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Monday, October 22, 2012

Christy Clark, British Columbia`s National Embarrassment

I have no words that can truly describe Christy the smirk Clark, however there are a few words that come to mind..

Fake, a phony, all over the map...

 It`s no wonder Adrian Dix has a 35% percentage point lead among female voters, but among men....5% percentage point lead... My only question is....

Hello men, none of you are ever going to bed Christy Clark but believe me, it ain`t worth it, a blow up doll has more brain cells than Christy Clark, are you serious?...


The below link brings you to a stunningly shocking video from tonight`s CBC National featuring Christy Clark..

Watch at your own peril, don`t say I didn`t warn you!


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

Did you see this?


Why not a Canadian state-owned company owning the resource, with the idea of providing benefits to Canada?

Anonymous said...

Wow that was a terrible interview by Harper fan Mansbridge and a worse set of answers by our unelected Premier. It was as bad as the few minutes of love fest by her and bill boring this morning.

Grant G said...

Hugh...What you witnessed was a shot across the bow from Stephen Harper to Christy Clark and all British Columbians..

In o9ther words, you better take heavy oil or the LNG windfall is dead!...

Funny though, the LNG windfall is/was already dead!