Pacific Ocean....

Canadian taxpayers will have to pay $billions to the proponent for inflated lng terminal build costs, with the lion's share of the build cost occurring in South Korea or China(not money spent in Canada)

The current world LNG glut will not end until 2025 or later, perhaps never if major energy companies decide to have multiple LNG terminals all coming online at the same time(mid 2024-2025)...

Here in British Columbia the BC Liberal government is hell-bent on spending probably $15 billion dollars on Site C dam to power up a money losing industry...

Christy Clark and the BC Liberal government are prepared to sacrifice one of Canada's few remaining salmon bearing super rivers...The Skeena River..

With LNG longterm prices in the tank, ...Site C dam($15 BILLION DOLLARS, WITH NO BUSINESS CASE PRESENTED, NO BUSINESS CASE TO JUSTIFY THE COST OR NEED) ...$12 billion for Petronas's terminal in Prince Rupert to be paid by the Canadian taxpayer...

$27 billion dollars Petronas must return in tax revenue to British Columbia and Canada just to get back to square one, and that's not counting the loss of wild salmon, or the loss of Prince Rupert tourism and fishing jobs...

That's not counting all the gas drilling credits accrued...

With low LNG prices for the foreseeable future .....How does Petronas find any money to pay the province any tax revenue?...

Qatar has jumped the market and guaranteed themselves longterm market-share at prices that make B.C. gas/LNG a money loser..

Companies, corporations that make no money pay no taxes, in-fact corporations that lose money write the losses off against any future profits...

I understand that gas drillers and rig workers in Northeast British Columbia are desperate for work, I understand they're demanding approvals by the federal Government to ensure their economic future...Unfortunately those oil and gas workers are prepared to sacrifice fishers and First Nation food sources and thousands  of salmon related jobs in other jurisdictions..

Jobs come, jobs go, we used to have 50,000 more forestry workers, raw log exports and massive high-speed mills have brought an end to those jobs...We once had thousands of commercial fishing boats and a vibrant fishery in B.C...That industry is a mere shadow of its former self..

We once built hardware and manufactured near everything we needed in Canada and the USA...Those jobs were shipped out to Mexico and China...Those jobs aren't coming back..

The corporation and corporate mindset only cares about profit and finding ways to avoid paying taxes..

Petronas PNW LNG and Woodfibre LNG wouldn't pay any monies to Canada or British Columbia for at least a decade, and that was when prices were above $15 dollars per MM BTU,s .....

 Renewable energy investment is soaring, Asia, and Japan in particular are embracing both nuclear power and renewable power..

It would be cheaper in the long-run to just send Northeast B.C. a $billion dollars per year for the next 27 years and have the north re-work their economy...

Lastly, if Petronas wants to go-ahead and build an LNG terminal it must find a new location..

It would be bad enough to frack the hell out of the north, waste all that water, pollute ground water, destroy caribou migration routes, cause earthquakes, all to add 30% to British Columbia's total GHG emissions making impossible to meet mandated by provincial law GHG reduction targets...To do all that, to never ever see the money subsidized to Petronas returned to taxpayers....To do all that and wipe out a Salmon super river, destroy a food source and cost tourism, fishing jobs is pure madness..

Written by Grant G


PETALING JAYA, March 21 — For the sake of protecting the earth, aboriginal Canadians turned down a whopping C$1.15 billion (RM3.56 billion) offer from Petronas that was seeking their support for a pipeline which they believed would harm a salmon river.

UK paper The Guardian reported yesterday Lax Kw’alaams First Nation hereditary chief Yahaan as saying that he believed his impoverished community might have voted to approve the liquified natural gas (LNG) project when the Malaysian state oil giant made the offer last year, but every single member of the indigenous group had rejected it.

Opportunities like that don’t come to your door every day. “But I give my people credit for taking that bold step. They showed their love and their passion for the land and water. No amount of money can compare to the richness of the river and what it gives us,”

Yahaan was quoted saying by the paper. Petronas is planning to build a multi-billion ringgit LNG export terminal at the mouth of Skeena, Canada’s second-longest salmon river, an area which lies within the Lax Kw’alaams First Nation’s traditional grounds, to ship LNG out of British Colombia. The Guardian reported that the location of the proposed Petronas project lies directly at an area where hundreds of millions of young salmon fish travel to annually before maturing, also noting that Skeena’s abundant fish population is needed by the First Nations aboriginal groups, the local wildlife and the region’s economy.

After the government of Canada’s province British Columbia gave its nod to Petronas for the project despite the Lax Kw’alaams’ rejection, Yahaan and his community members have since last summer been turning the oil firm’s workers away from sensitive areas at the river. Yahaan said the Canadian police escorting workers from Petronas have made verbal threats against his community’s boat patrols, noting:

They said they were watching us from land, air, and water. A police sergeant told me, ‘we could have ripped anyone out of those boats, but we didn’t want to make it seem like we were protecting the corporations.’

The Guardian said the aboriginal group’s rejection of the LNG plant was not merely about wild salmon, but about defending the indigenous worldview of “taking care with the land so that it can take care of people”, rather than supporting a fossil fuel economy with short-term jobs. Yahaan’s community has been getting increasing backing from others, with a few aboriginal groups, local Canadian groups and opposition politicians this January signing the Lelu Declaration meant to call for protection of the area from development. The opposition by Yahaan’s community is seen as putting pressure on Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, whose Liberal government had pledged to better protect the environment.

On Saturday, Petronas’ three-year wait for a permit to build the LNG terminal encountered further delay, after the Canadian government agreed to give its federal environmental assessment agency three more months to complete its study of the project’s impact. Yesterday, news wire agency Reuters reported that the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency had needed more information from those behind the project for its report initially due on March 22, with the data required to determine if the proposed Petronas facility is

likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects”.

 .Petronas, which has seen its profits cut by a drop in crude oil prices globally, will also have to face the prospect of lower gas prices — which are now a quarter of the peak levels in 2014. -

See more at:



We have been betrayed by our elected leader

First Nation leadership repudiates BC Minister Coleman’s misleading statement of First Nation support for PNW LNG project

For Immediate Release
First Nations leaders have rejected BC Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman’s recent comments that the BC Government has the full support of First Nations impacted by the Petronas LNG project proposed for Lelu Island.
Faced with a further three month delay mandated by Federal Environment Minister McKenna, BC government officials flew to Ottawa earlier this week in a desperate attempt to convince the Federal government to ignore the clear commitments Prime Minister Trudeau made to combat climate change, reduction of green house gas emissions, make decisions informed by credible science, and rebuild the fractured relationship with First Nations. In a misleading Facebook post referring to the Ottawa trip, Coleman stated that the project “has the backing of local communities and conditional support of First Nations along the entire natural gas pipeline route and at the terminal site.”
Coleman’s comment drew immediate criticism from local and regional First Nation leaders in BC.
“Our community voted unanimously to reject Petronas’s proposed LNG project on Lelu Island, inclusive of the $1 Billion attached offer.  Clearly, the Hereditary Chiefs are the proper title holders to all parts of our territory such as Lelu Island.  In this regard, Band Councils do not have any jurisdictional authority.  Our Mayor, John Helin, never held a community-wide meeting to secure a proper political mandate to write the highly questionable letter to CEAA which purported to offer qualified conditional support for the LNG project on Lelu Island.  We have been betrayed by our elected leader. ”
– Hereditary Chief Yahaan (Donald Wesley), of the Gitwilgyoots Tribe of the Lax Kw’alaams
“First Nations leaders from the entire Skeena river are standing together in opposition to this project. Upriver First Nations have been side-lined in the environmental assessment of this project all along, and we are standing firm against it. Over 130 of the most respected Canadian and International scientists said last week that this project poses grave risk to our wild salmon, and endorsed the independent science that was ignored in the CEAA process. We cannot allow this project to happen as it is proposed.”
– Chief Glen Williams, President of the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs Office
“We do not support the PNW LNG project, nor have we been properly consulted by the BC government, which seems more intent on ramming this project through than respecting the First Nations, our hereditary leadership and the health of the Skeena salmon we all depend on.  Once again First Nations are being forced to take action because the government refuses to obey the laws of the land. We are salmon people and if we don’t defend Flora Bank, there will be no protection for our salmon. The salmon is who we are, and without them we lose our identity and our future.”
– Chief Na’Moks (John Ridsdale), Office of the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs2048
“The entire world, including Petronas and its international investors, the Malaysian Government, the BC Government, and Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal Government, are aware of the deeply entrenched, extensive and broad Indigenous opposition to the proposed PNW LNG project.  These well briefed and extensively informed parties can no longer pretend that this is not a significant factor in deciding if the project goes ahead, in addition to the massive detrimental impacts to the environment, critically delicate salmon sustaining habitat and the undeniable fizzling market demand for LNG.”
– Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Christy Clark and Mary Polak, Corrupt and Morally Sick People Running a Deranged Corporate owned Government and Political Party

Stephen Grant, W5

Published Friday, March 4, 2016 4:00PM EST 

Trouble in paradise..




Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island is a pristine body of water that provides recreation, awesome views and clean drinking water to 12,000 people. But just up the hill from this slice of paradise is a contaminated landfill site that’s threatening the community’s way of life.

In August of 2013 the B.C. government granted South Island Aggregates a permit to dump 100,000 tonnes of contaminated soil a year for the next 50 years. The permit allows for a long list of chemicals including, dioxins, furans, hydro carbons, metals, arsenic, and lead.

The granting of the permit to operate the landfill immediately caught the attention of Sonia Furstenau of the Shawnigan Lake Residents Association. Furstenau questioned the decision by the government, and in an interview with W5 said, “It's uphill from the drinking water source, and you don't put contaminated landfills up from the drinking water source.”

It was the beginning of an ongoing legal fight that has dragged on now for almost four years. Fifteen thousand residents have signed a petition and hundreds of letters have been written to the provincial Ministry of the Environment demanding the landfill be closed until a complete investigation into the environmental impact of the site is complete. The Residents Association tells W5 it’s concerned with what it sees as suspicious activity surrounding the awarding of the permit.

Before SIA was given the go ahead to turn the existing rock quarry into a landfill they were required to hire an engineering company to study the location of the site, and whether the chemicals would be contained and not be a threat to the clean water supply of Shawnigan Lake downstream. The company they hired was Active Earth Engineering.

According to Furstenau, Active Engineering reported back to the Minister of the Environment that the quarry was sitting on 250 feet of impermeable rock and that it offered the most amazing natural protection you could possibly want for a landfill. They claimed it would last 103,000 years.

Despite Active Earth Engineering’s assurances, at least nine Hydrogeological experts testified before the Environmental Assessment Board questioning whether building a landfill uphill from the lake was appropriate, and if the dumped chemicals could be safely contained.
Based on evidence supplied by Active Earth Engineering the government granted the permit.

Not long after the permit was awarded, memos of a secret deal surfaced between South Island Aggregates, and Active Earth, whose report helped convince the government to approve the dumping. The deal between the two companies called for a 50/50 split in future profits from the landfill. The companies maintain that while signed the deal has not been acted upon.

The Shawnigan Lake Residents Association also discovered an arrangement between the then- Chief of the Malahat First Nation, Michael Harry, and SIA. Harry was offered free road construction work for his reserve, along with a consultation fee based on 50 cents for every tonne of soil brought to the site in exchange for not voting against the landfill site. Mr. Harry has since resigned as Chief of the Malahat First Nation and the new Chief has now gone on record against the landfill.

W5 requested an interview with SIA President Mike Kelly, but his lawyer advised him to keep his comments confined to the courtroom. We caught up with Kelly on the streets of Victoria to question the optics of a backroom deal with Active Earth, the company hired to do the environmental assessment, but Kelly wouldn’t comment. The Senior Engineer at Active Earth, Matt Pye, also refused to talk to W5.


Since the discovery of the secret deal with Active Earth and SIA, and the arrangement with former Chief Michael Harry, all sides are back in court. The Residents Association want the government to shut the landfill down until a complete review of the environmental assessment is completed.

Despite the on-going assurances of the government, in mid-November 2015 after heavy rains, the community’s worst fears were realized. The Environment Ministry issued a no drinking and bathing advisory for anyone near Shawnigan Lake due to a suspected non-containment of surface water from the South Island Aggregates site.

The drinking/bathing alert was lifted after a couple of days but the Shawnigan Lake Residents association claims the damage has already been done. Furstenau told W5 that residents have been drinking from the lake for decades and are now living in fear and constant stress over the quality of their water.

 Okay ... we're back this Saturday with an investigation into a controversial landfill on Vancouver Island. Victor Malrek's investigation finds TROUBLE IN PARADISE as he visits beautiful Shawnigan Lake, B.C. - downstream from a contaiminated soil dump. Local residents claim concerns about their drinking water were ignored. And there are tough questions for the owners of the site and the B.C. government. Saturday 7pm(March 5th/2016) on CTV.




Christy Clark....Mary Polak....There is a blatant, glaring conflict of interest...The company that created an environmental okay for dumping toxic soil above Shawnigan Lake has a financial arrangement in which they profit on every tonne of toxic soil dumped....

Shut the dump site down BC Liberal Government....Water flows downhill..

And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize the report and review documents provided by Active Earth Engineering is flawed, a 100,000 years haven't passed, 5 years haven't passed and toxins are already leeching into a pristine water source for thousands of people..


You Christy Clark, and you too Mary Polak should be jailed for crimes against humanity....How can you BC Liberals look at yourself in the mirror without throwing up..

Stop the toxic soil dumping, stop the insanity....or prepare to face the wrath in HELL when Satan calls your names...

Christy Clark...Mary Polak....You BC Liberals are sick, corporate owned Government, pay to play....You Mary Polak, have you no soul or did you give a blood-oath to the BC Liberals...

What a bunch of effing sleazebags you BC Liberals are...


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Another Proposed Canadian LNG Terminal Scrapped, No Gas Buyers, No Market, World LNG Glut

Grant G

Unfortunately there is a world glut of LNG, these energy companies and investors only have themselves to blame, these greedy entities swooped in like vultures on Asia(Japan) and figured they could make $billions providing natural gas..

They created a massive glut...With new gas discoveries in nearly every country, with renewable energy leapfrogging fossil fuel investment, with a warming planet along with an economic stall in China...These companies and shareholders are not prepared to lose $billions...

Supply and demand, a massive supply glut AND LITTLE DEMAND...It really is that simple.  


Spanish energy giant Repsol has halted plans to add liquefied natural gas export facilities at its existing Canaport LNG import terminal in Saint John, Canada.

“The Saint John LNG liquefaction project has been placed on hold,” Brent Anderson, a spokesman for Repsol Canada told LNG World News in an emailed statement.

Repsol joins a growing number of companies that are delaying or cancelling their LNG developments due to market volatility and low oil and gas prices.

“Current market conditions and project challenges make it unattractive for third-parties and off-takers to join the project,” Anderson said.

Saint John LNG Development, a unit of Repsol, received in September last year a licence from Canada’s NEB to export up to 8.86 bcm of gas per year for a period of 25 years from the proposed 5 mtpa LNG facility.


Oh indeed, need more...It's not just Canada, proposed LNG projects are being deferred and cancelled everywhere...including this one in Indonesia..


Japan’s Inpex will delay the development of its multi-billion Abadi LNG project in Indonesia by at least two years, the Indonesian energy regulator SKK Migas said on Wednesday.

According to Amien Sunaryadi, Chairman of  SKK Migas, Inpex notified the regulator that it plans to downsize its workforce in Indonesia of around 400 by at least 40 percent as an agreement on the revised Masela plan of development (POD) had not yet been reached.
Shell engineers working on the giant LNG project had also been told to look for other work within the company, he said.
Inpex pushed the final investment decision on the project until 2020, meaning that the LNG project will not be operational until at least 2026, around two years before the companies’ contract is due to expire.
The Japanese company submitted to SKK Migas of Indonesia in November last year a revised plan of development of the Abadi LNG project, as a result of a greater volume of natural gas reserves being confirmed.
The revised plan envisions the adoption of a floating LNG plant with an annual processing capacity of 7.5 million tons, bigger then Shell’s Prelude FLNG.
However, the Indonesian government has still not approved the plan as it is considering whether the LNG project should go ahead as an offshore facility or be moved onshore.
It was recently reported that $6 billion could be saved by Inpex and Shell if Indonesia opts to build the Masela Abadi LNG facility on land instead of offshore.
Maritime affairs coordinating ministry official Haposan Napitupulu said that a land-based LNG facility would cost $16 billion while an offshore facility would be in the region of $22 billion.
Contrary to the Maritime affairs ministry, SKK Migas believes a floating LNG facility would cost around $14.8 billion, $4.5 billion less than an onshore facility.
Inpex currently has a 65 percent operating interest in the Masela block, while Shell holds the remaining 35 percent.



Here is another newsflash....The world LNG glut will not ease if a bunch of these projects all figure to come online in 2025...

The LNG game is over...The energy source is just as dirty as coal, maybe even dirtier once one counts all the upstream, downstream emissions, the transportation emissions, and the end buyers burning the actual gas, then factor in all the methane leaks at the wellheads.....

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals, along with a stale cheerleading media claim that LNG will displace coal use thus the massive GHG footprint of LNG production should be ignored...Hogwash!

The media must start reporting actual facts and data, the practice of merely repeating political and industry hyperbole and spin has gotten way out of hand, Postmedia is no longer a news source, comic books provide more honesty than Postmedia(are you listening Vancouve Sun and Province)

The facts must be reported... 


One more thing, a commenter on my Petronas is out article(linked directly above)...This anonymous commenter claimed that Shell Canada will make a final investment decision in late 2016...Why is that some people believe a final investment decision is always positive?...More often than not, the decision is no..!

Isn't that the reason why the word "decision" is placed in FID..?

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Canada. The Colonial Curse. Part V...The Global Reach

Canada. The Colonial Curse...Part V.

The Global Reach

  Written By Robin Mathews, March 2016

Symptoms of the diseased world disintegrating (by design) proliferate confusingly. (The present, apparently endless War in the Middle East and its gigantic refugee crisis is just one, huge symptom. Other symptoms reach from the centre of “international” organizations down to the smallest municipalities.) 

All the more reason to see the fundamental core where the symptoms originate. Then non-governmental populations can organize and act.

          Where It All Centres

The major force at work on the planet is the carefully planned and insanely programmed campaign to erase all organized alternatives to capitalist domination.  The activity goes deeper than the mere erosion and subversion of democratic forms. In brief, it’s called, amorphously, ‘globalization’ to disguise its reality, which is the process of placing capital as the unchallenged governing power (a kind of super government) across the planet: the globalization of capital-as-government.
That core disease and its accompanying ‘symptoms’ are all there – and all dressed up.  They have to be identified and challenged.  That means disrupting – re-examining and openly rejecting - the cultural myths that presently disguise the reality of the status quo.

           This Isn’t The First Time

Since “States” (as imperialist entities) have always partnered with capitalist forces, there is no surprise that the U.S.A. is the core State (though not alone) in the move toward capitalist domination of the planet.  Historically, we remember that in the few years after Columbus “discovered” America in 1492, the Pope of the time, Alexander Vl, gave South America to the crowns of Spain and Portugal. (That the Pope didn’t have the legitimacy to “give” that continent is relevant.  Illegitimate, criminal assumptions and acts ALWAYS accompany the unilateral assertions of power by wealth and imperial government).

After the Restoration of the Monarchy in England in 1660, Charles ll and James ll created free-standing Capitalist Corporate Powers – the East Indian Company, the Hudson’s Bay Company, the Company of Adventurers Trading in Africa (largely a slave-trading operation), etc.  Such chartered companies were commonly given powers of government: criminal and civil jurisdiction, law-making, and even war-making powers in the foreign countries they entered. On what and whose legitimacy…? ...Kings – like present imperialist governments - worked very closely with friends, favourites, and wealthy allies until the aims of government and those of private, profit-seeking people and corporations became almost indistinguishable. 

   “War In Our Time”

Largely buried in the sweet-smelling cultural myth of our day, the truth of the lunge into despotism by the U.S.A. following the Second World War has been carefully disguised as being the result of consultations, negotiations, agreements ... treaties. The intention, with the creation of the United Nations, that trusting countries would remove the scourge of war from the globe was genuine.  The intention was simply pushed aside by the greater power of U.S. imperial ambition, its ‘ownership’ of the NATO military force, and the support it gained for military expansion from its matchlessly wealthy Capitalist Class.

The Bretton Woods Conference (1944) in New Hampshire to create a global financial system and to regulate trade was … in fact, a sham. The key division was based, essentially, on U.S. greed.  English negotiator John Maynard Keynes – one of the great economists – was seeking a just international order in trade and monetary relations.  He proposed methods of creating foreign trade equilibrium (which would have been a gigantic, liberating global initiative).

           The New Criminal Order

The U.S.A., intending to be top dog, economic master, major expansionist imperial power, and “policeman” of the world wanted something totally different.  And got it – for a few very simple reasons.

(1) Britain and much of Europe were bankrupt and, literally, battered to their knees. 

(2) Russia had been cratered and had suffered the loss of an estimated 22 million people.

(3) John Maynard Keynes was dying.

(4) No country had the significant power to challenge the U.S.A.  (The Soviets presciently remarked that what was set up at Bretton Woods were “branches of Wall Street”.)

The fox was let loose among the chickens and has been ravaging the global farmyard ever since. What the world will have to see is that Bretton Woods set the basis for construction of illegitimate (if not criminal) international organizations, courts, commissions and banks … all of which, ultimately, contribute to the greater power of the U.S.A. and the greater wealth of its capitalists and its globally cooperating partners... at the bitter expense of most of the rest of the world.

Slick, and apparently ‘global’, the World Trade Organization is, for instance, in fact, an arm of U.S. policy.  Most recently WTO has backed a U.S. complaint that India dared to have local content requirements and to offer subsidies to encourage local manufacturers of solar energy equipment. The WTO’s strong-arm tactics, many claim, will seriously disrupt the absolutely essential moves to restorative climate action.

Devious manipulations of the Press, conventional Media, electoral systems, climate repair proposals, public infrastructure initiatives, tax policies, and enterprises in foreign places go on continuously.  Rapacious looting of small countries like Honduras and Haiti, and the obvious sheltering of gigantic Tax Havens for the super-rich … are relayed as normal. The list goes on and on and on.  The pattern is set … almost without exception … by the U.S. Imperial giant pretending to be working collegially and cooperatively with other countries.

        And Back Home Here In Canada.

Canada’s deep involvement is set out by Denis Rancourt in Dissident Voice: “The truth is: there is no Canada….”

Plainly, in the way he sets out Canada’s total colonization, Denis Rancourt is right, faultless. But … at the point where he stops action has to begin, new constructions have to be built – a whole new political vision has to be born in Canada ... to join with the shaping political movements and parties in Europe and elsewhere beginning the renewal … that must and will come.

The world’s population (to save the planet and its populations) is beginning to move against the Public Relations Fraud brilliantly imposed by the Global Capitalist Class partnered with the gigantic U.S. Imperial Military Machine.  And the world’s population will succeed. The overthrow of the insane, destructive partnership will be much easier to do than is supposed by some, for the old saying is still true: “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”. ...

Written by Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Petronas is Out, Pacific NorthWest LNG In Prince Rupert Is Dead, Done, Kaput..PERIOD

Written by Grant G

Good morning British Columbia, and the top of the morning to all, including the pathetic Christy Clark led BC Liberal Government..

Time for another Straight Goods LNG special report...

I have covered the LNG scam for the last 3-4 years, every angle, nuance and development from far and wide..

3 years ago there was LNG hype, brought on in part by the Fukushima nuclear disaster...LNG exporters jumped all over Japan and gouged the heck out of them..they nearly brought Japan to their knees, every big energy company swooped in and hovered like vultures...

Japan under pressure shut down their nuclear power...That time in history has now passed, Shinzo Abe was elected 2 years ago on a pro-nuclear stance "Abe-Economics"...Japan has restarted three reactors and 10 more are scheduled to restart this year...In other words, the Japan gravy train has left the station, leaving big LNG energy companies high n dry..

Meanwhile during the last 5 years gobs of new LNG supply have hit the market...more supply than customers..Longterm LNG contracts are being inked for $5 dollars per MMBTU`s..

That is less than half the money required by Petronas, Shell Canada and Altagas to break even...

Altagas, they had their import duties waved on their 100% foreign built floating liquefaction facility, they had an existing pipeline in Kitimat to hook up to, they had First Nation support from the Haisla...With all that Altagas couldn't secure any customers at a price anywhere near breaking even...

The cheapest of the cheap in terms of LNG production couldn't make an economic go of it...If Altagas couldn't survive as a bit player neither can Petronas..

LNG is different than oil,...oil can be stored relatively cheap, tanks can be built ...as for LNG..

Storing LNG is very expensive and very limited, storing LNG and waiting for a time and place when prices rise is not an option, gas, LNG is under enormous pressure, it's very expensive to store, very limited, in other words any LNG produced must be sold...So, without customers, without committed longterm buyers at a high price new projects die on the vine..

With the LNG glut and China slowdown combined with Japan restarting their nuclear plants along with worldwide pressure to go green, with renewable power, solar and wind power generation dropping in price the golden age of LNG is over..(before it even started)

British Columbia missed the boat...By the grace of God British Columbia missed the LNG disasterous Titanic boat..

Years ago...LNG world news....and the LNG Journal was filled with story after story of new developments, new mergers, acquisitions...Today LNG World News and the LNG Journal is barren of news...Most stories emanating from those LNG news sources are of refinancing, lowered expectations, bankruptcies, delays, deferrals...Here are the latest examples(last night) from LNG World news...


Exmar of Belgium said it has terminated the agreement with Pacific Exploration and Production executed in March 2012 for the deployment of the Caribbean FLNG in Colombia.


Japan’s price of spot liquefied natural gas contracted in February averaged US$6.5 per mmBtu on DES basis.

The price dropped 8.5 percent compared to $7.1 per mmBtu January, when it has already reached the lowest point since Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) started publishing monthly reports in March 2014.
Compared to the same month in 2015, the contract-based price dropped 13.3 percent from $7.5 per mmBtu.
According to METI’s latest report, the average price of spot-LNG imported into Japan that arrived in February stood at $6.9 per mmBtu. This was a drop of 12.7 percent compared to the $7.9 per mmBtu in January 2016.
In comparison to February 2015 when it stood at $10.7 per mmBtu, the arrival-based price dropped 35.5 percent.
Only spot LNG cargoes are taken into account in this assessments, excluding short, medium and long-term contract cargoes, as well as those linked to a particular price index.


The Sodeshi LNG terminal, operated by Shizuoka Gas, is close to starting liquefied natural gas reloading operations, company’s deputy general manager, feedstock department, Hirotaka Kaneda said. 

Kaneda told Bloomberg that the reloading facility at the Sodeshi terminal is set to be completed in April, becoming the first Japanese facility to resell cargoes on a regular basis. He added that currently only Kansai Electric Power has an LNG reloading facility in Japan.
The facility has been completed in 2007 and only used to reload one cargo, the report said.
Shizuoka Gas imports about 1 million tons of LNG per year and plans to resell up to two cargoes per year to neighboring countries like China and South Korea, according to Kaneda.
He noted that smaller companies like Shizuoka Gas could cut average prices by reloading and reselling cargoes.
Japan is expected to have a 12.2 billion cubic meters of LNG surplus in 2017 with declining imports and other utilities are also interested in using Shizuoka Gas’ reloading facility to resell surplus gas.
Kaneda declined to reveal the names of interested companies, although he did add that the reloading facility would allow them to buy cheap spot cargoes and ship them elsewhere once the prices of LNG recover, the report said.


Texas-based LNG player Excelerate Energy said it reduced the size of its commercial trading and chartering team as part of a reorganization.

The reorganization, made due to the near full commitment of Excelerate’s fleet to long-term projects, resulted in the elimination of six positions, a spokeswoman at the company told LNG World News in an e-mailed statement late Monday.
However, despite reducing the size of its trading and chartering team, Excelerate will continue to be active in those areas, the spokeswoman said.



I could go on and on citing articles and reports ....But there is no point...Petronas has been playing politics with Canada and in particular with British Columbia...Michael Culbert, the head man for Petronas PNW LNG is being punted up to Progress energy, he is no longer leading Petronas's PNW LNG....Another Petronas talking whore was a man named Spencer Sproule, he was Petronas's BC spokesperson..He was also employed a few years back by Christy Clark and the BC Liberals...

These talking heads are gone, kaput.....

Where was I....ah yes, LNG produced must be sold...There is a world glut now, as in today with gobs of new supply coming online from Australia, USA and Iran, and Russia...Those companies have cut deals already to sell cheap LNG for decades to come, cut cheap LNG deals to secure market share...

"One in the hand is worth two in the bush"

LNG can't be stored and British Columbia is not a banana republic(well, BC Liberal Government are corporate fascists)...British Columbia loves it's nature, it's salmon, ..British Columbia will fight to save the Skeena River and Justin Trudeau will not approve the project...Petronas can find another location, there are 20 other dead LNG proposals in British Columbia and Petronas can buy one of those locations if it wishes to..

However...Petronas is not going to build anything, Petronas will fling mud at Trudeau and play footsy with Christy Clark a while longer...The British Columbia LNG fantasy is dead..

Oh...One more thing...Big energy companies that lose money pay no taxes, any royalty payments would be deducted against taxes owed and we the people of Canada would not only pay the price tag for foreign built LNG facilities we would also end up paying Petronas to take our gas..

The Skeena river will be saved...Rich Coleman and Christy Clark will continue to advertise LNG riches just over the horizon...That LNG bonanza will never come, that sunrise will never be seen..

Read the below information....My condolences to the people of northern British Columbia...Don't be mad at me, be mad at Christy Clark and the BC Liberals for making such outlandish claims..

Debt free..$100 billion dollar prosperity fund...Eliminate the sales tax...100,000's of LNG jobs..

Christy Clark is a nasty political whore, she's rude, she's stupid, she can't speak English she speaks word salad...


But in an interview from Kuala Lumpur, where Petronas is based, Michael Culbert, the project’s president, denied proponents have given Ottawa a March 31 ultimatum for a decision on where it can be built.....

“We are continuing to move that forward and we believe we are in the final stages to a final decision,” said Culbert, who is stepping down April 1 from the LNG leaderhip role to concentrate on the upstream end of the project.

The shareholders of the $36 billion proposed project will decide whether to go ahead after reviewing its economics and the conditions of its permit. The project is owned by Petronas, China’s Sinopec, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., India Oil Corp. and Petroleum Brunei.....

Culbert also denied the project is laying off staff, even though a terminated employee said Tuesday some are being advised they will be out of a job....

Meanwhile, more than 130 Canadian and international scientists are urging the federal government to reject an environmental review of the project, claiming it is “scientifically flawed.”


Reported elsewhere....More words that strongly suggest Petronas is walking away...


The national oil corporation also said it would review the final report with project shareholders and evaluate conditions attached to the report to further determine their impact on overall cost structure and project schedule.

"The outcome, reviewed together with the LNG market outlook and overall project commerciality, would be used to develop the proposal for an investment decision to be considered by PNW LNG shareholders," the statement added. - Bernama


Scientists want federal environment minister to reject 'flawed' B.C. LNG report

That's because opposition from First Nations, environmental groups and some area residents has focused on a concern the project will harm eelgrass beds on Flora Bank. The bank, adjacent to Lelu Island where the terminal will be built near Prince Rupert, is considered prime fish-rearing habitat, including in a federal study dating back to 1973.
The scientists said, in the letter addressed to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and copied to Trudeau, that scientific flaws in the draft report include: not accurately characterizing the importance of Flora Bank for fish; conclusions on the lack of harm to species such as oolichan without evidence; and a disregard for studies that were not funded by the company.

"Five decades of science has repeatedly documented that this habitat is not representative of other areas along the north coast or in the greater Skeena River estuary, but rather this is exceptional nursery habitat for salmon that support commercial, recreational and First Nation fisheries from throughout the Skeena River watershed and beyond," says the letter signed by the scientists, including Moore.
The scientists who signed the letter - largely fisheries biologists and ecologists - come from across Canada and the U.S. states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Montana and North Carolina.
Several former federal and provincial scientists also signed the letter, including Otto Langer, former head of habitat for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, as well as scientists affiliated with environmental groups. The scientists also said there had been inadequate consideration of cumulative effects, such as destruction of shoreline habitat, acid rain and accidental spills.
Also of concern is that a plan by the company to offset habitat loss by improving habitat in other areas has not been proved to be helpful and could do more damage, said the scientists.
Public comments on the draft report close March 11, after which CEAA will produce a final report.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/business/resources/scientists+want+federal+environment+minister+reject/11773076/story.html#ixzz42QpdiJYq



British Columbia will a need plan B to pay off the massive debt accrued by the BC Liberal Government...Time to stop Site C dam...The power will not be needed and ratepayers have been hurt enough..

Time to start making real loud noises John Horgan...Time to get off the LNG fence

The Straight Goods

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